The MVT Lite Fight Concept

The essentials, save for two.


And ongoing practice.

Git sum.

6 responses to “The MVT Lite Fight Concept

  1. wendystringer48088

    There is an upcoming Defensive Concealed Handgun class ( at Max Velocity’s training location in Romney, West Virginia Saturday July 22 – Sunday July 23 that is a good class for anyone who carries a gun for self defense that they still have several openings for.
    Cost is not cheap $450 pay by online secure credit card (
    You need eye and ear protection (of course), a good quality leather or kydex holster for your handgun, plus 800 rounds of ammo and either 6 double stack magazines or 10 single stack magazines for your gun.
    There is a safe, friendly and inexpensive local motel that people who are attending Max’s classes at VTC Romney stay at.
    Google map link to Romney West Virginia (to enter yor location and get driving directions to the town):,+WV+26757/@39.3469392,-78.7658697,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b57be1cdc463d3:0x56b2aca33d0d8819!8m2!3d39.3420431!4d-78.7566839
    I plan on going if there is enough people attending to run the class.
    Might be a good thing to do if you can spare the expense, make the drive and have that weekend free.

  2. wendystringer48088

    Cut, but forgot to paste. Second paragraph should be:
    “Cost is not cheap $450 but you get what you pay for and everyone who has attended said it was intense, professional, no BS and money well spent. So probably if you can’t make it to Thunder Ranch or Front Sight I think this would be the best thing.
    You can pay by online secure credit card (

  3. Sounds good for the young and spry door-kickers.

    My door-kicking (actually breach-charging) days are mostly over due to injury, so I guess a bunch of D-clips from a vantage point reaching a few hundred yards farther than a squirrel carbine would be my contribution.

    Might be slower-of-foot than a lot, faster than many, but that leaves me more time to think, and one of those thoughts led me to believe fire superiority is better than fire equity.

    That, and not having the funds for the newest whiz-bang equipment keep my pack-out a bit simpler. I figure if things get that bad, there should be enough battlefield pick-ups to round out the kit.

    A man has to know his limitations….

  4. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all but this is not enough gear to be comfortable in any situation unless the situation is find more gear. You will run out of ammo in about 60 seconds and have 50 lbs of easily identifiable BS on your person.

    and then your only move is to move. Which is bad because all attacking forces have one common factor; they are designed to move, dig in, fight, and repeat.

    I recommend at least 300 rounds of ammo. You will fire 120 rounds before you even figure out what’s happening. You have one bad night of shooting at shadows and you are effectively a POW(Best Case)

    For real this is what the Female Civil Affairs soldiers wore when they were cheating on their NeckBeard Husbands. Frankly that is all its good for.