Codrea: Taxfilth Open Carry? Si! Private Citizen Open Carry? No!

A perfect example of Only Ones arrogance.

Hijos de puta.

29 responses to “Codrea: Taxfilth Open Carry? Si! Private Citizen Open Carry? No!

    • Yep.

      Every. Fucking Time.

      The very fact that the tax collector in rural Seminole County, FL is a Jew is noteworthy. Of. Course.

      Has any Jew done a single minute of manual labor in its entire life, in the history of the universe?

    • Do (((they))) really still expect us not to notice?

      (((They))) are biologically oblivious. Unable to perceive how others perceive them or how others are feeling. They literally are autism.


    Uh, ever hear of the term: “dry gulched”? Tax collectors better be careful what they wish for. If some paroled mook in New Yawk can walk right up to a police van and execute the cop sitting in the driver’s seat….

    • Randolph Scott

      ‘just sayin’….’

      ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
      If they are carrying one I’ll carry five

  2. (((Every. Single. Time. )))

    • Has any Jew ever done an honest day’s work in the history of the universe?

      They never work with their hands.

      • (((Mark Rothko))) would disagree. If he could. Unfortunately, after painting his 900th (((NY)-acclaimed :”masterpiece” (which like all the others consisted of a single colored line or blot on a black background), he committed suicide.

        but he did work with his hands.

      • You never saw Fiddler on the Roof?

  3. B Woodman

    That’s alright. At least the CONCEALED CARRY Citizen (as opposed to the No Carry Serf) will know who to shoot first.
    BTW, knowing who to shoot first is one of the more logical arguments against Open Carry.

  4. Northgunner

    It’s past time to strip ’em down in public and tar and feather them all!!
    Just another tentacle of the parasite class that lives off everyone else!

    The ‘gov’ in Florida says their revenooers can go about armed..but Joe peon can’t?
    Fuck what ANY ‘gov’ says you can or can’t do regarding your inalienable human rights!!
    Carry however you want!
    And if they try to get in your face and threaten you saying you still can’t…make them wish they NEVER decided to try fucking with you!!!
    If necessary go ‘Neither Predator Nor Prey’ on their shitweasel asses!!..make it personal because it IS personal!!!

    “The first one’s expensive,..all the rest are free!”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • You’ll be in jail in minutes. At least in any city–you can’t walk more than a block without seeing a cop. Uniformed cops are assigned to guard grocery stores in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville (anywhere there could be Africans). Perhaps a bit easier in rural areas.

      Florida Supreme Court ruled in March. An actual test case–guy with CWL got arrested for peacefully openly carrying in a holster.

      No matter how big you talk, right now we are in “rule of law” and if you open carry in Florida you’ll get arrested with the quickness.

      Tough to conceal carry when it’s 99 degrees too. It’s bullshit. I should be able to carry a real weapon (at least Glock 19) and not be forced to pocket carry a .380.

      I often don’t carry because it’s not doable if you dress like a normal man. I have decent size real guns and have not bought a micro 380 yet–I resent having to do that. I’m ready for when open carry becomes law.

      Or I off body carry, which is not preferable. I flat out admit I cannot get to my weapon very fast but at least I might have some chance if an active shooter comes to my location. (If I’m lucky enough to not be targeted right away, I can get my Glock 21 or 23 as the case may be out of my backpack pretty quickly.)
      (If you’re gonna carry in a bag, might as well carry a full size.)

      • kay_de_leon

        G26 shoots a lot like the 19- it lives on my belt and I live in South Florida. With the 19 i generally have to throw on an open button down, which as you said, can be a little hot. The fix to that is as easy as another cup of water, my man!

        • I have a 26. Great shooter but too fat for IWB. IWB is bullshit.

          I should be able to OWB and not worry about it.

      • Mark Matis

        Do you know where they live in your AO?

      • NorthGunner

        Howdy there ‘Anon-y-Moose’,

        Here it is, in a nutshell for folks like you:

        Who OWNS YOU?!?

        Either YOU own yourself, and YOU decide what is ‘right, moral and just’
        and lead your life as YOU choose and decide.


        you are a SLAVE/HELOT/SERF who dares not to make his or her own
        decisions outside of what ‘authority/officials’ decree are ‘appropriate priveleges’ for you to possess and excercise (at their whim, of course).

        Please choose one or the other as they’re both mutually exclusive and totally opposeed to each other in both principle and action.

        ‘Rule of Law’ is nothing more than thuggish doublespeak for ‘Rule of Thugs’!

        Here’s some vids to help explain this:

        You’re Not the Boss of Me!

        (skip to the 4:59 and 9:24 marks for the main points..the full vid
        is definitely worth watching though).

        Message to the Voting Cattle

        Gov is an Illusion

        This has already come and gone but hey, it happened in Florida!

        Join our OPEN CARRY MARCH 2017! Florida Open Carry March

        So, as before, choose:

        Freedom or Slavery

        And if after all this you still bleat, “buu..buu..the laaaaw”
        Please feel free to slither back to manginaville located in Cuckistan!

        Your’s In Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  5. Jack Crabb

    A thinking person may think the time is quickly approaching to fuck the fucking fuckers before they fucking fuck you.

  6. Of course Mr. Greenberg wants to be armed-all the better to be safe when looting your day’s work. (or pension, bank account, car, house, etc.) I am so disgusted at this point, I still say let us go back to the zero counter. I for one, am tired of paying for other people’s abortions, meals, children, Xbox, trip to Alaska, and so forth. Like Maxine Watters living in a 4.7 million dollar mansion in a district that she does not represent, I will bet Tax Collector JG, is living high on the people’s pennies. Sort of like the 3 houses that Bernie and Jane have, including the resort on the lake. You know the one; they got it right after Jane looted Burlington College, caused it to go bankrupt while defrauding the Catholic Church out of some 3 million dollars. Those Gubbermint Officials! They sure do know how to suck a teat. And screw the Deplorables!

    • Of course (((he))) is.

    • Northgunner

      That’s why tar and feathers is the beginning for those in the parasite class…the Hemp rope and a short drop is the end of the journey for them!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  7. Stupidity meets Castle Doctrine:
    Shucks, I didn’t know he was a revenooer, sir, he wasn’t wearing no badges or uniform, and didn’t identify himself as any such, I just saw a dude in street clothes banging on my door with a gun on his hip, so when I opened mine while suitably armed myself, and he then reached for his gun, I shot him in pure justified self defense, as I was in reasonable fear for my safety and life. Somewhere between rounds eleven and twelve, he stopped jumping every time I fired, so with the threat to my life subdued, I stopped and called 9-1-1 about the home invader at that point. You can refer any further questions to my lawyer.

    • Delandian

      I am a FL resident, CCW holder, and live in a county neighboring Seminole. If the tax collector there thinks his agents should be openly armed then they must be formally trained in the legal use of their weapon just as I was required to be, and they better be wearing badges which clearly show they have a legal right to openly carry. If I am denied that right as a free man and citizen of the state of Florida, then they must be as well. What’s next, armed health inspectors?

  8. General John Neville was the recipient of five hundred heavily armed men who did not want to pay a federal tax. Shortly thereafter the tax protesters were squashed like bugs by George Washington in command of 13,000 militiamen. 1794 This shit has been going on a long time.Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • Northgunner

      Yup,..courtesy of the ‘constitution’.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III