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8 responses to “MVT: Gear System – Philosophy, Set Up, Use, Fitness, & Mindset

  1. Where’s the magic poncho?

    • Does your sarcasm refer to the MVT Shield? If so, it is currently out of production as is all the MVT Gear line. We are working on that.

      Are you insinuating that the MVT Shield either does not work or is somehow not worth it? A poncho/tarp that blocks the user’s thermal signature, as well as being multi-use as a shelter? I am not sure I follow the reason for your snark. I have seen comments like this before on my posts at WRSA, and can only assume they are from you?

      Given the prevalence of FLIR, I cannot see a rational reason for your dismissal of such a useful concealment tool. My only regret is that we were not able to keep it in production, given that it is a specialized process to manufacture.

      • Will the mvt shield be produced again?

      • wendystringer48088

        One of the problems with the Internet form of communication is there is no way to do the real life equivalent of playfully jabbing someone in the side and smiling as you make a snarky comment to them.
        With guys everything is too easily taken as a deadly insult that is looked upon as throwing down a challenge that – just as in the days of the old west has to be met with fisticuffs, bowie knives or six-shooters, or all three – least you let it pass uncontested and be forever-more thought a pansy.
        One of the reasons I can’t really be a member of your tribe even though I was born into it…
        In my not so humble opinion, great gear that is not available is not very useful for those of us who cannot get it because it is not in stock or too expensive. I am guessing a space blanket / poncho / bivy and military surplus or military quality poncho (like this stuff Military Surplus Poncho / Emergency Bivy would be a practical alternative.
        I believe it best to balance everything out with what is available and affordable to you as you see your needs over the short term and also the long term.
        To use an example, Eric Rudolph did pretty well hiding out in the North Carolina woods for 5 years from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies trying to catch him. He finally got caught by a rookie police officer who busted him trying to steal food from a dumpster. So in my view, he ultimately failed in his mission due to lack of a supply / support system.
        So beyond a certain point, having specialized gear isn’t going to solve all your problems.

    • wendystringer48088

      Military Surplus Poncho plus Emergency Bivy should meet the retain body heat and lessen thermal signature requirements for civilian survival / citizen soldier usage I would think. It’s what you can ut together out of what is available and affordable to you.

  2. Why so defensive max? You listed hydration, ifak, plate carrier, ammo, clothing, knife, sidearm, batteries, mag carriers, etc, etc, etc. In true shtf, where is the magic poncho that shields the users thermal signature and is also useful as a shelter? Would that not be a priority?


    I have a question for anyone out there in the know. During my 11B20 training, we were taught that if your buddy gets wounded, pull the battle dressing off of HIS belt and use it to stop the bleeding. Two nights ago, I was watching the movie: LONE SURVIVOR. When the one Seal got shot, the other was stuffing moss and dirt into the GSW,
    Am I missing something? They went into the mission loaded for bear. Didn’t anyone bring an Israeli battle dressing or some Clot Stop? Maybe the script writers did not plan for that scenario.

  4. wendystringer48088

    By the way, Thank you for posting this. Lots of great information on gear and physical fitness in these two articles by you. and
    I would just modify things a bit to fit my more urban environment (civilian rather than military style belts and bags and packs in brown, dark green and gray solid colors) so (except for the military surplus poncho) I look like I bought my stuff from Cabelas rather than from 511Tactical (although actually my budget is more along the lines of what is available at Wal-Mart) and if someone were to take a look in my vehicle I would look more like I am going hiking / camping rather than going to war…
    Thanks again for the great articles on practical gear and physical fitness considerations.