Suppress This Information And Any Disseminators Forthwith

The Cost Of Black America


Go introduce your granddaughter to a sub-Saharan African in penance.

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  1. Shhh don’t mention these facts it might offend someone… People don’t like truth if it makes them uncomfortable and they will call you all sorts of names;)…They won’t face it until it eats them…Sad That…

  2. Northgunner

    Talk about a -0.0 net result!!!

    And the parasitic class since kennedy in ’65 have been loving every second of it!!

    Now add the civilization destroying moslem hijra here (how MANY scumolis bring in their ‘sisters/cousins’ along with their ‘wife’ and then begin turning where they’re ‘resettled’ into ‘Little Mogadishu’?!?..and that’s not even taking about ‘Dearbornistan’ or ‘Isamberg’).

    When I order Matt’s new ‘Kick the moslem!!’ book I’ll think I’ll also put in an order for Taleeb Starke’s book, “Uncivil War: Blacks vs. Niggers” at the same time.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Northgunner

      Per the pic,
      “Nice couple of bottles of booze you got there ray-ray, a real shame if you took a tumble out in the parking lot and shattered them all against your gut because your drawers went squirrelly around your ankles..but hey, all that alcohol SHOULD disinfect all those cuts, right? Now what you do to get all that broken glass out that’s wedged into you?, that’s your problem..what’s that, some of the glass cut ya further down?..consider it a ‘free vasectomy’!!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  3. Relating to the linked article. If enough blacks knew what the Hispanics were taking and largely taking from the pie they were taking from, there would not be one illegal in the country and blacks would be manning the border.
    But the moral to that article is if you are under probably 40 and white, you can forget thinking you’ll have a great retirement someday as your assets will be taxed and voted from your possession when whites are minorities thanks to the liberal mindset, even though life in most of the world is better than it was 75 years ago largely because of white americans.


      Truth. It’s what is for dinner. Look at The Land of Lincoln. Income taxes are increasing by 32%. Get ready for the exodus. The pony-tailed, cosmic-white Marxist, tofu-eating, Prius drivers will be leading the charge. They will swarm over another white, relatively free red state and turn it blue, or at least purple. I am living with the results of what the above-described Kalifornians have done to Rawles Land.

      • Except those “Kalifornians” are really just the last herd of locusts that left NFY, Chicongo, Failadelphia, Baltimoron, and Debtroit one step ahead of the SJW Posse to tag up in the Golden State, before moving on to befoul the next stop after ruining this one.
        They’re as “Kalifornian” as Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer are.
        As Casey Stengel said, “you could look it up”.
        And ask Texas how that’s working out for them around Austin, or those in Colorado anywhere.
        When folks get tired of retreating, maybe try digging in instead of voting with their feet. The term for that in WWI was “French Leave”. White flags optional.

    • It’s an ambient IQ problem. Well- documented.

  4. We let it happen. This would start a war if we had any balls at all.
    Sorry about the inheritance kids…
    but, niggers and shit.

  5. Good article- but the best comment was;
    “The full hidden cost of diversity (along with the prohibition on self-assertion) is that Whites are forced to cede their public space and create a parallel worlds in which they can breathe.”
    I find myself doing the same thing. My nearly all white city is breathlessly waiting to jump to the other side of the freeway with new developement. Plenty of section 8 housing is planned. Right now, the folks from Oak Park and South Sac have to drive several freeways to steal the solar lights out of my front yard, rip the mail out of the box, and drive around looking for open houses while the owner walks the dog. Won’t be long until the this same group will have less of a commute. The parks are clean and hommie free right now but I can see that this will be changing. Old Town Folsom is fun and safe, but the knife fights at the local bars are on their way. And the race baiters are just overwhelmed with the dream of diversity for our area.
    Yep, time to plot my escape.

  6. That’s going to leave a mark on some people when they read it.

    • If the race hustlers keep pushing for reparations, they’re going to have a shocked look of surprise on their faces when they get their wish, and get presented with a bill, instead of a check.

      But to be fair, the above only applies if you’re one of the 48% or so who actually pays taxes in the first place, rather than the slight majority who, annually, pay nothing, many of whom get a refund from those who did.

