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  1. Post all the executives, anchors, producers, writers, and on-air guests’ addresses, emails, phones. Publish their picts along with their addresses.
    Its time to update the SHTF spreadsheets.

    • Their picts?
      CNN has ancient Celtic tribesmen from Caledonia?
      CNN, Let The Picts Go!

      But in other news, Shia LaGouf called up CNN, and told them
      “Guys, seriously, don’t f**k with those Internetz people…they broke me!”

      • Grenadier1

        Better yet publish their Picts without their face paint, that will surely break them.
        Little double entente there.

      • TheAlaskan


      • I’ve been e-mailing/tweeting all the CNN advertisers –

        “how does it feel to advertise on a network (CNN) that blackmails and terrorizes an innocent, creative child? Please stop.”

      • So, is there anything you won’t critique? You and too fat, different sides of the same coin….My patience for arrogant elitists (of any persuasion) is waning rapidly….

        • fuck off


          your fucking days are numbered bitch.

          no doubt plenty of good decent people want a piece of your rotten cop ass.

        • Neither arrogant nor elitist here: sorry to break your heart and ruin your point again.
          Nobody insulted you dog or your relatives, just pointed out your shoelaces were untied. So maybe grow a thicker skin, and untwist your panties a notch or five. Especially with a handle like “I’ll be your huckleberry!”, right?
          And maybe note that caveat right above the box:

          You can probably guess how much your patience, or lack thereof, means to me, though your butthurt is noted.
          One I might suggest a different avatar:

          Take yourself a little less seriously.
          As in everyone’s else’s case (including mine), I can assure you the rest of the world already does.
          You’ve got nothing to lose except a little vainglory, and a few blood pressure points, and you can clearly live better without both.

      • Aesop, sometimes you drive me nuts (even though you are mostly right!) but this ^ is great! Gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict! I love it. Oh, by the way, which one’s Pink! Hahahahahahaha!

  2. I bet you they have released this information themselves in order to gain sympathy from both of their viewers.

  3. We know what (((they))) did.

  4. B Woodman

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of FNN assholes.

  5. mothersmurfer

    Have you seen this one?:

  6. These stupid fuckers. 4chan/pol has brought numerous organizations to their knees as well as got Donald Trump elected.

    Such hubris hasn’t been seen since the last large military that tried to invade Russia from the Western front.

  7. Grenadier1

    Kek wills it, Shadaley brothers.

  8. No sympathy for CNN here. If they had a list of Free Men that they hated, they would publish their home addresses, phone numbers, etc. with no concern of killing or maiming small children. I think we simply need to add this information to our lists-it will prove useful at some point.

  9. Not a word about it on any MSM site.
    What a surprise.

    Laughed my ass off at the ” shakes bottle of Adderol” line.

    This bunch at 4Chan would be a very powerful ally for FreeFor if they were collectively focused in the right direction.

  10. >Redacted

    They’re snuffed. Serves them right, Cowardice News Network

  11. My guess is if this does not blow over soon, that Kaczynski will be fired as this week’s sacrificial lamb. I hope he is updating his resume and practicing his best “would you like fries with that?”

    • Are you a retard?

      He’s a connected Jew. He will never be unemployed.

      TLDR: boomer alert. The “would you like fries with that” super uber stale “joke” gave it away.

  12. Mark Matis

    And then there’s this:


  13. Camacho2016

    On a serious note, scrot;

    The Interwebz and Troll Nation, 4 Chan et al have demonstrated a tremendous independent streak, incredible skillz, speed, and the will to use them.

    And this is presumably just releasing names and numbers, personal info and attaching false accusations. (However, given the propensity of the media to NOT report on Pizzagate, guilt by association would not cause me a minute’s lost sleep for these people to be accused of the same behavior.)

    So imagine what these guys can do if you give them a little time to determine the truth about the people who work for CNN and the Deep State?

    The TBTF organizations have to be shitting their pants right now at this possibility.

    And if anyone was wondering what might be a trigger for the Internet going dark “unexpectedly”…this would be it. The fact is that these guys continue to demonstrate their skill, their will, and their speed. At some point the TBTF deep state actors won’t have anything left except to try and silence the web so as to slow down the onslaught.

    But if you thought that these guys were good on stuff like this, I wonder what they’ll do when the Deep State tries to shut down the interwebs?

    Ho Lee Fuk!

  14. Wirecutter had this gif a few days ago.
    Would be cool for savvy video editing do some
    alteration to it too:

  15. Also interesting is, remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen memes. It’s different for the media. So everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.

  16. (((Journalists))) hate it when other people journalize them.

  17. Phil: One does not focus or direct 4chan any more than one would focus solar flare or hurricane. But it takes a special kind of moron to go begging for their complete and undivided attention as our “friends” at CNN have done. Doxing the media tards is just the opening act. If CNN doubles down again on this, next is probably release of emails to the broads they are cheating on their wives with. I imagine kids names with elementary school addresses and pick up/drop off schedules come after that. Passing contests with those guys gets ugly fast.

  18. hummus abedin

    As always, the treasonous shitbags
    of American (fedgov) state media
    and the Uniparty attacks in the real
    world, and it’s a fantasy land circle jerk
    of commentary here, there, and everywhere
    in the amusement park of “patriot land”.

  19. Someone needs to redo the “Hitler finds out” youtube videos with CNN on Hitlers face….

  20. Hitler finds out 4chan has posted his bunker’s address on the internet, along with those of his entire staff, and the rest of CNN.

  21. Personal info leaked, I believe that was called for by this site first, at least to my knowledge it was.

    The CNN staff needs to buy a lot a sugar as according to May Poppins, it makes the medicine go down and they have a lot of medicine coming. They’re going to be losing advertisers, staff, guests and viewers for months to come.

  22. One of my favorites:

  23. Damn fools.

    The meme autists are like a giant hive of bloodthirsty wasps, and CNN thinks it can scare the hive into submission by swatting a single member of the colony.