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The Red Menace was real.

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  1. 7.7.17
    New News Speak, which is not necessarily the news, it news speak. Green speak, Climate speak, refugee speak, middle class speak, Renewable Energy speak, Gender speak, Equality speak, Black speak, Sanctuary speak, Dreamer speak, Anti-Christian White People speak, University Universal speak, Global Community spiel=spiel noun: spiel; plural noun: spiels a long or fast speech or story, typically one intended as a means of persuasion or as an excuse but regarded with skepticism or contempt by those who hear it.

    The agent of change a rising star from nowhere turns into a black hole of bathroom jokes. You can keep your plan and settled science we call fake news, that I call the big lie. Fake, obviously is a lie.
    The bigger lie and of all news speak is the big lie of education that it is not. From the Head Start and Early Childhood indoctrination into the new speak schooled speak the green, climate, renewable gender dreamer of the University pudding brain for social change not understand the meaning of much, much less history they are doomed to repeat. Then wonder why it did not work as they were instructed it would, but it never does and for all the safe space never seem to figure it out until it is too late, the snowflakes melt.
    A good article on American Thinker, “Children of the Revolution”. The younger generations have thus grown up without the level of stability once provided by traditional civil and social institutions, and with a deep distrust for remaining centers of authority. They display a loss of trust in government’s ability to equitably resolve complex social problems. (I’m with them on that.) Our current left/right ideologic civil war, generated primarily by left-wing overreach, has the young growing up in a political household in which their ideologically driven policymaker “parents” are throwing dishes at one another instead of finding common cause and moving forward. They submerge themselves in Facebook and Twitter and turn away from political and social issues. Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Food are out to get them. Drink gallons of water to flush out those industrial toxins! Get in your 10K steps a day to stay healthy! Eat gluten-free organic! It is quite possible that the self-centered behavioral traits they display are more a manifestation of withdrawal from society and a retreat into “selfism” rather than an egotistical expression of true narcissism and an exalted sense of self-importance. Lacking trust in the external world, they have taken to a form of self-reliance as a default position and a safe harbor. Campus safe spaces may in part represent an extreme expression of the insecurity of those perceiving themselves to be additionally racially or ethnically marginalized.
    The settled science is not so settled. Still, there is a reason to believe not the new speak but of undeniable truth and what to believe.
    A reason to believe
    Where did it all begin? A simple question without an answer, we simply don’t know. The only explanation we have is theory. The theory is what some think could have happened. Still the simple truth is we simply don’t know. Even our brightest and best scientist cannot answer the question much less the why it began. Still we overlook and take for granted more than a few simple truths. Even the philosophers tell us of all the things that might be the awareness that approaches the reason to believe and argue the differences of our perception of the material, the mind and the body, yet none can explain awareness itself. Still the simple truth is we simply don’t know.
    The first issue is why do we even think about it? Without thinking about it there probably would be no need of a beginning. So it seems the beginning was to think about it. And, that is what people do. We argue the Religion, the Science and the Philosophy. None of it would be argued without awareness, or consciousness of our surrounding. Then there is the conscience, or the good and evil of it, knowing right from wrong and even left from right. That awareness provides for all of it, that is uniquely human. The proof it is the Religion, Science and Philosophy.
    We even argue the humanity of it in a civil society of that uniquely human nature. That is the unexplainable, which is their awareness. Where did that human trait come from, was it created, or did it evolve? The simple answer is we simply don’t know. However, we do communicate, by speaking writing and acting and of course building and creating things. The term creation is often taken as a religious context, but we humans create things every day, we even write books on the many subject and objects that we create. The simple fact that we do those things should as I believe be a religious experience. Why do we do those things? We even argue that bees and ants and birds build things, yet none of them write books on the subject of instinct, or knowing where to build and when and what is that basic animal instinct, that only humans discuss and write about.
    The simple fact of the matter is we simply don’t know why, or even where and when awareness came from. We don’t know why there is human nature, why we laugh and cry and tell jokes and sad stories or even why we create the politics and the religion. We even deny the true nature of all things living to the point we write book about that denial too. That is the point of the uniqueness. Much has been written and what is written is entertaining, history, science, politics and yes even the religion, volumes upon volumes for thousands of years of Plato’s Republic, War and Peace, comedy and tragedy of Shakespeare to the satire and sarcasm to Dante’s Inferno finality. Yet none can explain the curiosity, or the instinct why we do that and things unexplained, again, we simply don’t know.
