Lawmakers Introduce SHUSH Act To Classify Suppressors As Gun Accessory

Action for Monday.

Call your reps and urge its passage:

47 responses to “Lawmakers Introduce SHUSH Act To Classify Suppressors As Gun Accessory

  1. hummus abedin

    “Call your reps and urge its passage”
    You can’t be serious?
    You must be joking.
    The rule of law and equality of
    justice is long dead in America.
    The republican wing of the
    treasonous Uniparty is unwilling
    to repeal (not replace) bathhouse barry
    healthcare, but you expect those
    cucking douchebags to pass a law
    classifying suppressors as a
    gun “accessory”.
    “Call your reps and urge its passage”
    Can you hear it?
    That’s the sound of displaced air rushing
    into, between, and out of ears.

    • Make the 3 calls.

      Then bitch.

    • Damn-it hummus abedin! Do you want your freedom and liberty… or not?!

      Just think about it! If this passes… then you can “whisper” your way to liberty and freedom without being a crim-ah-nal! Well, there is that pesky “M” word. Never mind.

      • Northgunner

        ‘M’ word……
        Would that be….Motard?!
        If so, then one WILL be very busy applying the 4S’s in light of ‘Operation Motard Reduction’….

        Shoot ‘Em
        Shovel ‘Em
        Shut Up

        “You mus be velllly quiet…I hunting motards from rooftops…”
        -Zombie Korean Fudd

        Sat Motards!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Then do nothing. Just also shut the fuck up while you’re at it.

  2. Done. Let’s see if Congress can pull their heads out of their asses. I have little faith.

  3. Detroit III

    Pete, you contradict yourself like a teenage girl changes her.mind.

    You bloviate time and time again on how “voting doesn’t matter” yet now ask us to engage in the political process, a process you tell us doesn’t matter.

    Bipolar much?

    • Limited range of intellectual capability much?

      Facts matter.

      Energy input matters.

      What have you done that matters?

      Show your work.

      • Detroit III

        So voting DOES matter? I’m confused. Make up your mind for the love of God, if you believe in him.

          • It’ll pass or it won’t. Nobody here has anything their “representative” wants to change its “mind.” Regardless, “gun accessory” is a sane description. In any European gun store (yes, they do have gun stores in Europe) suppressors can be bought off racks of bubble packs of them.

            Hopefully it’ll pass. Then the “law” will kick in and it will be a decade before it goes to the Nine Headed Retard. Then, one way or another it will become Konstuhtooshunul.

            Keep voting.


        • What brand of paint do you prefer to huff? People who vote want to know.

  4. Check; less effort than pouring coffee. Prognosis: I have a rep who will go on knees & do whatever Pelosi tells him (don’t visualize, bad for the digestion), and a LGBTABCDEFG Senator who will do same (and probably also to Pelosi if she got the chance) & a Senator who’d like to put them all in jail who will support it.

    What would be helpful would be for a Trump DoJ to tell their ATF to STFU when they get collared to “weigh-in.”

  5. I write weekly to the losers, Oregon has fielded, to DC. Bunch a Peter puffing limp dicks. I’m hoping Walden supports this. Cans are critical for ear protection. I already have serious tinnitus issues, ” don’t we all” and the VA gave me a set of high end hearing aids, they accomplished two things, amplify the tinnitus, and I can now hear ants crawling down the hallway. No thanks.

    ALL my sniper grade rifles are suppressed, as are 6/7 of my m4s. I screwed up, actually ATF fucked us guys with TRUSTS. The new rules says if I want to add another suppressor to my trust, I have to go thru the new process, thus requiring my Trust, and the other route of LEO sign off, which isn’t a problem here, it’s the principal of the matter.

    I already own many cans, if this pass I’d like about 9/10 more for specific rifles.

    The crew I shoot long range with are all suppressed, it’s so so much enjoyable, it’s more social. The crew I do m4 work with are also suppressed, a huge difference at the end of the day.

    This change would literally be in the best interests of We The People.

    Please support this.



      Dirk: Peter-puffing limp dicks. As a former Oregonian, I could not have described these “men” any better. Thank you!

  6. Thomas T. Tinker

    So let the breeze blow between yer ears and pickUptheFreakingphone!!!!!!

    • Thomas, your comprehension is well behind the curve, I WRITE these shit bags weekly. Their’s an electronic trail. Phoning since Mike Lee, proposed this. No trail via phone, well othere then NSA.

      Ahh after rereading my above didn’t mention the phoning. Mi stand corrected.


  7. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Maybe, posspossiblcalling politicians could work one of these times- I’ll spend the few minutes it takes and make the calls.

  8. Number of things accomplished by babies siting in their diapers full of spackle and crying: zip.
    And if phone calls are too hard, imagine trying to get people to do anything harder than picking up a phone. (Which would be everything else.)
    That’s why you can’t have nice things anything.

    Calls made.
    Whether they can pull their heads out for the five minutes it’d take to pass this remains to be seen, but that’s their problem.

  9. who wants to wager some $ nothing will come of it?


    Bueller Bueller

    stand by for yet another false flag to distract the sheeple from regaining their sovereignty and keep the fear mongering and terror threat going full steam.

    this is getting too easy.

    meanwhile, I got one of my vintage Chris*Crafts ready for splash today.

    life is GOOD- for me.

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    These proposed laws are mere “dog bones” being tossed to the 2nd Amdendment crowd…. nothing but dog treats.

    How about some real legislation upholding the 2nd Amendment?

    How about a Federal Action to uphold the 2nd Amendment? –how about some federal action to overturn all of these crazy states (like California, NJ, New York and the rest of them) who think they can ban certain types of weapons, magazine capacities and so forth.

    Why not on a Federal Level render all of these laws into the dustbin?

