The Death Spiral Of Socialism

H/t Bracken for this discussion of totalitarianism lite.


How many in the so-called Freedom Community actually believe in using government and its inherent threat of deadly force to seize individuals’ assets for “programs”?

Your person.

Your people.

Your property.

Not theirs.

No matter how seemingly justified.

No matter who “they” are.

8 responses to “The Death Spiral Of Socialism

  1. “How many in the so-called Freedom Community actually believe in using government and its inherent threat of deadly force to seize individuals’ assets for “programs”?”

    I am unwilling to make a clear differentiation between taking people’s stuff and killing or permanently imprisoning them, as these are functionally identical. I am unwilling to doubt any longer that the progressives are willing to kill me to achieve their ends. They have been doing so overtly (using the very overt power of the state but under color of law) for decades or longer, and now they have begun openly attacking otherwise peaceful conservatives with deadly force while their brethren in the MSM cheer, also openly, and their “elected representatives” support them, also openly. Virginia Senator, and former Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine has called for progs to “fight them in the streets”, a call his son answered and was arrested for.

    Would that it were not so, but I am thus forced to conclude that I may need to kill in order to defend myself and my liberty. The progs have jumped over the “reasonable man test”.

    So tell me again please what is the point of your question?

    • Jim Klein

      “I am unwilling to doubt any longer that the progressives are willing to kill me to achieve their ends.”

      Agreed…fuck that doubt about what is known, let alone obvious. Just don’t miss that other guy, coming from the other direction.

      It ain’t gonna be “the progressives” who are aiming. At most it’ll be a few of ’em. I figure that the stench of corpses can be minimized by ensuring that whoever chooses thuggery, isn’t successful. Should lower the incentive, leaving only the dumbest of the dumb to learn the hard way and one day wake up dead.

  2. Unable to sleep, I watch innumerable Utoob videos on creative use of space in the now-trendy “tiny house” movement and the renovated school bus movement into “tiny houses”. I was struck by the number of young families homeschooling and raising their children in renovated school buses profiled in this videos, as well as the number of young people living as “digital nomads” in this renovated structures. Generation Z is the most “woke” generation to come along in a long time.

    For older “tiny house” dwellers, the discussion is always about “containing expenses” and “freedom” without the discussing the obvious: progressivism and its mandatory, onerous taxation, especially the local school board taxes that in most states are unsustainable and strip mine families of their wealth.
    The state is on the verge of imploding. Many of Generation Z are already setting themselves up to survive and thrive in a post-collectivist world. There may be hope.

    • Jim Klein

      Yes, thank you. Turns out that even 13 years of trying to stop a mind, doesn’t always do the trick. Nor does the trick of just screaming about the minority for whom it did, as if the others don’t exist.

      Should be a hoot when reality arbitrates the fact of that matter.

  3. Let us also not forget the protectionism of corporatism, bought and paid for by their vigorous and self-serving lobbying.

    My father-in-law is terminal and was recently prescribed a medication that would help ameliorate his suffering. It’s an old medication that has been around since the 1950’s, but was recently mildly “tweaked” and rebranded as a cancer therapy. My in-laws were quoted $10,000 per month to fill this Rx, not covered by insurance. Some basic research showed this medication in the VA formulary, which means the VA wasn’t paying $10,000 a month for it. The manufacturer of this “wonder drug” is in India, and the factory sells direct under export license to consumers around the world at a cost of $11 per month, plus expedited shipping. My father-in-law, although a veteran like most of his era of mandatory service, does not meet the VA “low income threshold” to be permitted to access the Rx through the VA formulary.

    However, exporting this drug as an individual direct from the manufacturer in India is “illegal”. The pharmaceutical company which owns the “rights” to this decades old creation has set the market price at what it feels it can extract, and has paid substantially through expensive lobbying of Congress and various regulatory agencies for the right to use the force of state to enforce its wealth extraction from the vulnerable and the suffering.


      But you don’t understand. How can all those Hedge Fund Managers make all that money for their clients if commoners are not ripped off by Big Pharma? This cannot stand and will not last. The storming of the Bastille& Versailles(celebrated this month) will be a Boy Scout Jamboree compared to the start of festivities here.

    • Jim Klein

      That’s where the rubber meets the road–it is about the loot after all–and there are billions of tires in this world. Everything’s cool…they burn.

    • Absent the outright fraud & theft of Your Right To Produce
      Any Product You See Fit To, aka “intellectual property” such outrages would not, could not occur.

      The granting of monopolies through patent ensures these enormous disparities between cost of production to selling price in different markets.