Imperial Badthink

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  1. I could be wrong, been wrong before. But I believe those screams are of a Red-tailed Hawk, not a Bald Eagle.
    Bald Eagles speak softly and carry a big stick… to the nest.


    Latest headline up here in the Daily Fish Wrap: “The diplomatic window is closing for North Korea.” I tell you what, my friends, the Deep State and their useful idiots and front men are going to start a war to keep the sheeple occupied and not focused on the tanking economy.
    Illinois, Kalifornia, CT, Christieland, and others are tanking or have tanked. But, the “Market” is not reflecting it and gold is going lower. They are running out of shells to put the pea under. Something has to give. Of course, the Black Helicopter loons on You Tube are forecasting catastrophe on the 08/21-solar eclipse day! In any event, watch, listen, and continue to prep.

    • Grey Ghost

      Yup, we are in a “run up” to a war with NorK and it’s being pushed by the MIC, FOX news and all the rest of the war mongering asswipes in the political, intel, and corp oligarchies. ANY war with the NorKs won’t be like the last one… it’ll be dead Koreans by the million. I guess the MIC’s and Trump’s plan is to make sure the Korean peninsula is uninhabitable for the next 200 years. Americans will do anything and agree with anything for their faux security or sense thereof. I predict, IF Trump militarily acts first, he loses.

      I tried to tell my wife’s girlfriend that Trump can’t go sending conventional cruise missiles into Nork as it would start a nuke war. She said to me and I’m not kidding, “how do I know?” I said because that is the whole reason for the Nork nuke program. She said he would not respond with a nuke because we didn’t send in a nuke, I said bullshit, that he would send a nuke because he is a crazy SOB and it is WHY they wanted nukes to begin with. The whole nuke retaliatory scenario still did not compute for her… finally I gave up shaking my head. I didn’t even bring up the EMP issue. Sadly this woman has TWO masters degrees in Education.

      I’m with Tfat on this one… most Murikans are just plain stupid. And most have no idea of how to even think critically on any subject.

      Grey Ghost

      • Northgunner

        The ’empire’, like all empires is made up of nothing more than a club of narcissistic sociopaths that bamboozle and fleece everyone else via their indoctrinated superstition of ‘gov/authority’.

        They literally get enough people to believe that they have acquired the right to own and rule them, then the rest is simple..make sure that the marks and pigeons not only continue to believe the superstition but that they pass it on to their children ad infinitum.
        It’s like ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, except that the ‘Emperor’ and the swindlers are the one and the same and always have been! And the ‘political process’ will not change this, it was never meant to nor created to do so. It’s a diversionary shell game to both deceive and anaesthitize and entertain the marks and pigeons…kabuki theater ala wcw wrestling..nothing less, nothing more.

        That’s why the parasite class is utterly terrified of people reading Larken Rose’s, “Most Dangerous Superstition”; once they read it and digest the ideas and principles involved, they have a reawakening and tell the parasite class, “You don’t OWN me – You’re not the boss of ME!!!”. The parasite class can’t stand to loose one of its former slaves/milk cows to self-awareness and Freedom as that signals that they’re perpetual frauds and that their ‘legitimacy’ never existed in the first place!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • Northgunner

          “Sadly this woman has TWO masters degrees in Education.”

          That doesn’t mean that she knows how to apply logic and analysis or possess the ability of critical thought.

          All it means was that she was a sponge soaking up what the college professors spoon fed her and repeated it back to them in acceptable parrot fashion. And this is especially true in the field of indoctrination,..I mean ‘education’.

          American Woman

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III