Best Merkel Meme

Via Chateau Heartiste.

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  1. TeeFat, red isn’t a good color for you. Washes out your features.

  2. Quick, get the defibrillator, I’m having a seizure!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. at least she didn’t add to the shit stew that comprises this (de)generations useless fucksticks that won’t even leave the basement until they’re 26 years old. it hurts to even see these young fucking zombies wearing their faggot ass orange shoes and retarded ear buds while swiping some shit plastic gadget that seems to be attached to their unemployable pink soft dick skinners.

    i have absolute respect for anyone who didn’t bring more useless eaters into this world.

    yeah yeah yeah but my kid is one of the good ones….

    say the suckers who are raising the NWOs fresh meat.

    G’damn the murkins are dumb.

    • It’s a real pity your parents didn’t have the same sensible attitude.
      Practice what you preach: eat your gun, and do everyone a favor.

    • No mutti merkel is just importing some muslim kids to fill the void.

    • Hand 99… .5 percent of Americans a golden platter similar to 74 years of liberty and freedom beginning in 1776 through 1850, and they’ll puke on the platter and throw it down the toilet.

      I was reading elsewhere, where it was stated that the “meme war” was the precursor to the “Saxons anger”. I laughed. Then I spit. Because, ya know, the Saxons were a tolerant lot, and slow to anger.

      What is really funny, is that for years these “patriots” were comparing themselves to the American revolutionaries. Either, and/or part I or part II. Now they are comparing themselves to Saxons.

      And no wonder why we are here, and going there… these people can’t make up their minds of… who they are. They just blow whichever way is the… new gaga cool.

      Ooh! And look! It’s the “God-Emperor”! Oh swoon.

      I still remember when they were all gaga over Bush.

      Some things never change.

      Except the presidential electoral excuses.

    • a follower

      Getting sicker out there daily.
      Its ok to be gay?

      • You know, I may not fault the guy for having a baby on his own.
        Personally, my spousal pool keeps getting smaller because today American women are making themselves more unattractive by the day and I have decided that I can go without rather than lower my standards and it seems I am not alone by the growing manosphere.

  4. a follower

    War of the Memes? It is no wonder T- fat calls us stupit.
    No i do not approve of his tactics.
    The memes can be funny yet they are also something else, they to are false, they are lies.
    If you think Trump and Merkel are in opposition, i believe you have been misled. How about Trump and Putin? Come on.

  5. Looks to me like Merkel has the Trump derangement syndrome, maybe she can find where the CNN staff is holding their support group getogethers and join.

  6. This is a fine example of why freaks should not be given the steering wheel of society. They do not have a vested interest in any sort of tomorrow that does not include them. They have no heirs, because they have sense of commitment beyond the inward focused vanity that fuels them.
    Now, let’s apply some lower IQ and poor impulse control to the situation. People that were never going to succeed without a steady influx of goods, services and monies also have no business in the determinations of the public interest. This is how universal franchise set us up for failure.
    Our Rebuplic has had a little too much Democracy. The deficient need to be beaten back when they choose combat, marginalized when they seek control through civic procedures, identified and explained throughout the media channels. In short, placed back under control. For their own good, but primarily for our own good. Our being the whole idea of a society of people with family and values and therefore an active interest in the success of kin, tribe and like people.

    Like any bad habit or addiction this will not be an easy thing to overturn. I do see things moving in the correct direction, but I expect there will be a lot of violence necessary before it’s anywhere close to fixed. If you’re here on this site and reading you have the resources and ideas at hand to plan your own efforts

    We now return to our regularly scheduled harassment of the resident idiot and fiat money game champion (self alleged), TeeFat.

  7. Mark Matis

    Hey, it worked for Slick and Loretta.

  8. She reminds me of Eva Braun-which leaves the question, where is Hitler?

  9. I’m real tired of Jews in this blog posting nonsense that refutes notthing.

    If Jews, and their accolytes in this group have evidence that counters what I and other post, post it now, or otherwise, STFU.