Schlichter: We Should Welcome CNN’s Ritual Suicide


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    Drowning men grasp at straw. Falling men grasp at air. The: “…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” meme will not work any more. When the Kennedy family took power in 1960, the fawning, gushing, slobbering MSM at the time was accused of: “managing the news.” This has not changed. But now with the Internet and other information sources out there, these (((Marxists))) cannot Pied Piper the sheeple like they used to.
    They, along with their useful idiots in Hollywood are bereft of any morals or ethics. This presents itself by their constant use of profane and obscene speech and their calls to kill the POTUS. And, I see that pig Madonna just posed half-naked, wrapped in the U.S. flag. There will be Hell to pay. It’s just started with the first quarter kick-off.

  2. CNN cyberbullies a 15 year old kid, gets caught doing it, then gets rogered with its pants on.
    Time for more popcorn…

    The kid was either raised as a pussy by a single-parent mom, or his dad is a beta kiss ass, because he apologized, even though his instincts were right on the money (which happens with 15 year olds so rarely as to be remarkable in itself).

    Time for a few million more people to pummel the shit out of the Commie News Network with some relentlessly brutal memes until the life is beaten out of it.

    And then, do it again. BFYTW.

    • Grenadier1

      15 year olds can be forgiven for being overly apologetic, especially when they think they have drawn the eye of Sauron. He just didnt have the confidence to tell CNN to double down and go public. He should have outed himself and then made an even MORE insulting meme about CNN but thats what an adult would do, he thought he was in trouble.

    • Kid was rolling with the punches. Someone swings at you, you get out of the way. Also opens up a whole extra can of legal worms. Kid might not be a kid, is some confusion on this point currently.

      Those of us staying safely anon shouldn’t talk shit about those trying to do the same.

  3. False flag events are the simplest form of psyops. Cheap, quick, emotional and headline grabbing. Once the false flag has been exposed, many will continue to refer to it as “evidence” in their narrative and preconceptions. Not genius or even very sophisticated but effective nonetheless.

  4. Schlichter cucks again…and again:

    CNN is “the enemy of the American people”. No, as a predominantly Jewish racket, (((CNN))) – like the rest of the (((MSM))) – is a lethal enemy of White people.

    CNN is “liberal fascist”. No, fascism is racial nationalism which (‘cept for Israhell) CNN is very much against. (((CNN))) is liberal-communist.

    • Haxo for the fail:
      The results of CNN’s lefty wishes would screw everyone in the entire country (cf. all of recorded history), including the useful idiots – hence Lenin’s apt derision of them – regardless of your displeasure towards some of them, or not.
      That’s why CNN is correctly identified by Schlicter as an enemy of the American people. And I’m sure it breaks your heart, but last anybody looked, the overwhelming majority of Jooooooooooos! are white people too, however inconvenient that is for their aims and your social theories. Once again, your racial myopia is a bug, not a feature.

      And you speak of “liberal facism” and “liberal communism” as if there were a practical difference.
      In liberal communism, one man exploits another. In liberal facism, it’s the other way around.
      And facism is not just racial nationalism (you could look it up, and racism is merely a small, optional component), but thanks for playing.
      This is why Schlicter writes national columns, and you infest web sites that won’t ban you. See a doctor about that reflexive goosestep.

      It would have been simpler for you to simply write that his points were too hard for you. Someone will come along in most cases and explain things to get you up to speed. Whether you ever profit from the experience is a personal problem, and a cross for you alone to bear. It would probably go better if you wouldn’t automatically kerosene it up and set it on fire, from lifelong habit.

      Just saying.