Gramscian Destruction And Memetic Warfare

How The Destroyers work.

Death to all Communists and their allies.

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    The article speaks the truth that was being told by the John Birch Society, J. Edgar Hoover, and Dr. Fred Schwartz back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Even the late Chiang Kai-Shek opined “…the Japanese are a disease of the skin. The Communists are a disease of the heart.” And, he had a realistic approach on how to handle them.

  2. I wonder how many here have read Antonio Gramsci. Or the theory of Cultural Hegemony. Or the revelation it’s had on the current Leftist Intelligensia and their shift towards identity movements, both genuine and invented.

    Or how I spun the theory on its head, called it “Leaderless” within a social context, identifying the social strain requirements for mass base and its identifiers, and had it dismissed as “not only wrong but stupid.” Interestingly, those very requirements are being met by the factions coalescing among the Alt-Right. Sociology, in particular the recognition of identity, is a knife which cuts both ways.

    Regardless, this quote, “From all the evidence I can see, it looks far more likely that we lack the national will to do what’s necessary to vanquish the jihadis and adequately defend our own culture and way of life, and are far more willing to go along with “absorbing” the routine bimonthly terrorist attack, having another of our teary, bleary “memorial” get-togethers that so dishonor our dead afterwards, and then plodding timidly on as before. Until the next time.”, is a reflection of present thinking based upon recent history, also assuming one nation remains. That’s incorrect in reference to the future; the attitude is changing and rapidly becoming intolerant of leftist praxis in any form, especially among the youth that so many I’ve both read and heard in person dismiss as “a lost cause.”

    • We in the alt-right often refer to the younger generation as “generation Z, or generation Zyklon.” They are far more radicalized, in both directions, than any other generation. Many are degenerate Leftists, utterly indoctrinated in Leftist nonsense both by parents & classroom. Many are bitter at just how degenerate their classmates are, & know that their future is utterly fucked without radical change.

      “present thinking based upon recent history”
      Read a very useful article awhile ago about how nationalism (I would redefine as “rational/defensive identity politics”) can very suddenly appear in even placid people, as if a switch was thrown. It had some interesting research in it.
      “When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism” by JONATHAN HAIDT

      I’ve wondered whether the huge increase in Leftist tempo after Obama’s election wasn’t a conscious decision based upon their belief that they’d completed the ‘war of position’ and so could commence with the ‘war of maneuver.’

  3. Mr. Frosty

    “The horror of our victory…”

    Conservatives are so completely out of touch with reality. They honestly cannot comprehend that the world is a hostile, savage place where winner takes all. Their biggest fear is that their civilization… wins. They attack the far-right with such ferocity because they know the far-right plays for keeps, they want to win. Cons always want to “tone it down” or “remain civil” or “not go too far.” How has all that restraint been working out? Does it seem worth it?


    • Agreed. I could almost see the hand-wringing “Oh gawd, what if there isn’t a way that we can vote ourselves out of this dilemma in a Constitutionally-prescribed manner?! Better not even think about that!”

  4. Bill Cthulhu

    A long-term reader here, this article struck a chord with me – or maybe struck a nerve.

    I was a long term OPFOR instructor in the active Army and active Reserves. Given a pretty free hand in teaching the dangers of Soviet infiltration, their successful Hollywood invasion, all while teaching (Army’s doctrine) Roosky hardware, armored and infantry tactics, weapons identification and known locations of their oil fields and refineries.

    I was advised by senior officers (being a mere captain) that my teaching was well over the top in my anti-communist POV about their infiltration, I was also reminded that the unit “was fortunate to have an enthusiastic OPFOR who was willing to teach the history, geography, and their ongoing self inflicted economic problems.” Fine. It was a good unit and really enjoyed the classes beyond my other responsibilities.

    I was able to get further into communist infiltration of Central America (our local focus of prospective future deployment), and used “outside, unapproved” sources like Wall Street Journal and various news magazines to name names and places. Not a problem there. So far so good.

    Then one day, our unit commander, a Colonel with Vietnam experience was sitting in one of my scheduled classes. Someone asked a question about Soviet technology and how it seemed to focus only on what was taken from the defeat of Germany and what its industrial spies could capture from the West. This allowed me to bring to the class some of my knowledge of the Soviet space program, and how with a minimum of tech from the Third Reich, the USSR had built a robust space program, and that they were well ahead of us in space medicine and some aspects of near-space engineering. They were willing to spend as many billions of rubles and kill as many cosmonauts as necessary to learn about spaceflight, and be prepared to militarize it as needed, ahead of us.

    Then I said the career ender to the entire unit, “Yeah, I am unabashed fan of the Soviet space program, they’re getting so much right.” Some heads nodded, and I got back to the previous material.

    The Colonel got up in a minute or two (he never sat through all of anything, which worked for us). The following day I was advised my teaching – of anything – was over, and I would be assigned to other tasks more appropriate to my skillset. Right.

    Two months later (in 1987) I was blessed with a new career that has carried me to this point. No regrets – except I should have said it sooner.

    Thanks for the great article link.


  5. Steady Steve

    The tide is turning in Europe as well. 2 “gunmen” shot up a crowd of muzzies outside a mosque in Avignon, France this past weekend. For the West to be truly safe, Islam must be destroyed. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    • Mr. Frosty

      That was just the Religion of Peace™ shooting other members of the Religion of Peace™. Whites don’t fight back, they just get caught in the crossfire.

  6. The Muslim and the negro, some of whom are both, are cat’s paws for the Jew. The Muslim has been so for at least 1300 years. Before that it was the Persians. Search for the Mammila Pool Massacre, in which Jews murdered tens of thousands Christians just outside the Christian center of Jerusalem, if you want early proof.

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    It took the Inquisition to ferret out most of them from Spain. This will be required again. It is the Jew that wants the Muslim in North America. See Barbara Specter and Linda Gordon, or the President of the EU, for evidence.

    • There’s a reason that the ACLU is well over 75% Jew run and closer to 100% Jew funded. There’s a reason the ADL exists and it’s for aggressive support of anti-Christian policies. There’s a reason that ALL anti-gun member organizations that form the Gun Confiscation Lobby are run by and funded by Jews such as Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, the Sodomite David Geffen, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and other Jew billionaires.

      Jews weaponize muslims and negroes.

  7. The EU’s civil war is already happening. Sadly their waiting for Brussels to make it official by speaking the words.

    Pathetic, another failed cultural experiment usurped by the greedy bastards at the helm.


    • They’re. It’s a contraction for “they are.”

      Their shows ownership, as in “The three fat pig cops ate their donuts.”

      There is a place. Don’t go there. Or “there is a time to kill.”