    Knowing seems to be the subject of it and all of it is the human nature. None of that would happen if it were not for the environment we live in. Above all and the pun was certainly intended is our atmosphere that is the air we breathe the wind and the rain and clouds, hurricane and tornado. The undeniable truth is we have an atmosphere, yet nobody knows where it came from. Another undeniable truth is we would not have an atmosphere without water. Some call it the water of life in some religions and they are not wrong. Without water we would not be. WE would not have an atmosphere. But water is so much more than we know; still we do not know where it came from. That is an undeniable truth.
    It is said the first energy that man discovered was fire and that is where the awareness of energy came from. The undeniable truth is man was also aware of wind and rain, earthquake and volcano the rage of the seas and powers of the stormy weather that is energy too. Nor the fact of the matter is the sun that caused it all is more than likely the first energy discovered, heat and lack thereof. I would argue the first energy discovered was water followed shortly thereafter by food. Not so uniquely human is food and water to all living things and the many different forms of food and water use by the uniquely different creature and vegetation. However, fire is not used by any other living beings, plant or animal. Nobody knows why we humans seemingly suddenly discovered the use of energy. The undeniable truth is we simply don’t know where it all began. The religious experience is that it did, I believe regardless of that beginning in the theoretical primordial soup, or creation of some superior being.
    We could discuss the basic animal instincts but it does not reveal from where humor came from. Who told the first joke? That certainly had to come from some sort of a superior being! The emotions are a thought process from fear to happiness and all in between science cannot explain sympathy either. Chemical reactions and electrical and mechanical and biological functions of processed do not explain it. An undeniable truth is we simply do not know where it came from.
    It would seem the nature of the religious experience is the undeniable facts we simply do not understand. I have heard it said that science disproves the religion and I would argue the opposite, that in fact science does prove the religion by the discovery of all thing humans have discovered that were here simply for us humans to discover. I would think the most religious people should be the scientist, if only for curiosities sake. Curiosity is the discovery of natural processes and substances from nourishment from nature of both body and soul all things and wonder how it all works seemingly together for what purpose? Biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, mechanics and engineering do not explain why we are curious. Still, seeming all things do work together in a sort of grand plan and design we have only recently started to discover because of that uniquely human trait, curiosity.
    There are differences of opinion but why do we have opinions? Is it because we each have a biological computer built into our heads? You could argue that is the reason for opinions is so we can argue, which interestingly is discovery of other opinions. Another undeniable truth is we have no idea who had the first opinion?
    Further we cannot agree on any one religion, we do not need to know how many religions there are in the world, but the fact is there are religions and all with different traditions and ceremonies and beliefs. One is the Christian Scientist that I would take a different approach, the scientist is the, or at least should be the religion, because it is the discovery of all thing by science that should be the religious experience. A simple undeniable truth is we human being are discovering all the things that were created and science proves to some degree. What I mean by that for example is our atmosphere, or as some have put it our biosphere provides for all sorts of living beings, species, plant and animal alike and only humans seem to have a religious experience not of the real and obvious miracle, but of the imagined, a belief.
    In other words and undeniable truth is to believe and science cannot explain why we believe anything! The living proof of the most neglected and should be a religious experience is we live. You do not have to go back to the prehistoric where we assume people hunted and gathered, however the simple truth is, or was and perhaps still is there were things to hunt and to be gathered. The undeniable truth is we do not know how those things to hunted and gathered came to be, but they did come to be so we could. That is still true today, yet a simple question that could be asked, where’s the beef? Or, more simply where did the idea of a seed that grows into a an apple tree, an orange, banana, or corn and of course all kinds of berries, who’s idea was that and certainly because all those things happen, that should be a reason to believe there is some sort of grand plan, a reason to believe it all was created.
