Mosby: Establishing Hard Standards

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Extremely important thinking for team training.

Even more so for team planning.

Your team is only as capable as it is – right now.

Plans premised on any other assumption are doomed.

What are your capabilities?

And what are those of your team?

24 responses to “Mosby: Establishing Hard Standards

  1. Oh no TeeFat, it’s almost as if someone stole YOUR workout photos that you had on the webz and then posted them as your own!
    Since we’re on the subject, between all that boating and posting and mother may I permit filling out that you do, what sort of workout does an Island Warlord who’s incredibly wealthy and does what he pleases (except build a boat dock) do? (Hint, don’t lie, because we’ll Know, gimpy).

  2. LOL

    i’ll bet $ no one here can perform that drill even without a time limit.

    • kay_de_leon

      I’ll take that bet at any price you like.

      How much you wanna donate, my man?

      • film it.

        how about $20,000.?

        $ up front in cash or or shut up.

        • kay_de_leon

          I guarantee I can find someone to put up the bitcoin for that. For 20,000 I’d be happy to film it, and run it again for you in person once we cash out. Do you have a preferred betting service to hold the money in escrow? Does work for you?

          No kidding. Never made 20k working out before!

          • nope CASAH

            and I’ll perform the same drill

            at 54 years old.

            make it happen

          • oh. and if i beat your time you owe me another $5000.

            sound right?

            after all, i’m just a tired old man.

            • The bet was that no one could do it correct…Your quote was in case you can’t scroll up was…
              “i’ll bet $ no one here can perform that drill even without a time limit”
              Kay said he could do it and now you want to Welsh on it…That’s poor taste, I thought at least you were a man…

              • well fuck you

                pissant workerboy

                go earn your pay.


              • hey asshole re-read it

                “$ up front in cash or or shut up.”

                you’re as dumb as the rest of the white population.

                my whole point was, you people are poor. you don’t have $20k in cash. most of you will never even see that much $ in cash..

                whenever someone talks their shit, i say put your money where your mouth is, because the truth of the matter is, you don’t have any money. and this young boy starts talking about bitcoin… jeeze you people are fucking stupid.

                bitcoin? really?

                G’damn the murkins are dumb.

            • Team tfA-t:

              Warlord Of The North In Da House

              • scumbag loser

                • Did you have an iron clad guarantee like me that back when you were washing smashed bug asses off of rigs, TeeFat?
                  You gimpy old trashmouth, your cakehole is writing all sorts of checks your ass can’t cash.

                  How about you show all of us a video. Either you complete the challenge or film yourself stuffing money up your own ass. I don’t need either you or it

                  Selection Failure. Again!

            • kay_de_leon

              Changing the bet, now, but that’s okay. I dont keep 20k in cash sitting around, as i feel like that’s a bad way to store wealth and I’m not so rich that I could afford not to invest that kind of money. How would we even handle the logistics if we are dealing in ‘show me the cash’?

              Anyway. Since you’re suddenly not so sure that everybody reading this is so incapable, and now that you won’t stick to what you said originally, I’ll do it as a straight up challange. Happy to record it. I wonder if the gentleman that runs this site would publish our results. He would have my permission to post the time and video.

              Probably nobody would care, but as you are up here talking all this shit, day in, day out, I wonder if you would like to prove what a total world beating badass you are. I’ll do it this weekend, regardless. If there is any interest, let me know.

              • oh fuck you too

                jesus christ.

                grow up son

                the bet stands as i say.

                now run along and count your returnables…

                • Which time you said? It keeps changing the more you talk.

                  • scumbag loser

                    • This is by far the weakest from you yet. Motherfucking shameful. I thought you Mediterranean types had pride or something in your blood? Fuckola, even I almost feel bad for you. Poor little fella.

                • kay_de_leon

                  Nah, man. That post was about how I’m down to record my time, and see if you were man enough to do the same. But no, you’re just a guy talking shit. The only other person I know that talks as much shit as you has aspergers. Put up or shut up, big guy.

  3. Only need a hundred yards and a few markers, some ammo cans… easy to set up and fun to do. Did stuff like this in the Army. It was tough but was fun. If you’ve got the space, add a rifle shooting drill at the end.

  4. Matthew Wilbanks