GoV: On The Rocks In Hamburg

National self-interest, or collectivist madness under either Red or Green or Black flags?

Both there and here, an essential question.

Answer TBD.

11 responses to “GoV: On The Rocks In Hamburg

  1. Despair..The Aryan nation of Germany lost it’s genetic lineage to WWI and WWII. The teaching of international diversity,globalism and anti-nationalism is a resounding success.I worked side by side with Germans for many years. Disciplined,intelligent,educated and capable. Flush centuries of culture,philosophy,art and superior genetic propensity down the fucking toilet.Welcome to the new and improved Germany. Soon to be another cesspool of diversity.The Polish and Hungarians will lead the way to a new renaissance? The atmosphere is perfect for a charismatic leader to emerge and lead Europe out of the darkness and despair. The Scots were always meant to be the benevolent leaders of the humans. The Scottish need to step up to the plate.Haggis for everyone.

    • i think you have germany confused with murka.

      and really the scotts are meant to be leaders?

      fucking drunks.

    • I live in Scotland and you can forget about Scotland stepping up unless it’s diaspora Scots who’ve maintained a strong national identity. The Scottish Nationalist Party are a left-wing social democratic globalist party that fully endorses all the failing political nostrums of today that you mention.

  2. Coming to your AO….and soon.

  3. no dog in this fight: anarcho-Reds vs. Judeo-globalists. Good stuff. The a-R’s use of urban terrain is worth a study though.

  4. HA, on point, learning to max you terrain is priceless. Understanding that Law enforcement is not effective in these scenarios is the golden lesson.

    15k police, and their reactionary, not progressive is a priceless lesson. The anarchist have zero rules and objectives achievable. The police are hindered by the very rules they enforce.

    The police are accountable for their actions. The anarchists have zero rules. They will achieve their objectives.


    • Northgunner

      “The anarchist have zero rules and objectives achievable.”

      Oh for the love of Mike!, those statist problem children running amok there and here AREN’T anarchists!! They’re nothing more than pathetic leg breaking wannabees (no different from the badged orcs of course)!!

      Yes I’m an anarchist and I DO have rules that I apply daily and live by, and my daily objective is to live my life as freely as possible in voluntary concert with other peaceable folk.

      The rules you ask?..simple:

      Zero Aggression Principal
      Earn my OWN way and not be a drain on others
      Let others be so that they can lead their own lives as they see fit (exception – moslems, none here..yet and I stay clear of the local statists..they let me be, I do the same for them..).

      I certainly don’t go out and act like a peeved 5 yr old throwing a tantrum in public by attacking other people and burning and breaking stuff.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • fuck the cocksucking pigs.

      what a bunch of lowlife parasitic scum.


  5. George Clooney has fled Europe after destroying it. 18 months after meeting with Merkel and demanding huge increases in migrants, he got what he was asking for, both barrels worth. The splatter of little Saphie Rose and her friends in Manchester freaked out Clooney and he hired some ex CIA to appraise the security of his palaces in England and on lake Como in Italy. They apparently read him the riot act. The ex agents told him they couldn’t protect him. They couldn’t even carry a pocket knife in England, let alone the firearms that were needed. Same in Italy. The ex agents told him his donated contributions had financed the importation of 100k screaming howling jihadists, each of them ready and trained, to splatter any non muslims. Clooney is selling all his cribs in Europe and has bought a place in LA. He is now hiding behind the Trump wall he so much derided. Beautiful lake Como, where he has a 110million dollar house, has been destroyed by the refugees. By the thousands, they piss, shit, fuck and fight all day and night on the streets, not that many blocks from Clooneys mansion. The locals are ready to shoot him for destroying their Eden.
    Clooney has personally financed the destruction of Europe and now he has run away from the horror, leaving everyone else to pick up the pieces (bodies). May God have mercy on his soul. He’ll get no mercy from us.

  6. The Reds/Greens/Blacks have achieved Lift-Off, No-One in Europe wants to stop them because they are the ultimate expression of Cultural Marxism and all of Europe’s leaders are passive Nihilists/Feminists and Cucks; r-Types of the first order. All the smart Europeans fled to America decades ago. Let Africa and Western Asia overwhelm Europe; those strong enough to swim westward will have earned a place here, in the Land of Washington. As for the rest that are engulfed in the coming Wagnerian holocaust… well there are non-nuke options that can turn Europe into a parking lot….again

  7. Quite funny to see a protest against the G20 when 18 of the 20 leaders probably agree with the protesters on most issues. Besides Putin & Trump, the only ones who disagree are the police in the middle, protecting the elite arm of globalism from its direct action arm.