Bracken: Major Excerpt From His New Novel

From over the transom:

Excerpt from “The Red Cliffs Of Zerhoun”

The Kindle version will go live on July 16, and the paper books should be at Amazon sometime around the 20th.

— Matt

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11 responses to “Bracken: Major Excerpt From His New Novel

  1. After reading the excerpt, I am definitely going to have to purchase the book. The damned thing left me hanging!


  2. Outstanding, reread one of Matts books two weeks ago, was wondering if a new one as on the way. I know that area, having lived right on the coast of Spain for four years.

    Hanging in every village town or crossing from Portugal, to southern

    What’s fascinating is my nephew, is 6.9, and was playing professional basketball in Morocco, last year. He and his wife were held by local govt, against their will, their passports were seized, and all his compensation from the basketball season stolen.

    By good fortune two groups of resources were made available, but the timing would have been critical. One group was on the med, and was moving towards the Atlantic, then down the coast to them,from Tangier, when the local govt returnrd their passports. They left with the clothes on their back.

    They were able to get out without assistance from those moving south down the coast.

    Unbelievably, those same people called his agent and asked him to come back and play again this season.


  3. It is available for pre-order, with automatic delivery to your Kindle device on the release date.

  4. I don’t spend much on Amazon anymore, moving back toward buying from the source, whether locally or online. That said, I pre-ordered the book. MB’s stuff is well worth the time and money.

  5. Bracken explains what’s REALLY going on in D.C. ( excellent – 50 mins.)
    He also explains in detail what probably happened on the Fitzgerald / ACX Crystal collision.

  6. pre order done. Thanks for the tip.


  7. Looking forward to grabbing my kindle copy on day one!

  8. Bad Attitude

    Just pre-ordered it.

  9. Nice cliffhanger.

    I suppose I’ll hafta buy it now too.

  10. Northgunner

    Definitely looking forward to it on the 16th and then getting the hardcopy version asap after that!

    Now if only Vanderboondogle had gotten his act together and put out his ‘Absolved’ trilogy in similar timely fashion he wouldn’t have had to go schlepping hat in hand ‘n such before he croaked…
    Oh well, one can glean the ‘net’ for the various ‘chapters’,..if nothing else they make for an interesting set of connected short stories.

    This one of Matt’s should drive the muzzie lovers apoplectic!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  11. Awesome! Can’t wait!