    Take the word created and say a person wanted to design a wheel, even if there was no intended purpose for it when it was invent. However, as we have discovered that a good many reasons to have wheels. But, how was it developed, by trial and error perhaps experimentation and then what materials, was it stone or wood. When did the idea of an axle come about? Why was it determined that two wheels were better than one in most cases, not to mention gears contained in case we now call gear boxes, full of little wheels. Today, we call that research and development and there is usually a plan for that, most often very elaborate and down to the last detail and sometimes they even do what was intended, not always. Most always the idea started with an Idea. The undeniable truth is we do not know where the idea came from!
    It took thousands of years from the time man first discover what was already here, metals, from gold to bronze to iron and so many more we have discovered in that time and how to use them. The idea here is man discover and creates because of our individual biological computers, the human brain. We do not know who could or would design such a thing, yet the undeniable truth is each and every human being has one. That should be a religious experience. That should be a reason to believe the grand design was created. Some call it intelligent design. I think that is an understatement.
    Some time back a couple of thousand years ago, the known elements were earth, water, wind and fire now expanded to the periodic table of things discovered. The undeniable truths are the elements, were all here and some human being discovered that they were and what they were and to some extent how to use them. Today, we even need quantum physics to try and understand them the nuclear physics. The atomic particles and sub atomic particles said to be the building blocks of the universe and of all things. To me that says, the discovery is the religious experience and reason to believe is because what we discovered was already here. We merely discovered that it was here, however not so much the why things to be discover are here. The undeniable truth is we have the capacity in our biological computers to discover, to create, to form opinions, to communicate and to believe that we do not know everything; much less the why of it that is all things. That is the reason to believe. The undeniable truth is we still do not know the why?
    Everyone knows about rain and not so much why it rains, some even understand it is water, few understand the complexities of rain, much less elements of water itself, or even the need of it and even fewer know the biological computers are mostly water. The undeniable truth is we would not be here without water and water makes up a good portion of our atmosphere. A simple elementary compound, of oxygen and hydrogen, one part of one and two parts of the other that transform to different states which is called phase transition, from a solid (ice), to a liquid (water) to a vapor (gas) to plasma (stars) all because of what is called thermodynamics, among many other sciences. Still, because we do not know all things which I believe is the reason to believe in God, which also gave us the ability to think, yet also deny that there is a god and some call that free will and need proof that there is a God. To that I would say, take a good look around at all things we call nature and you will find we simply do not know where it all began. This is where the science proves the belief when we discover what is already here in and on planet earth, which I call our little Garden of Eden. The proof is that we live and breathe and ideas and discover and know so little about water, the water of life.
    The only evolution and has been in thinking and discover of all the wonders of science that is the discovery, that makes feeble attempt to explain the body and mind and all things in nature the simple question why. The undeniable truth is we simply don’t know. I call that the religious experience and reason to believe is something much greater I call the Creator.
    An evolution in thinking is the English language; it has only been around for 1500 years or so to include the Old English of the Anglo-Saxon’s. Words developed from many different languages and some new ones which in a way evolved into it, such as evolution. Yet the word will start an argument over differing belief systems. Still, Darwin’s science does not prove or even suggest adaptability to an environment of things that seemingly evolve, still seems to be missing the link. The word evolution has become a religion all by itself. The Origin of Species is theory, yet they believe? Evolution does not explain where our atmosphere came from for the species to adapt to their environments where living things grow and reproduced.
    A fascinating fact for me and is historical record that some say is a religion and it is but, it also talks about certain sciences well before any human even developed the need of science. The religious experience for me was And God Said Let There Be Light and obviously there is, as well as Awareness. Separating the Water from the Waters is another, and some may think the Heavens are a holy experience and there are but it is also our atmosphere, which we now know is mostly nitrogen and oxygen and water oxygen and hydrogen. Which leads me to believe that God was and is, a master of all the elements, even the ones we do not know of yet to be discovered, all things in nature and of the biological computer. I only wish that I could take a look at the working drawings and the blueprint, notebooks of the Grand Design that we call planet earth. To me science proves the religious experience and reason to believe in God.