      And if you’re part or the top 5% that pays more than 60% of the tax burden, you’re actually paying a much bigger wad of cash than $300K (which means the average white taxpayer is paying over vastly less than $300K/lifetime – probably closer to $100K, bad enough as that is).

      We won’t even talk about the cost to the entire society across two generations and counting when affirmative action is factored in, and you populate college admissions, and both public and private entities with hordes of second- and third-rate candidates, because they were hired for their skin color instead of their abilities.

  7. Mr. Frosty

    I simply don’t wish to pay for someone else’s disfunctions. If that makes me a “hater” then so be it.

  8. Mountain Cracker

    Something has to give…or be taken back. When and how need to start resolving or we will be lost. It’s already probably too late for Europe.

  9. Okay, I’m sick of all this diversity and I never signed up for it. How do I get a refund?

  10. Do these numbers represent the cost of incarceration for the minority ner do wells?
    Oh. I forgot. Prisons are unjust, and when they no longer exist there will no longer be prisoners or a cost to detain them.
    Never mind.

  11. This government policy didn’t descend from outer space, it was voted for by the controlling majority of Whites.

    • Grenadier1

      Oh but you have to forgive them for that, they were tricked by those dastardly Scooby Jews. They didnt know what they were doing, its all those Scooby Jews fault.

  12. The 800lb gorilla in the room. Truth is politically incorrect. Paging George Orwell….

  13. 275 million lowlifes need to go.

    black white brown red yellow

    a lowlife is a lowlife is a lowlife

    once these useless shitstains are dead. i look forward to enjoying America one day- again…

  14. a follower

    So it would seem, content of character means nothing?
    What hive do you belong too?

    • The MLK formula regarding content of character has not been utilized. Tribal distinctions are the operative mechanism – see, e.g., affirmative action.

      So be it.

      • So true. The content of a white man’s character is never considered before he’s randomly sucker punched.

        Bob Lee Swagger- “Now, I didn’t start it, but be sure as hell I mean to see it through.”
        Sarah- “What are you going to do?”
        Bob Lee- “Exercise my right to bear arms.”

        • a follower

          Seems to me singling out any race as a collective organism is a sucker punch. The ones who do this most likely will scream about their own individuality the loudest though.

      • MLK would probably be sad to see what has been done in his name. “Content of character” is how I’ve tried to live with those around me. Unfortunately, whiteness of skin is apparently the only thing non-whites see when looking around for someone to blame for their problems.

        • MLK was a communist race-hustler who delivered his people over to the family-destroying, community-destroying, values-destroying, dependency-creating Jew welfare-illfare state. Now, the Jew MSM snaps its fingers…and the Blacks leap at the throat of the Whites.

      • a follower

        i do not believe content of character is just a MLK thing.
        i do appreciate the Quote once again, ” Everyone, by their words and deeds, is a teacher. Some teach how to behave; other teach how not to behave.”
        Yet so many do not seem to grasp the clues?
        Have a good one CA.

  15. “I dunno kid, my parent’s generation felt it uncesssary to preserve their own rights and freedoms. I wonder myself at times what freedom is all about. I’ve never seen it.”

  16. Quoting myself:
    “Sometimes the Truth IS racist.”

  17. There are really only two races: the Volk (people) and Uentermenschen (subhumans). Everybody decides which race they belong to by their life choices. Those who treat other
    people as humans are humans (Volk). Those who eschew the values of civilized humanity are subhumans (Uentermenschen). There – wasn’t that easy?

  18. The linked article is true but fails to even account for white flight. Whites must pay $500,000 for $200,000 house to live in “good school district” away from black people to avoid sending white kids to school with black kids. And dad must commute extra 40 minutes for the “privilege.” Another hidden tax on whites.


      That is what built up Orange County, CA in the seventies. White flight from LA County happened because of busing. Everyone moved to the new white neighborhoods in Lake Forest and Mission Viejo. Dad bought a Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, or Datsun 510 and commuted up the I-5 or I-405 to Ubangi/Vato-Loco Land to work. Sad but true.