You Don’t Say…

VICE: The Birth of Canada’s Armed, Anti-Islamic ‘Patriot’ Group

PM Trudeau was unavailable for comment.

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  1. Great idea ! I say we start them up in the states. You know they will be labeled KKK for muslims, but I can live with that if it lessens the chance in the future that one of my four sisters is raped by a muslim.

    • hummus abedin

      As if we don’t already
      have enough do nothing
      elements comprising the joke
      that is the “Patriot (bowel) Movement”.

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      K to the third power…….K/3

  2. The “Reporter” did a predictable lefty hit piece. “……even the name III% comes from an American myth that it was three percent of the American population that fought against the British in the War of Independence.”

    Beautiful country, good people. However, the urban centers control the direction of Canada’s gov policy. And, what do you find in urban centers? What group acts according to their feelings rather than their intellect?
    That’s right: Globy Progs.

  3. Canadians kick ass and take names later. 😉

    Side note – Currently working on a concept for an up armored mobility scooter. Should sell well in the us.

    • Lol. Multicam depends, walkers with a pintle mount and canes with picatinny rails…it’s an emerging market. Maybe I can bleed the boomers of all the cash they take out of every check I get. The Most Selfish Generation™ mortgages their inheritance, wastes their own money and sells their great grandkids into slavery only to get the mother of all crashes when they are 70+. The irony…muh healthcare, muh SS, muh state pension.

      • Run flat tires. Wider wheel base, longer distances between re-charges. Integrated Molle webbing and lots of “enhanced” stuff.

        I’ve seeens how they perform at the local Walmart. I’m a good study.

  4. LMAO. Motorized tactical wheelbarrow. Epic. Send fap shots soonest. 🙂

  5. hummus abedin

    Without question, they will be
    as tactically and strategically effective
    as their American peers.
    They will stand to and never waver
    from their keyboard commando pronouncements of chest pounding,
    do or die, bravado.

  6. Amusing, three to five percent of this group are govt snitches. Which is why I’m gun shy of any organized or semi organized group.

    With this kind of publicity, this group made itself operationally ineffective. Better to work the shadows, blend in to the crowd, then to peacock for the press.


  7. Anyone/group that advertises their assetts on fakebook is/are a bunch of blithering idiots.
    These assholes couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

  8. jeffronimo

    BPS with unminced hurt words for the Cannucklehead PM-

  9. Grenadier1

    The Canadian Prime Minister is a furry.

  10. thesouthwasrght

    Funny how much labor is spent investigating natives yet the mosques that are the HQ of the invader and their ilk are less than never looked at.

    • When the government did that, the government self identified as the mortal enemy of their own people. How can people go on, day to day, as if everything is ok? One has to look at one’s own government from a very different perspective after that. Plan and act accordingly.

    • It’s a lot safer for the “journalists” to investigate the nasty militia who enjoys the attention than the occupants of the mosques who may express their displeasure by beheading them.

  11. “experts say they are dangerous.” (This Is CNN)

  12. joelfradbink

    Looks like the “yeller-horned unicorn” went up ‘is arse

  13. TheAlaskan

    Can’t really see how they (III%ers) can even operate. Auto-loading rifles (short barreled) and handguns are hard to legally possess. You need to be licensed to possess one. Storage of the weapons are strickly regulated and inspections can happen at any time. Transportation permits are required to transport to ranges or to gun clubs. The permits expire after a certain time period.

    I’ve traveled through Canada (ALCAN) many times over the years and the gun restrictions seem to get worse each time I travel through. I’m always armed. In the seventies, all you had to do was declared your weapons, including handguns. All border folks would ask you to “show” your weapons to them and they would sometimes write down your serial #s.

    Now, a US citizen cannot transport handguns or any auto-loading rifles or auto-loading shotguns through Canada. You now have to purchase a tax permit to transport any ‘legal’ (for now) firearm through Canada. You have to be careful because what’s legal in the US (pump, bolt, lever,) may not be legal in Canada. An example is barrel length on your pump shotgun…18″ in the US, but 20″ in Canada.