Snapshots, 7/4/2017

6 responses to “Snapshots, 7/4/2017

  1. hummus abedin

    “Secede in your mind”
    That is undeniably stupid.
    Secede in the real world and
    be free of communist shitbags
    and their staist cousins.

  2. When do we deploy troops to our border? Oh right I forgot the wall’s already built and anyway they were scared away by our awesomeness.

  3. I am honored to be called a racist white nationalist.Give me that label and I will wear it proudly.All the pussies that shy and slink away from confrontation and standing up for themselves may chew on a hairy nut sack. Leave the faux USA behind.Think and act local,local,local. Stay on point. The WWF and it’s spokespeople will continue to be the closest thing to the truth being disseminated by the mainstream media.Contrived outrage,drama,lies both overt and through omission are the tools of destruction.Give no consent,finances or energy to the Washington DC cesspoolholics. The time to punch and stomp the dirty commie bastards into submission and hiding is now. Hot tar and feathers,the stocks,dunking tank,flaming necklaces,spanish donkeys and the rope are once again in vogue.Be creative in your endeavors.Secession from the contrived and manipulated model held before you is the first step to freedom..Be a force to be reckoned with..not a shitstain on the bottom of a pricks shoe. Grow a pair.

  4. It’s those damn Amish again.