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  1. Who remembers President Truman reference to the good for nothing, do nothing Republican Congress? That was in 1948. Republicans are still a do nothing congress under it’s past and present leadership!

    • actually, the Republiscams have done plenty, all of it evil. They don’t just consolidate (((socialism))), they regularly expand it and have done so from Eisenhower onward.

      *securing the New Deal: Republicams.
      *destroying Senator McCarthy” Republiscams.
      *”affirmative action”: Republiscams.
      *de-backing the dollar: Republiscams.
      *mass legalization of illegals: Repubiscams.
      *”hate crime” laws: Republiscams.
      submission to (((neo-conz)): Republiscams.
      9/11: Republiscams.
      “War on Terror”/”Patriot Act”” Republiscams.
      TSA/DHS, etc.: Republiscams.
      Romney-alias-“Obamacare”: Republiscams.


  2. more distraction from reality?

    that’s the best the right can do?

    no wonder they are losing.

    CNN is not the head of the snake.

    Hint: (((Federal Reserve Bank)))

    focus people. FOCUS.

  3. “Republicans have never actually decreased the size of government.”

    Why would they want to decrease the size of government? Self-destruction is an abnormal human trait, at least for anyone with half a wit.

    Thus may we conclude that most serts don’t have half a wit. Freest country in the history of countries and still they seek more serfdom, and so their self-destruction. And when the untold millions die from it, all we’ll hear from the surviving serfs is this…”Gee, I wonder what happened.”

  4. “Righty tighty – Lefty loosy”
    “A fight, a fight – A lefty and a right”


  5. “Republicans have never actually decreased the size of government.”
    They did actually, Harding and Coolidge. But that was a century ago, damn little good from them since.