    I do not see where the Bill Of Rights can be altered or modified simply by steping over an invisible state line. Where does it say in the Bill Of Rights or the other articles of the constitution that states may modify, alter or changes said rights–accoriding to “states rights?”

    It doesn’t FYI.

    Strike down all of these gun laws in one bill–right down to the Sulivan Act in New York City in one piece of legislation.

    And include in this legislation CCW reciprocity across state lines as well as suppressor possession as well.

    This is what the NRA should be pushing right now with this allegedly sympathetic house, senate and president…. not their CCW reciprocity horse shit (which is only a boon to their NRA sponsored CCW course–which are a mini-industry to themselves).

    Think about this.

    • 100% AGREE!

      • Northgunner


        And while we’re at it also TOTALLY nullify NFA ’34 and GCA ’68 and every other feral, state and local anti-human bit of legal trash that slithers under the heading of ‘gun laws’!!!

        What’s that I hear?..some folks are mangina wingiing, “buu..buu. felons, and mentally ill and lions and tigers n bears, oh my!!”

        Listen folks, if you can’t KEEP drugs out of prisons (worked as a guard at one for 5 years)..and you CAN’T!!..what makes you think that you’ll be able to keep other people that you don’t want to have them from having them because of a parasite’s scribble on a piece of toilet paper that’s been blessed by another parasite in drag wearing a black dress?

        There’s parasite ‘unicorn land’ and then there’s reality!

        There are more good people than bad; only about 4% are a feral problem..and no half of those are narcissistic sociopaths WHO gravitate to and become the parasite class (smaller number gravitate to their badged orcs) make total sense to be able to own and posess WHATEVER you damn well want!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • Northgunner

          And because CA asked nicely, YES, I will make the calls out of respect to him.

          You’re welcome buddy!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

    • True, but it’s liberal progressive states restricting their citizens rights. I suspect hat should this gain traction, those same states will try and suppress those rights aswell.


    • Northgunner

      Well,..isn’t that special…

      An ‘articulate’ (save for the profanity spoken) Dune Coon laying it out for all to see what he and his fellow moslems are really like…

      The only way to deal with such feral motards (moslem or otherwise) is silent, swift death and then throw their worthless carcasses off the nearest pier after being suitably fitted with appropriate Portland ‘work boots’.

      ‘Operation Motard Reduction’ on his and all their moslem asses!!

      Shoot ‘Em
      Shove ‘Em Overboard – (They DON’T deserve to be buried!!!…why pollute one’s land with their decaying filth??!!)
      Shut Up

      Oh and give him and the rest a deliberate shot to the crotch…they’ll be hard (no pun intended) pressed to accuse someone of ‘having no balls’…remember to use a pig tallow bullet lube too…moslems won’t ‘go to their heaven with virgins’ if they’re killed from a wound that has had anything from pigs in it.

      It worked for ‘Blackjack’ Pershing when he dealt with them!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Here’s someone on Youtube who deserves to have his face pounded into strawberry jelly with Mauser rifle butts. Wishful thinking–please, Jesus, pretty please!!

  11. Word has it that this bill was introduced to push “RINO” congressmen to vote for the Sportsman’s bill that included the hearing protection act. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

    Pushing these bills forward by our requesting our congressmen to sign on as co-sponsors is a good thing that takes very little effort.

    Get busy.

    • “Pushing these bills forward by our requesting our congressmen to sign on as co-sponsors is a good thing that takes very little effort.”

      So a “good thing” is someone else doing something that you prefer? Noted…that was the point of that simple IFF. Someone was wondering.

      Oh, it “takes very little effort.” That too is an interesting reason to do something. American?

  12. Big Artie

    Never Will Happen. NEVER

  13. I will call. I think its a stretch that politicians who are already realizing the game has changed (see scalise) are gonna vote for something thay might directly impact their golf game. However I still want to exhaust every means possible before this goes hot. That and ive already done some damage. I fired a twelve guage basement once as a yute, so I.should be both deaf and dead.

    • Northgunner

      Oh, you mean like the fictional account in Matt Bracken’s first book where Ranya dealt with a traitorous pol out for his golf game with her suppresed Center Contender?…

      Parasites gotta parasitize
      Traitors gotta traitor
      moslems gotta moslem their islam
      Dindus gotta dindu

      So what else is new under the sun?

      It’s all how one deals with the above…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • “It’s all how one deals with the above…”

        Hmm, that IFF again. You say it’s about how a person chooses to deal with what he’d like to change, eh? So how come everyone’s talking about what they want someone else to do?

  14. Dick Baker

    As an old Mortarman, I wish they’d had a shush-er on those damn things. Having lost most of my hearing and Tinnitus obscuring the rest; I say, hell yeah, approve them bad boys!!!

    I’d also like to know where the ‘bring back’ of the M1 Rifles and Carbines is . . . seems to me El Zippo banned ’em with a ballpoint,
    I’d like to see Trump call BS and let ’em ship, with HIS ballpoint.

    And finally, I wish to hell all those Scribblers of Screeds would, once
    and for all, own up to the one true fact that those dipshits on the Left
    are not merely misguided, not merely ill-informed, not merely ‘social
    do gooders’ but dyed in the fuckin’ wool enemies of this Republic of
    long standing. Nobody is ever gonna reason those bastards out of
    there murderous intention. Ever.

    Every Communist nation had its hard core of true revolutionaries, surrounded by the soft fat of stupid shits thinking they had a handle on things. That is who the Politicians are, the Media are, the intelligentsia are, and the holster sniffers are. I don’t believe any of
    them are ‘self deluded’ Pollyannas who mean well. They’re fuckin’
    murderous cockroaches itchin’ to hang you on a meat hook.

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