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  1. That reading list has to be a bad joke./ S//

    • Pretty sure it was SWJ and not Duffel Blog.

      • The source is legit, but I’ve got to concur with the bad joke assessment.
        Most of that stuff kills trees by the trainload to make a bare few points you could fit on an index card. And that’s just the good selections.

        It’s clearly going to take a decade or more to unf*ck the .mil after all the shenanigans of the last administration, and their selection of PC-speak ass-kissing generals.

        If fate is very kind, we may have that long to do it, but I doubt it.

  2. Waxhawwarrior

    Here’s two that need to be added to the list, or more specifically were previously on the CIA shelf: Chalmers Johnson’s Dismantling the Empire (2010.) He points out the best of real journalism is Tim Weiner’s book Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA (2007.) It is all on the record and shows what an artificial oligarchy the US has had controlling the deep state. We can have a democracy or an empire, but we can’t have both.

    • What makes you think the plan was to have either one?
      Democracy and empire are both horrible bastardizations of the design intent, and horrible choices for any government.

  3. yeah riiiight.

    because those flakey overrated bags of crap have been sooooo effective wherever they infect- NOT.

    SF is as useless as a lump of shit on the floor.

    but they are GREAT at wasting my tax dollars by the pallet load.

    if anyone seriously counts on those turds in boots to help anyone besides themselves you are just as dumb as the rest…

    fuck them and fuck the rest of .govs orcs.

    what a joke.

    • Wouldn’t even let you unpack at Selection, huh?
      Shitcanned you before you even got off the bus??
      Envy is the bitterest of the deadly sins.

    • Told you no, didn’t they! lol.
      And that means that Weaponsman told you no, Not once, but twice even if you were to tally the proxy. Two times that would be. Wow, he really read your fine print for everyone, didn’t he?
      That must sting as bad as that first time you weren’t careful in the shower and got soap in your pecker-hole.
      Oh mighty cat stomping paragon of combat mercy.


    The only one on that list I have read is GHOST FLEET. It was a very mediocre rehash of Tom Clancy’s RED STORM RISING, which was an excellent read during our Cold War standoff with the Soviet Union. It gave me the impression that the only way to function in our modern “high-tech” .mil is to take uppers.
    I would be very suspicious of anything coming out of our literary “intelligensia” these days. The Vince Flynn novels about CIA Superhero Mitch Rapp, are very thinly-disguised pro-Deep State propaganda. Research the author, first. Retired colonel so-and-so was usually neck-deep in the MIC before he/she got involved in pro-Amerikan military fiction. I’ll stick with UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, and ATLAS SHRUGGED.

    • I’ve read Nothing to Envy. Good description of everyday life for the common North Korean. The purposeful starvation by political leadership and the extreme desperation of the people. Much like the Holodomor.

  5. SWJ, visit couple times a week. Usually very informative, a great tool for staying schooled. Their south of the border link is perhaps the best on the net, specific to Mexico, south. Very informative.