Unintended Consequences

Buy the hardcopy if you can find it.

But for now, here is a soft copy.

26 responses to “Unintended Consequences

  1. I have a copy of the first edition, before John Ross was suited by one of the people modeled in his novel. Collector’s item…

  2. http://www.accuratepress.net/ross.html
    I bought a copy here about a year ago. Nice people.

  3. Lucky owner of a hardcover copy here. Great read. Wish he would write another novel.

  4. While not a great novel it is an acceptable read, The “consequences” are now dated due to advances in forensics the same results are now being accomplished via 4Chan and the current Meme War. 3.8 stars

  5. One of my favorites. I read it a couple times a year. WWHBD indeed.

  6. Bad Attitude

    I’ve got a hardcover copy, too. Excellent book. I almost couldn’t put the book down – literally. I seriously considered reading it through the night and calling in sick to work the next day.

  7. Already have the pdf on my phone. That might raise the eyebrows of any spook that searches it.

  8. Proud owner of an original hard cover copy.
    One of less than five books in my collection I will never lend out.

  9. 4 hardback copies are currently available on eBay.

    • I think that’s the consequence of low IQ coupled with a life time of drug use while coddeled by Cultural Marxist .Guv

  10. Lucky to have two copies in hardcover. Got one at a gun show, and anew one off eBay for $20!

  11. Northgunner

    If you can buy a quantity in paperback do so and gift them to the younger generation that show interest.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  12. When it was new, I must have given out over ten copies of it to people I thought should read it.

    I’ve had a copy for a long time, the author is a FB friend.

  13. Have a hard copy in my library. It does not get loaned out.


  14. meh.

    grow up on the eastside of Detroit…

    by age 13 i was gunfighting just to get home from school.

  15. How about stuff like this? Does this engender unintended consequences?


    What is free speech and what is punishable by the swat team? Where is this going and for whom?


      Christopher: As Forrest Gump used to say: “Stupid is as stupid does.” Any fool that walks around telegraphing his/her punch is headed for trouble, courtesy of the Leviathan. The successful ones quietly plan and then carry it out. Look at the Marxist rat bastard that shot up the Dead Elephants ball game. He was a committed Antifa criminal. And, all he did was ask if this was the ball game and then he went to work.
      This is why it is so important to go gray. Plan, prep, and STFU. I speak from experience. When I was active in opposing the corrupt political hacks in my county and city in Oregon, I and my family were targeted by their ORCS. We stood our ground, but there were consequences. This is why I am Joe Anonymous up here in Rawles Land. Bleib ubrig.

  16. “Stripping motivated people of their dignity and rubbing their noses in it is a very bad idea.”
    The foreword about Arch Duke Ferdinand and how things got very out of control very fast, should always be a cautionary tale when looking at present day events as they unfold. Europe as a whole is still a broken spirit from “The War to end all wars” and “the war after the war to end all wars”. Makes me wonder just what madness TPTB have in store for breaking once and for all the spirit of America. Are we still a motivated people, and is rubbing our noses in it still a bad idea?

  17. Read that while in high school, the local library had a copy at that time (mumble something) years ago.

  18. Dan in Ohio

    Have soft cover copy, will not lend out.
    Where do I get oval sticker?!

  19. Noticed this vimeo video from link provided from about
    3 years ago. Ernest Hancock interview
    of John Ross regarding his book – “Unintended

  20. The book emphasizes:
    The Reds, by any other name, have been here for a while and aren’t going away.
    Obviously, obviously, many are embedded in DC.
    So don’t make the mistake and say, “We have tomorrow…”
    It’s a buyers market out there on hardware and fodder…at least until the next crisis.
    Notwithstanding a handful of Patrick Henry’s standing in the gap, don’t rely on Ye Olde GOP to protect yer ass.
    Whither the wind blows so they will follow. That should be clear to everyone.

    Also, good for periodic review to galvanize ones resolve, any 10 +/- minute YouTube segment of Katyn Forest (the movie).
    Recap: The Reds aren’t going away.

  21. I lent my copy out and it never came back. Lesson learned, too late.

  22. Is the text of the hardcover different from the softcover in some way? Or is the fondness for the hardcover merely that it is a nicer edition, as hardcovers always are?