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  1. Jeffery in Alabama

    I re-blogged that here:
    That is the best meme I’ve seen in the last fifteen minutes! LOL! I would be overjoyed if the Communist News Network were to fail in a most spectacular fashion.

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  3. One of the finest words ever concocted is disintegrate…”to destroy the unity or integrity.” Without integrity the human value is severely diminished.Humans have worth and value.Some humans are more valuable, from a monetary standard.Other humans are more valuable because of their humanity and integrity.Integrity,values and morals that are non-negotiable, plus your friends and family will pull you through some serious shit in your life.The key is to enjoy the day, being responsible.That is required of us. It isn’t complicated.
    We are witness to disintegration of one of the grandest ideas and schemes ever perpetrated by man.The USA with it’s shit-stained underwear showing. .

  4. CNN is on the verge of a complete network-wide mental breakdown. They can’t comprehend how us stupid Trump voters keep out smarting them. They are over-educated in nonsense to the point of functional illiteracy. Out smarting them is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • Have you ever dealt with people/parties that when they get known,
      their pathological lying increases because they know “they have
      but a short time left” ??

      Here we are – BIG TIME.

  5. Insert “Downfall” meme w/Hitler as CNN here!