    Here is another piece of the puzzle. Everybody knows what a magnet is, where opposites attract and like poles repel, it is said to be north and south poles, or bi-pole yet you cannot separate the pole, even if you cut a magnet in half, you still get north and south poles on each half. If you could and I will tell you now it is theory not practical experience, a mono-pole magnet, or the one pole magnet, north or south independently, not together is nowhere to be found, but there is theory. Take a look at the not so simple explanation of the hypothetical elementary partial in particle physics, or magnetic monopole on WP. Particle Physics is the stuff of atoms, magnetism, electrical charge, spin and orbits, wave and frequency, electron and photons. And yes, photons are light, perhaps thought?
    (—Light behaves both as a particle and as a wave. Since the days of Einstein, scientists have been trying to directly observe both of these aspects of light at the same time. Now, scientists at EPFL have succeeded in capturing the first-ever snapshot of this dual behavior.
    Quantum mechanics tells us that light can behave simultaneously as a particle or a wave. However, there has never been an experiment able to capture both natures of light at the same time; the closest we have come is seeing either wave or particle, but always at different times. Taking a radically different experimental approach, EPFL scientists have now been able to take the first ever snapshot of light behaving both as a wave and as a particle. The breakthrough work is published in Nature Communications.
    Then we could discuss water and its thermodynamic properties cause it to expand both from transition from liquid to solid and again to a gas and contracts back to a liquid. The simple undeniable truth is we do not know who created it, or why it is here. Yet without it we would not be here. That is reason enough for me to believe God was a particle physicist at a minimum! Science proves there is a God. I believe. And faith should not be blind.
    PS, So what is the big idea? Simply put, we do not know. However, because we do not know and because of curiosity we have ideas of Religion, Science, Politics that are all pretty big ideas we all have opinions about. Still it is the awareness, the consciousness and conscience that is first cause, noun Philosophy noun: First Cause; plural noun: First Causes, a supposed ultimate cause of all events, which does not itself have a cause, identified with God. And there is the reason for the PS, which is the first cause, was of an economy, goods and services pretty much for people. An example of this is body temperature is 98.6 degrees F, 102 is a problem and 90 degrees is too. So, I would ask how many thermodynamic processes are there in the human body, or how many hydraulic functions, first cause heart pumping blood, not to mention electro mechanical and even sensory perceptions, all seeming set at design parameters and control function provide and of course an expiration date. Yet too, energy in, energy out, food and water, need I say waste products. That said, the computer program to design something like that has not been invented, however it was.
    Now you may ask, what does economics have to do with creation and evolution which has nothing to do with cash, or money. It does have to do with conservation of energy and those natural laws we have discovered but, don’t often discuss. Namely, food and water and air, need I say energy potential are all here for our discovery which because of, you might say first cause.
    I think one thing to keep in mind is we are all born as individual and to some extent dependent on other for most of our life’s, still everything you may think about and do is of the individual, locally. The Global Community has little to do with most people’s daily lives other then the decisions our leaders make for us. It makes no difference if you live in China, Russia, the USA or anywhere else in the world, or what language you speak, everyone requires the same basic things, I call them air, water and energy.
    As I write this the G-20 Global Local leaders are meeting in Germany to discuss the fate of the world and the global business. They may not say it the same way, or even have the same ideas, thay are what makes people unique. However, what they are discussing is air, water and energy controls which are the global business and usually the cause of war. The reality of it is they are really discussing how to control people. Because there would be no business if it were not for people, and the business of governments is to control people, because people are the consumers of just about everything includeing all natural resources within boundaries that define nations and states. Previously, leaders were more interested in their own agendas, the Global Climate Change Hoax, Refugee problem (I think invasion), and the potential of nuclear war, rather than the need of their people. That gave US the many conflicts, wars, terrorist, religious favoritism, and the instability of the global economy of debt and class warfare, equality of shared misery, a dysfunctional educational system, to name just a few of New Speaks. Then the business of automation, least they forget it all about people they control! Just a thought here but, why are you making products anyways? And this idea employers can’t find qualified employee is cause by stupid, lazy Americans? Perhaps our education system is the first cause of the stupidity of the government institutions stupid and lazy thinking?
    I think we of US and the world would do better with the least government, less regulation and laws that do more to protect bank account of political leader than the people they are suppose to serve. Just a reminder, the 4th of July was a couple of day ago that Declaration of Independence was about free people, not laws and regulation, taxes, fees, fine and penalty and certainly not about submission to will of the Global Community! Then, I don’t want to blame it all on Billy, but he did open the gates of hell, the forbidden fruit perhaps, Apple? Stay tuned for more on Speak News.


