Do Not Read This Post, Let Alone Contemplate Its Downstream Consequences

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16 responses to “Do Not Read This Post, Let Alone Contemplate Its Downstream Consequences

  1. Is this what is meant by “unassumed white privilege”?
    Fuck’em. Fuck’em’all. Let the poor little snowflake whiners get up and DO something positive to build themselves UP, instead of something negative to tear everyone else DOWN.

  2. in reality the whites are the most envious of them all.
    i can’t go anywhere or invite anyone over without them them becoming envious. how many people have a basketball court and gym in their loft bedroom? or multiple vintage cars and boats in their barn? i won’t even get started on my other collections. it will make you envious.

    oh, i’m not even white.

    i totally understand how the elites feel.

    it’s not healthy to have the alcohol and drug fueled debt ridden poor running about unsupervised- they get st00pit thoughts… it’s best to eliminate them altogether IMO.

    • Seriously, why not regale us with the tales of your backyard pyramid, where semi-naked women who can’t help but worship you serve you peeled grapes and fan you with ostrich-feather plumes?
      It would be no less recockulous than your Walter Mitty fantasms.

      Someone else called it: you just come here as an exhibitionist, to suck yourself off. (Which in your case is impossible any way but metaphorically, doubtless.)
      You can even change hands once in awhile, but it still makes you just a sad little jerk-off. With hairy palms.

      And without even an 18 year-old Phoebe Cates as an excuse.

      Tell us the one where you were a ninja for the CIA, and killed a whale with your combat knife.


    Mr. Sobran was indeed a man of honor. The slimy, craven hypocrites at National Review threw him under the bus because he was not part of their Zionist Amen Corner.

    • Sobran (along with Revilo Oliver) had the courage to Name the Jew precisely when Buckley was selling-out to Podhoretz et al. And the Jews aren’t a “member” of the “League of Designated Victims”. (((They))) invented and run it.

      Buchanan and Derbyshire, BTW, thought that implying but NOT naming the Jew would save them from Podhoretz et. al. Nope, didn’t work.

  4. Grenadier1

    Christ there is a lot of autistic drooling in the comments of that post.

    I do however like the comment about ELDER brothers.
    It is common for the eldest brother to be responsible for the continuation of the family. The future of the family falls onto him both in terms of genetics as well as financial. The other siblings are free to assume other roles and are often the source of disappointment.
    I think this tracks very well with Western society and in many ways with Asian society in terms of their relationship to the rest of the world.

  5. Oy vey!

  6. ghostsniper

    They hate us because of our superiority.

    Use a Leup so you can shoot them over there instead of bayoneting them over here.

    I mean, if you gotta get your hands dirty do so with powder blowback and Hoppes 9 rather than corrosive and diseased 2 legged animal blood.

  7. A friend of mine is about to start marketing (via Cafe Press, most likely) T-shirts printed with an image of an European cathedral and the legend:

    Building Western Civilization Since 1000 B.C.

    I expect it to sell very well.

    • Please send a link when available.

      You waaaaaciss.


      • let’s see.

        the Romans were what?

        the Conquistadors were what?

        I just happen to be both.

        and they certainly weren’t white.

        me thinks the anglos are full of themselves.

    • More like ‘Building Civilization since 10,000 BC’ (at least), but who’s counting.The ‘western’ part is superfluous. Good idea though.

    • Closer to 5,000 years and they mostly weren’t white. The more fascinating tidbit is that they pulled it off with a single underlying epistemological premise—“If you believe it, it exists.”

      Works to this day. That’s why it’s called “civilization.”

      • Stick to the high school history paradigm if you want. Google Gobekli Tepe just for a tiny intro.