Derbyshire: Never Forget The Bullet We Dodged When Hillary Was Defeated

And beware the Reds’ plans for 2020.

It’s not over by a long shot.

It hasn’t even started.

16 responses to “Derbyshire: Never Forget The Bullet We Dodged When Hillary Was Defeated

  1. Tom MacGyver

    Indeed; that victory cannot be sat upon!

    • hummus abedin

      What victory?
      Sit down.
      Buy fedgov health inurance.
      Publicly prostrate yourself to be
      raped by the treasonous Uniparty
      in DC.
      Piss, bleed, and open wide for
      a genetic sample swab at the
      local Police State checkpoint,
      when they are not brutally applying
      the rule of law to you and yours alone,
      while vigorously waving the flag/banner
      of Blue Lives Matter (more than yours).
      Work long hours and more overtime, of
      blood, sweat and tears, to finance welfare/EBT, Medicaid, and every other
      social services payment ripoff imaginable,
      for the able bodied and illegal aliens.
      I love working long hours so that
      I can buy groceries for strangers, lazy
      shitbags and illegals.
      Most of all, sit down and shut the
      fuck up!
      There’s your Victory.
      ✌️ ✌️ ✌️


        The Daily Fish Wrap here in Rawles Land was gushing all over a story a day or two ago about how the Police and Sheriffs are being trained as Phlebotomists so they, rather than a medical professional, can draw blood from “suspected drunk drivers”. This is on top of issuing them Narcan to bring back from the grave “Opioid addicts” who have ingested too much stolen Oxycontin or Fentanyl.
        When I was a Deputy Sheriff in SoCal, you took your DUI suspects to the jail. And, before they were booked, you read them the Implied Consent Law and they had a choice of Blood, Breath. or Urine. That is now out the window. Those tests were administered(with the exception of urine) by trained, licensed, medical professionals. Now it will be done by some steroid-taking, beetle-browed, tatted-up Orc-with-a-badge. And I am sure, when the ham-handed thug or thugette breaks off the needle and all kinds of medical complications result, the ORC’S chest-camera will give a true presentation of what happened. Yeah, right.
        There is no victory. Up here there are just fools driving around in gas-hog Dodge Rams with Amerikan and the Blue Lives Matter Amerikan flags waving in the breeze. The “Kiss-my-ass-because-I-served” crowd was out in force yesterday, celebrating national frauds, thefts, and murders going back to the administration of The American Lenin and the War of Northern Aggression. Right now, I need another Boilermaker. Keep prepping, gang. We are most definitely outnumbered.

  2. Unless Trump self destructs, it’s unlikely the dems will win, for they are self destructing as we speak. Their biggest issues put them at odds with a huge portion of the voters. 80% of Amerikans are against sanctuary cities. 60% of Amerikans are for the travel ban. They can’t talk health care because Amerikans hate Obamacare. And Obamacare’s biggest increases are due this fall. They put 30 million into a house race in Georgia where their candidate didn’t even live in the district. It’s likely Bernie’s wife will go to jail for fraud. And the leadership of the party is in their senile late 70’s and 80’s.
    As long as Trump can counter the neo cons demands of a ground war in Syria and a world war with Russia, we are looking at a blowout of the dems in 18 and 20.

  3. Aware. What can I do about it?

  4. Goldman Sachs entire fucking staff was unavailable for comment (because they were to busy counting money being made from their personal WH revolving doors).

  5. we dodged no bullet. Trump has thrown a wet blanket over all but the hardRight, who saw through him from the beginning.

    and Derbyshire is a race-traitor. Another old cuck who can’t say the J word.

    • as in:



      (((etc.))). The rest are all Hollywood shabbatz goyim virtue-signaling the Jew paymaster.

      and it isn’t “Trump’s policies” that arouse the (((Reds’))) murderousness. He and his family are simply too White. The Jews figured that, after Obama, it would be all minority coalition Prex’s – a Black, then a woman, then a spic, etc. (((They))) just got about a decade ahead of themselves.

      • Trumpenthal says it all.

        The man has all of his wealth in banks owned by the Rothschilds, why would anyone think Trumpenthal would call them out?

      • Jim Klein

        Poor guy, I can’t even figure out how you manage to breathe on your own. What, do you carry some Jooooooo in your back pocket and hold him to your face every few seconds? On your theory, there’d be no other way to live.

        Even assuming they’ve controlled the debt-money ponzi swindle for centuries, so what? Did you seriously not know there can’t be a seller without a buyer?

        Wake the fuck up already. WINNING is about YOU winning, not somebody else losing. If people losing helped anything, we’d be in the chips right now.

    • We did dodge a bullet. Whine about how Trump didn’t go full Hitler the 1st month all you want, but HRC would have been the end. Amnesty for 30M, open borders leading to permanent Dem presidency, crack down on “hate speech” & gun rights.

      Trump has given us the breather we need to wake up a critical mass of white people. Don’t waste it on self-congratulatory chest-beating on tiny websites, go out to proselytize to the masses. Online or RL. Or subsidize those who do.

  6. Meanwhile at the pedo command base in Rome – – interview with Zagami starts at 8:00 . The Twilight zone squared.

  7. Detroit III

    God bless Trump and scorn those who opposed him.

    • dumpf is a scumbag just as you are Detoilette

      most of you here are pathetic losers.

      you idiots just can’t accept that your country/flag/gubmint has laid in bed with niggers since the day you were married, got pregnant by one- or five, and laughs in your face as she says “and you’re going to feed it, raise it, and love it… oh, and BTW, you’re going to sleep in the garage for now on as homeboy now sleeps in your old bed with your wife…

      OWN IT assholes. your cuntry has sold you out.

      now hurry up and wave that murkin flag.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. “The Faust legend is wrong. Surrendering one’s soul, for both individuals and a nation, is a long series of capitulations, not some shadowy one-time bargain.” — Robert Gore

    You can and should take it back the same way and all you need do is decide and take action. One day at a time, one moment at at a time. Think and be freedom. Marley was right. It starts between your ears or maybe in your heart.