    Joe: Where did it all begin? My bet is that it began in the Garden of Eden when The Father Of Lies seduced Eve. The human race has been flawed, selfish, and self-destructive ever since. Even when The Word was made Flesh and dwelt amongst us, humans did not want to hear it. They nailed Him to a tree.
    So, where will it all end? My bet it will end the same way that the ancient empires of history have ended. The blueprint is already drawn in 2Tim3: 1-9. Or, if you want a secular idea, go to You Tube and view: 5 REASONS WHY AMERICAN RIOTS WILL BE THE WORST IN THE WORLD, and THE MADNESS OF A LOST SOCIETY. Bleib ubrig.

  3. Camaho2016

    C’mon scrot!?

    I thought being a Communist was a GOOD thing according to the grey lady.


    Why it’s almost like they’re telling us that Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

  4. TheAlaskan

    “The Red Menace was real.”

    The Red Menace IS real.

    • The Red Menace in the US is more real than ever, Russia not a problem because they’re not reds…

  5. Throw Mao in the mix and you have the three men responsible for millions and millions of political deaths. Perhaps Pol Pot should should be included into the club.

    Evil to the core.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Pol Pot was only limited by his capabilities; if he could have killed more, he would have.

  6. Just a comment on the picture: ever notice how fat, soft, and unblemished the hands are of Lenin and Stalin? Proof positive that neither bastard did a day’s work in their entire lives. Sitting around the garden, fantasizing about Utopia, while slaves bring you cool drinks, pen & paper, and murmer their fidelity is the province of Kings-not murdering assholes. Creepy little bastards, both of them.

  7. cuck, cuck, blah, cuckity cuck-cuck.

    yes, the Red menace was and is real: it’s called the Universalist Jew Tikkun Olam. Ever with us so long as (((They))) are.

    And now, extra added attraction: incessant Zionist warmongering from the neo-con Jews: must have war with Iran, war with Iran, deadly enemy, deadly enemy, dead…

  8. Muslim Brotherhood
    Cuban communists
    Press bias l
    ack of self-awareness
    policy fail
    Social programs
    muh immigrants and POCs.
    Anti-Asian discrimination
    freeze peach

    Nothing but obfuscating buzzwords
    And whatever you do, don’t mention the jews

  9. “Anti-Asian” discrimination? It’s not just anti-Asian. It’s anti-White, too. The whites and Asians both could benefit by realizing that the only opportunity for any races to “team up” for the fight that’s coming is the Asians and whites. All other races will be on their own teams.

    • so will the “Asians”: automatic collectivists. In fact, it’s Jews + Chinks, with Blacks/Browns/Muslims as their anti-White army. At least, that’s (((the Plan))).

  10. To make that photo more current just replace the faces with George Bush and Bill Clinton.

  11. Chuckwalla

    Where did it begin? The kids withdrawal because the Bolsheviks have had their long march through every institution and have practically destroyed family and civil society.

  12. Grey Ghost

    Last I checked the Demoncrap Party is the front organization for the CPUSA. Now the day the NYT publishes that TRUTH will be a cold day in hell.

    Grey Ghost

  13. Northgunner

    We don’t have to look outside for communism.
    America has become a defacto communist country.

    Take a look at the 10 planks and count off how many have ALREADY been put into place by the parasite class and their useful idiots (sheeple definitely included!).

    Heavy progressive income tax…check!
    State control of ‘Education’………check!
    State control of communication..check!
    Abolition of inheritance/rebels….check!
    State control of production………check!

    The only one that hasn’t been totally achieved yet is the first, which is actually the goal of all the rest of the later listed measures.

    The functional dissonance of folks who just celebrated ‘dependence day’ is,truly staggering.

    As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and he’s us!”.

    Definitely keep prepping, training and educating those around you,..local, local, local!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • yup.

      anyone who flies ‘old gory’ is a devout commie, they just don’t know it-yet.

      but they will… albeit, too late to save themselves.

      heh heh heh

  14. fly my flag daily. I appriciate what it stands for, think it’s just a great looking flag. Even with the down turn in the US, I still appriciate being an American.

    I’ve lived all over the world, enjoyed the experience. No place like home, for me.

    Commie, hmmm, the fact that I can fly any flag I choose, on my home, tells a different truth.

    Weather you want to admit it, your words your actions are clearly of a man that loves his country, and is pissed about how shits going.

    You would not be here if it were different.

    Going to pull a Tfat today and take a sail up the lake. Not as big as your lake, but the scone biggest west of the Mississippi.