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Battlespace prep.

Like all tactics, it works both ways.

Imagine the weaponized rheeeeeeee! now directed at CNN being focused on other targets:

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    • you’re another moron who is entertained by dumpfs cnn war.
      how easily the murkins are distracted.

      look! squirrel!


      what ever happened to all those promises he made before being the election?

      tom horn ha ha ha

      L O S E R

      • Somewhere,somehow, at some point,whether you like it or not..the odds are the Trumpinator will do something you enjoy.Does he not amuse you?

        • no.

          im not amused.

          he will go down in history as the prezident of murka as it circles the bowl in it’s final flush. all the while enriching himself and the dumpf brand. the stupid ass uses his slut daughter to distract the truly ignorant as he and his SIL suck off and swallow their banker masters while giving reach arounds to the MIC.

          nothing will change(for the better) for the common man- nothing.

          anyone who gets behind any of these shit squirts is part of the problem.

          the murkins deserve the incompetent leadership it has… this time around, a damn carnival barker.

      • You don’t understand conflict, all you know is what you’ve seen on TV. Study the real history behind conflicts, in particular the run-up to the Revolutionary war.

      • a follower

        You are right in a sense yet it is good for a laugh.
        Your name calling of loser, this also was a Trump idea.
        The right now calling for their names, their addresses, sounds eerily familiar.

    • How do you post pics/gifs?

  1. Trending #1…

  2. Perhaps the good people at CNN needs to see their home addresses and pictures of their entire families published anonymously on the internet.

  3. You know…if Trump was a tenth as bad as CNN tried to make him out to be, he would have had the AT&T/ TimeWarner merger cancelled this morning since they obviously can’t even babysit one little cable news channel without exposing their exposing their parent company to all this bad press and the large check they will need to write parents of the kid has CNN is still threatening to dox

  4. Gotta say the cannon thing is awesome, my smile for today.

    However as the old rhyme goes “… hellfires and drones will incinerate my bones but memes will never hurt me.”

  5. Grenadier1

    Paging Mrs Wolf, paging Mrs Clair Wolf.

  6. Every day CNN is faced with the decision: A) double down, or B) return to objective journalism. So far it has been A – at their expense and at my enjoyment. And we’re only 1/8th of the way through Trump term #1.

  7. Breitbart is *ALL* over this one!

    The hashtag #CNNblackmail is  #1 trending right now and has been since early this morning. Even Assange has gotten into the drama accusing CNN of violating several Federal statutes as well as at least on on the books in NY.

    Yeah, I smell a *YUGE* lawsuit(s) coming. Perhaps even some prosecutions if Sessions gets off his ass.

    Fuck that network. When Trump allows the ATT merger to go through you’d better believe Zucker and 85% of the pukes that inhabit that cesspool will be outta there and in the breadlines.

    Trump’s payback will be awesome.

  8. European American

  9. Its not just CNN – FOX, MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC, Etc.

    They All need to go.

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