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Memes are waaaaacisss.

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  1. murka is nothing but a cheap used up whore.

    let her burn.

  2. Mr. Trump has given a clarion call of defiance and alarm.

    Mr. Sensing has spoken to the decaying paradigm of demographics…. so la fin du cycle.

    Fuck! demographics. Literally. When people have hope, they have children. That is the but one of the many reasons for the social decay and economic depredations instituted by left these many decades.

    When people are threatened with extinction, recognize the threat and have that realization validated by a speech like Trump’s, they are empowered to deal with the threat… by any means necessary.

    That’s why those folks in Warsaw cheered so mightily for that speech.

    Just as in the last election, Trump had the audacity integrity to say what has been verboten for so long, and which everyone wants to say, and especially to hear someone in power say loud and clear!

    • fuck dumpf

      another banker sucking whore just like this country.

      why is it so hard for the morons to see this simple and blatant fact?

      G’damn the murkins are dumb.

      275 million broke dumb asses should be packing for the long BUH BYE.

  3. a follower

    people are waaaaacisss . Memes lead people to expose themselves. Or is it pack mentality?
    For some reason the last few years when i thought of tribe, i did not associate a certain color to tribe>

  4. excellent image. WRSA always sets a high standard. Keep up the great work!

  5. “Welcome back my friends,to the show that never ends…”My wife reminds me of the previous arrangement, we the people had with aristocrats and royals. Enough food and shelter to do the work necessary to keep the royals standard of living where they desired it to be.No recourse,mediation or discussion. A royal decision,made and enacted.If you didn’t like it or agree with it,tough shit. Do your work or die.We seem to have the same arrangement now with the boys in blue,FBI,IRS and other assorted agencies doing the “royals” bidding.It is a big club and you ain’t in it.

  6. John in Indy

    And look at the example cartoon.
    ALL the attackers are WHITE EUROPEAN MEN!!
    See – those evil Republicans really DO want to destroy it all. /SARC
    John in Indy

  7. Word in the wind is Alex Jones has a $20,000 bounty up for best mime. Does that bounty still stand because I’d like to collect.
    Check me out, comment no2….


    Any of you Yankees or Johnny Rebs wanna partner up with a crazy Kiwi for a fistful of dollars hit me up over at HMS Crusader Rabbit

  8. Remember this?

    I remember watching a movie about it when I was
    a young boy:

    semper vivium