TL Davis: The Loss Of Big Ideas

TL’s latest.

Government is not the answer.

Individual freedom and individual effort – in voluntary concert with others of like mind – is the answer.

Your person.

Your people.

Your property.

They are yours and yours alone.

Woe unto the hordes of shitweasels who seek to steal, corrupt, or destroy them.

One response to “TL Davis: The Loss Of Big Ideas

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    TL may have a point at the 30,000 foot level. Yet, innovation takes many forms. It morphs and changes form at the ground level.

    Here on God’s green earth–we dirt people have been surviving and thriving for generations. INNOVATION? Tell us about it? We invent it daily!

    My tractor’s three point hitch cracked up (hell, it’s 50 years old and given me yeoman service.) So what do I do? Ask Uncle Sugar or Elon Musk to fix it up? HELL NO!

    Ya gotta have a built up network of like-minded folks who can do EVERYTHING ( repeat: “everything.”) So I know Steve the arc-welder heats with wood. I fill my p/u’s bed with what I think is a goodly sum of seasoned oak and cherry firewood and head on down to Steve’s place.

    I show Steve “the patient,” and he eyeballs the seasoned firewood and drawls: “Busy now. Take ’bout an hour. Go see Momma back at the house and she’ll fix ya some Joe and jabber at ya for an hour. Come back then.” Work’s all done in 60 minutes. I’m back in business. VOILA!

    Al’s been fishing and got some great fresh panfish. He needs 12 ga. shells. We do a little swapping. Nothing like fresh fried fish, some coleslaw, and fries.

    And so it goes…I’m about an hour out of “the big city,” but my “contacts” to get INNOVATION radiate outward say to about 100 miles. It’s taken me decades to build up my web–ya gotta start at some point. I did it.

    Dirt people–we make things work, we innovate, re-cycle, and re-purpose. We’ll be around the next few Summers–count on it!