The Left’s Hide And Seek With Voter Information

Massive voter fraud, driven by illegals.

Just keep voting.

Your Republican conservatives can protect your vote from being diluted into non-existence.

Paper ballots.

Voter ID.

And inked fingers.

Will they?

9 responses to “The Left’s Hide And Seek With Voter Information

  1. you don’t think that the democrats and the gop is pushing back from Trump looking to squash voter fraud because they are now identifying where trump did well and preparing to import some votes in 2020 to those places ? if you do not, you’re clueless.

  2. Ya don’t say, the marxist shitbags used voter fraud? Who’da thunk it. How’s that wall coming along?

  3. I think Trump has a few tricks up his sleeve. Big wildcard is whether FedRes manages to trigger a recession in time to swing election, & what use gets made of that by either side.

    Tiny chance of solving our problems thru elections, but the best chance we have is waking people up by using Trump as our stalking horse. Lefties/ traitors attack him, we point out their collusion, and ask “how do we win against that, especially since voting doesn’t work?”

  4. This is why the Left is squealing like stuck pigs nonstop:
    All their little shitlords fiefdoms are being overturned, and exposed to the light.
    Corruption in office.
    Media shilling and lying nonstop.
    Voter fraud.

    What’s fucking with their heads is rather than just talking about doing something, and being totally co-opted in about a minute (Dole/Dubbya/McCrazy/Romney/Bitch McConjob/Quisling Ryan, call your offices…), the Trumpasaurus machine just keeps hammering the fences on their safe spaces, and knocking them down.

    We’re nowhere near the beginning of the end for them, but we’re certainly past the end of the beginning.

    Ain’t nobody ever born who’s going to bat 1.000, but some people have been so conditioned to giving up without a fight, they’re salivating at the prospect of nothing happening, yet again. Which makes about as much sense as people greasing the tracks and sharpening the blades for their own imminent guillotining.

    When you lance a boil, there’s always an inevitable amount of pain, blood, and screaming. From the victim.
    Learn to relish the patient’s screams, and pay no attention to the whining about it. And FFS, quit screaming along with them. No sympathy points will be awarded.

    • yes, Trumpenthal is really sticking it to CNN.

      meanwhile – 6 months into the Trumpenthal regime – an annualized 4 million legal/illegal non-Whites continue to pour into the country. And the kosher Culture of Death, of which Trump is a (((NY))) advocate, continues to crush the White birthrate.

      but he’s really, really, sticking it to CNN.

    • Nope. 45% of white men and 99% of shite women remain Jew brainwashed antiwhite communists.

  5. blue states like Tennessee. yah right.
    just like the fed gov’t failed to protect military private info.
    whats not to like.about putting everyone s identity all in 1 place , for teh russians or chinks to spics to steal again.

  6. I’m done voting.

  7. Dave Harman

    If voting made a difference they would make it illegal.