Hatespeech: EU Parliament President – African Exodus to Europe Threatens Disaster of “Biblical Proportions”


I thought a million or more uneducated, unemployable savages would make everything better.

Clearly waaaaacisss.

24 responses to “Hatespeech: EU Parliament President – African Exodus to Europe Threatens Disaster of “Biblical Proportions”

  1. Time to recolonize Africa. They cannot govern themselves. A total libtard fantasy that they could. Abolish the UN too. Either we get serious or we get dead.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Either we get serious or we get dead.”

      Given our elites, large wager on the latter, sadly.

    • Grenadier1

      Yes and no,
      They can govern themselves just fine, however what they need is a HUGE influx of western educated American blacks. Everything should be done to encourage the migration of American blacks BACK to Africa. We need to be talking up the idea of living like a KANG in Africa.

  2. The Marxist require the disruption and future votes for their philosophy to take root.

  3. The good news is that many European leaders(although mostly eastern-European) are starting to say enough now. If this can build fast enough and the muzzies will do their job of being muzzies and keep up the European attacks, the amount of countries that have to go thru a civil war to survive may diminish.
    Although, for Sweden, England, France and Germany; it’s going to be brutal as they’re dug in there.

  4. “I thought a million or more uneducated, unemployable savages would make everything better.”

    much much worse can be said about the Fusan population.

    fact is, 275 million useless murkin fucks need to be turned into organic fertilizer.

    failing to so will only cement everyone’s ultimate fate.. if you fit the description of a murkin(https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2017/07/08/bint/comment-page-1/#comment-231072) then i am talking to you.

    someone said if i really have it made like i say, i wouldn’t be so hating all the time.

    i say fuck you asshole, i mean A-sap.

    i’m tired as hell of…


    dealing with

    having to be exposed to

    guarding my valuables from

    being forced to lowest common denominator policy because of

    and generally having to breathe the same air as these G’damn cretins.

    they need to be exterminated for their own good.

    BONUS: no more need for parasitic cops to “police”.

    BTW i just brought in 40 tons of new beach sand to freshen things up a bit, and have applied for DNR permits to put in 6 new boat slips to accommodate 50 footers.

    hard times?


      • most likely NOT made in murka.

        the murkins have lost their creativity(and ambition) to beer, drugs, and teevee, and “dumb” phones. it was pretty bad back in the 90s and 2000s when i was running businesses- now it’s too far gone to save.


    • But, but….
      Aren’t DNR cops?
      How does it taste, kissing their asses and paying their retirements with your permit fees?

      • taste swell when i start making $15k extra a year for having more hot babes hanging out on their marks boats.


    • Sure you did. With your Tonka truck, in the sandbox out back, because there’s not enough room for you, and your bathtub flotilla, in the same tub.
      Looks like someone hacked your computer’s cam though:

      Thanks pantloads for proving the point of the masthead quote, day in and day out.

  5. No shit. What a bunch of dumb fuckers running that shit show.


  6. Northgunner

    Checked the pic as carefully as I could,..possibly only one or two women visible on the top deck..no bets on the rest below…

    All male, apparently in good health and well fed, definitely combat aged.

    “Ahoy there!! Nice boat guys,..be a real shame if anything happened to it (sound of closing the top cover to a deck mounted Browning .50 fed with API and charging the weapon as getting a proper bead) while you’re so far offshore…now ..where DID you say y’all were headed?..”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III


    The old cliche of: “He who laughs last, laughs best.” I am sure Enoch Powell, wherever he is, is chuckling and shaking his head. If you want to see more Schadenfreude, watch Paul Joseph Watson’s latest video, trashing that collectivist Hollywood hypocrite, George Clooney.
    It seems that Mr. Clooney has had an epiphany about Muzzie terrorists’ threats to his Manse in Jolly Olde England, and the “lake house” in Italia. He is relocating his Little Egypt, Fatima al-Douche or whatever the Muzzie bitch calls herself, and their whelps back to Los Angeles. Priceless.

    • Cloony, Damon, Bullock, Judd, and all the rest of the Hollywood shabbatz goyim say and do what their Jew paymasters tell them to say and do. If they refuse…no more shekels.

  8. ‘When people lose hope, they risk crossing the Sahara and the Mediterranean because it is worse to stay at home, where they run enormous risks.” Um….no……they are coming for welfare, free healthcare, white women, easy pickings on the local population, and more. I mean, what’s not to like, considering where they’re coming from? Don’t worry, nobody is thinking of employment with all of those European Benefits. Ask George Clooney if you can take over some of his estates to house the Africans. I hear that he is coming back to the USA so that his 2 babes will be safe from the immigrants that he and his wife Amal so love.

  9. Enoch Powell—A truly great statesman and Englishman.
    England hated him for his Rivers of Blood speech and called him a racist. Now England reaps the whirlwind of the twin devils of communism and islam—a curse upon their lives and the lives of their spawn.

  10. I thought The Camp of the Saints was just a dystopian novel, but it turns out it was a prophecy.

  11. ‘Today we are trying to solve a problem of a few thousand people, but we need to have a strategy for millions of people.’

    Suggested solution: Nuclear weapons

    • Northgunner

      “Suggested solution: Nuclear weapons”

      Use flamethrowers and interlocking lanes of fire from belt-feds to deal with the ‘survivors’…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • +1. We have big firesticks. Let’s use them before Little Kim does.

  12. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    My,…my,…my, we’re all starting to sound like “racists” aren’t we? The next thing ya know we’ll start saying Hitler was right! Don’t worry you wont say that. No not that. You don’t have enough balls for that. You’ll prep, run around doing tactical drills. That’s easy when bullets are only going in one direction. But you’ve been trained to never mention Hitler in a positive light. But your ready for the SHTF, oh yea, your man enough for that! You’ll save the Republic!
    Here , let me show you how this is done….. HITLER WAS RIGHT! communism is pure evil funded by Zionist New York bankers!…FACT!
    Hitler fought both!, FACT! Zionist bankers fund immigration invasions, FACT!
    This is how it’s done….”HITLER WAS RIGHT”…..AND I’LL PUT MY NAME ON IT…….