Killed Him A B’ar

Good news, via Herschel.

Bravo zulu.

5 responses to “Killed Him A B’ar

  1. Good job! 👍

  2. Kilt him a bar… good. Nice to see history handed down to the next generation. Perpetuation of our species, very important. Not playing inside on electronic garbage, but out in the world becoming intelligent, aware, and dangerous. As a young man should be. His papa should be proud.

  3. “Kilt” goes good with “B’ar”, not “killed”. Just another nit, the “B’ar” is described as both a “sow” and “him”. Lord save us from the nitwits that write these articles. Not to take away from this young man’s awesome deed! Good on ya son!

  4. TheAlaskan

    The nature of things are sometimes mother fuckers. Good job kid. Southeast is Tlingit country. Hoonah is mostly a Tlingit village. Young Elliot deserves his new bear totem. Powerful totem. He’s now a man.