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  1. That right there is one evil she-reptile.

    • Never ascribe to outright malice anything that can be adequately explained by sheer stupidity.

      Mika is what happens when one is five years old, forever.


    Who is this creature? Why should we get a hoot what she says or thinks? I believe that her washed-up former political hack husband was, at one time, under investigation for killing his former wife.
    In any event, let them all yammer away. That special election in Georgia has proved that no amount of lies or (((Hollywood/Soros))) money can stop the dirt people. As one poster here put it so aptly: “…I feel a great disturbance in the force. It’s as though a million special snowflakes cried out and then melted.” Keep plugging away, gang.

  3. Joe’s cum dumpster.

  4. admitting they EDITORIALIZE to formulate opinion under the guise of ‘reporting’ is what i read in that quote. too stupid to realize what they have said? of course.

    these are the ‘intelligentia’? of course, in their own deluded thought processes.

    to the rest of us, they are arrogant, pompous ignoramuses, blind to events surrounding them that will be their undoing.

    EDITORIALIZING under the guise of ‘reporting’ is what they have done for decades. their journalistic malpractice has caught up with them. they have only now begun to pay the price. it will be nice when they are in the unemployment lines and absolutely nobody even admits they exist, much less listen to them.

  5. For what ever it’s worth, I also heard something of the same thing from MSNBC: one of the male talking heads (don’t know his name but would recognize him if I saw him again) stated about six months ago, “…it’s our job to tell them what to think” referring to the great unwashed out there (that would be you and me. I almost fell out of my chair – these ass hats really believe and while maybe laughable to some, it clearly (to me anyway) points to the simple reality that we are in a civil war (run up?) – cold maybe at the present but getting hotter all the time. Plan accordingly.

  6. Mountain Cracker

    Fucking twat, she really needs to be “reconditioned.” Her and her retarded husband.

  7. at least mika is much better looking than that skanky shiksa ivanka.

    that said. all fucking cunts are evil and rotten.

    if they didn’t have a pussy, there would be a $5. bounty on every one of them…

    • Sometimes it’s just real hard to make it work between a man and a woman, TeeFat.
      Curious here, but did you sign your mothers cards like that?

      Happy bday you rotten cunt. Xoxo, the pride of your loins, TeeFat

  8. Another useless spawn of the power elite.

    FYITEWRR Mika.

  9. Bras knuckles. Would-be overlord journo.
    Assembly required.
    What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

  10. Commies gotta commie. Indeed.

    Speaking of commies, (T-fag…this is not a picture book…sorry) finishing up reading ‘The case of comrade Tulayev’. <—–This is what the left wants for anyone they deem an 'enemy'.

  11. She’s Hot! – Oh well, one more for the culling list.

    • dumpkaine

      Mika, I’m going to ask you a few questions. Squeeze my right thing for “yes”and my left thigh for “no”.

  12. hard to figure how Zbig spawned a daughter with the IQ of a carrot. Frau Benes must have been a complete idiot. Or at least a good-looking idiot.

  13. Her father is a Parisite, a one worlder. These people are the problem. The statement Made by her is purely the truth. perhaps the most truthful she’s ever made. Good looking, na she’s a scab, running on daddies connections.

  14. the murkins have gotten everything they so richly deserve…

    the 275 million are mostly poor, in debt, stupid, weak, lazy, unmotivated, under achievers, greedy, jealous, envious, fat, drunk, drug addicted, have piss ant go-nowhere jobs, drive clunkers, have fat dumb kids, have fat dumb stinky wives, live in squalor lined dumps, surrounded by junk yards and filthy dog shit and disgustingly filthy dogs- 20 feet off a highway, have no dreams, have no futures, and have no talents.

    but… they all have dish satellite and a 50+ inch teevee, along with smart phones and vile hep C tattoos.

    what a bunch of vermin.

    hurry up and die you G’damnd worthless losers.

    and NO you can’t have any $

    fuck off scum.

    • can’t forget the ever present long greasy hair, scraggly nasty beards, cigarette smoke breath/clothes, dirty finger nails, and lottery tickets.

      Jesus Christ.

      may God nuke murka. PLEASE.

      • How was your Independence Day? Did you shoot off some fireworks?

      • And don’t forget the suppurating pustule on the cankerous asshole of a Memphis boy whore that is the rotting corpse of that may once have been the soul of the definition of paranoid hatred that is known hereabouts as


      • you should tell us what you really think, “warlord of your own island”. in where, Lake St. Clair, the east side of Debt riot? I grew up in Detroit, too; boy; nice that once I moved to a better place you let the niggers, polacks, and kikes turn it into a shithole.
        Your ranting is better when you actually have something of worth to say, to add to the discussion; instead of your usual blather about your (imaginary) wealth, your boat, lakefront property, ad nauseum.
        Your infantile raging speaks volumes regarding what you DON’T have – morals, values, and – especially – class. I do admit, however, to finding you mildly humorous, in a vain glorious kind of way.
        I know – ‘get a job’, ‘suck ass’, ‘loser’, ‘cop sucker’… etc. “200 million”, and on and on… let me caution you, playboy, shit hits the fan and cops are gone?
        You die first. What’s the quote? Oh yeah… “your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe, get it?” No, I ain’t bluffing.
        We tire of you, joke. Add something worthwhile, or quit wasting bandwidth.
        You aren’t teaching us anything other than you’re an asshole.
        Shut the fuck up.

    • in defense of those 275 million, most have been brought up in liberal schools and by parents who took it easy on them rather than make them grow up with disciplne and respect; not like those parents and grandparents were raised; the 60s and 70s generations and those era governments really set in the pansies and welfare class that is so much of today.
      it’s hard for a lot of them to realize they’re going to be pathetic and parasites when no one expects anything of you.

    • You could move away from your trailer park and avoid all that. Of course, you’d have to leave your mom’s trailer.
      (But for you, desperate for any shred of attention, even derision from your imagined lessers, where would the narcissistic masturbatory fun be in that, right? When all you’ve got is a hammer, etc., etc.)

      Your ceaseless and feeble diaper-spackle throwing here every day, with the tired predictability of Tourette’s cross-pollinated with OCD, remind me of nothing so much as this skit, lived out in real life – or at least the digital approximation of it for you – except not nearly as funny:

      But if you were even 1% of what you fantasize yourself to be, you’d be far too busy enjoying life to have any time to fly your sociopath freak flag here; the most pathetic part, evident to the most casual reader here, is that you not only hate everyone else, you hate yourself. There’s simply no cure for that level of self-hate, especially once you realize you serve no purpose in the universe whatsoever except as a warning to others. You obviously need not worry about anyone else; the rest of the internet was probably over your ass-gas after the first 500 times you posted it, in just the first week. Don’t wait for the zombie apocalypse. Beat the rush, and suck start your pistol now.

      It will save you the unending butthurt that obviously consumes your every waking moment, humping your leg like a lovesick chihuahua on crack, and fills your days with perpetual rage as the whole world mocks and laughs at your psychotic ranting.

  15. Waiting in Idaho

    Cummie cont.

  16. Yawn. Until she does milf porn, I’m utterly dis-interested.

  17. She longs for the days of Walter Cronkite: “And THAT’S the way it is.”

    Fast forward to “We can fact check your ass”.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “She longs for the days of Walter Cronkite: “And THAT’S the way it is.””

      She wouldn’t have been allowed on the air back then. She’d just have been fetching coffee and being passed around by male reporters.

  18. I don’t think mika intentionally meant to say that, but if you know her father; you know that’s how she thinks.
    anyone not living on the west side in NYC and some parts of California is probably deplorable to her.