MVT: DBAL IR Laser/Illuminator Raffle

$50/tix for a chance at an $850 prize.

Plus help a good cause.

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  1. What’s different about this DBAL? Is it a I or a II?


    • This is the 9007 Steiner part number DBAL-I2/PEQ2 that has the IR laser and the IR illuminator, NO VISIBLE LASER on this model.

      Steiner put these out about 2 years ago. The full item description is here-

      • Grenadier1

        Ah I commented before your reply Max thanks for the clarification.

      • Thanks Max, could us another one.

        As you well know to physically own the night this kit is critical. Truly a force multiplier, at the end of he day it’s an investment, ” unless you win this” the DBAL, 900.00 a T-1 Reddot, set up for IR, 700.00 and a PVS14 with a TM14 mount at 3k plus.

        Toss in a decent rifle and the pucker factor is getting real. I have this setup on two Colt 6940 monolithic m4s, topped off by gem tech suppressors. A fucking lethal combo.

        Like to share what I’ve learned. The Colts are second to none in the m4 world. It’s the rifle all the other m4s want to be. However they have some minor inconsistencies.

        The fore grips is short, not a lot of real estate for poggy bait, mod kit. Needed stuff. Add a good tac light, and it becomes a fumble fest, without much grip room.

        Did the logical thing and built two more from scratch, using what I consider to be tier 1 kit.

        I’m a big fan of LMT and VLTOR stuff, very innovative. I was able to source some VLTOR lowers, which are rare. I always use the VLTOR MUR-1 uppers, their rock solid, theirs a reason Noveske and other manufactures run these MUR-1 uppers.

        Also like the VLTOR case el, fore grip. The fact that this for grip physically bolts to the pictinny of the upper receiver actually adds strength, kinda like the monolithic systems. Their smoother and bigger . The rigidity makes for a straighter shooting stick.,

        Troy industry hooded sights inward like the HK 416 sights. Currantly running a Noveske Swithblock for suppressed non suppressed shooting.

        Noveske ” 14 Afgan barrels, with the gem tech birdcage and the G5 titanium can.

        have gone to the LMT newer three hole bolt carrier group. That coupled with the heavy buffer spring is magic. Slows the dwell time down for reduced recoil” Just very very smooth.

        Most of my m4 triggers are straight shoes,this rifle is using the CMC cartridge trigger, at two pounds, I think.

        Magpul furniture raptor charging handle. The Troy sights are night sights.

        I mount a T-1 red dot, with enough room to apply a pvs14 mount, behind it it’s a tm14 mount, the co witness from red dot optic to pvs14 is zero zero, nuts centered.

        The DBAL II sits right in front of, and just below the T-I red dot, on the full length pictinny. Lots of thought needs to go into mountains the DBAL, I loop my thumb over the barrel, which fouls the IR from time to time.

        A IR flashlight sites on the port side of the case-el, I run the wire to the right forward side, and mount the DBAL and the IR light pressure pads next to each, for one finger engagement.

        These rifles are set up for night creeping, I don’t have a white/red light on the rifles, don’t want an ad, under pressure.

        This setup works well, for me. I will be shit canning the switch block, I don’t trust it, as it’s not a ” pinned” device. Gong back to a standard VLTOR gas block.

        I like running a sure fire 60 as my first mag, never had a failure to fire mag caused. These lowers are not flailed, like my Noveske lowers. The flailed mag well will not except the sure fire 60 round mags.

        Hope this helps somebody trying to figure it out.


        • wendystringer48088

          Now I’m really confused…

          (My set up: $300 PSA Upper w/ BCG + CH + $150 PSA Lower + FFL transfer + Magpul BUIS + Inexpensive Bushnell Red Dot sight with riser mount co-witnessed to the BUIS and front sight post + standard sling + tactical rifle case from Midway USA ,and the other AR is the same except for instead of BUIS and red dot scope I mounted a Bushnell cross hair reticle scope and a medium riser and scope rings on the top).

          I guess some of us are on tighter budgets…

      • I’m in, where, how do I send my 50.00.


    • Grenadier1

      At that price point its probably an I2. Its probably the one that is only a visible laser and and IR laser and actually does not have the IR illumination.

  2. they are only $850.?

    less trouble and stress just buying one or two…

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    Wow!! A “laser illuminator” at 50 hondos per ticket!!!

    Jeeze sign me up for five (not).
    Let’s see now–how many J-dams can I expect to call in???? –hummm?

    Hey–if the cash were going to that Oath Keeper who was stabbed 9 times, I’d be in to this up to my knees… otherwise count me out.

    • Grenadier1

      Allow me to illuminate you, because you are showing a slight ignorance on the gear in question.

      I have a DBAL.
      Its not used to call in an airstrike.
      Its used to do two things.
      Its an Infrared laser pointer as well as an Infrared illuminator.
      In this context illuminator means flashlight.
      This device is used in conjunction with Night Vision optics. When you mount the NVG on a head mount, it is almost impossible to line up the NVG with any type of optic or sights on a rifle. So the IR pointer is used just like your visible red laser only you cant see it unless you have the NVG’s on. You fire the rifle with a chin weld and looking through the NVG at the dot.
      Similarly the illuminator is used to provide additional light for the NVG to function. Gen 1 and Gen 2 NVG’s really need a separate IR light source to function as best they can.
      So its used to compliment your NVG’s, something that every serious FREEFOR guy should invest some money in.

    • This is an IR pointing laser for target engagement with night vision, such as PVS-14. This illumination portion is simply an IR flashlight. This is not an illumination for ‘painting’ targets for close air support. It is a PEQ2 civilian version of what the military use.

      If you click though and read the post, you will see it is about the raffle,but it is primarily a fundraiser for an MVT Team House at the VTC. So it is a fundraiser that benefits MVT current and future students by giving them a free place to stay for class. If you have no interest in any of this then clearly you will have no interest. It was kind of Pete to put the post up here, but there is a large component on non-training-angry-blog-commenters here. As opposed to steely eyed liberty focused armed citizens training at MVT to be truly dangerous to their enemies. And tfA-t.


      • Max, not to pick hairs, but originating from U.K. I had hoped you would recall that royalty and island warlords and truck wash magnates should always be referred to first.
        Therefore, Tfat and steely eyed liberty focused armed citizens.
        Best to you and yours, sir.

        • i was making $1000.- $2000. a day in CASH when i was 25.

          how about you? NO?


          • Dealing drugs? I was never motivated by money. Challenge and excellence, and service, yes.

            Gimme your money. Pay for the raffle. Come training. Good libertists (TM) want this team cabin to make their training experience better.

            Are you on anyones side or just trolling everything? Put your money where your mouth is. Can you walk the walk? I want to see you hauling your fat ass up the MVT rnages, learning excellence.

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            Sincerely, hugs.


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  4. Disregard, got one out, it’s the two. Just a reminder, don’t store these DBALS NODS or red dots with batteries in them long term, they corrode and fuck up the electronic connections.


  5. Or you could just buy one outright, and save up for the NOD.

    Being able to play “put the bullet on the dot”, in the dark, at several hundred yards, sort of takes all the fun out two way ranges…for what/whoever you’re aiming at.

  6. Robert/JRH

    This is the Steiner 9007 model DBAL-I2 (that’s an “I” as in India with a 2 after it, it’s not “12” as in the number twelve). Their are multiple variants of the I2 model, this is the 9007 model that has an IR laser for aiming and an IR illuminator. There is NO VISIBLE laser on this model. Many folks- myself included that bought the DBAL models that have an IR laser and a visible laser have found that often times you don’t get a lot of use out of the VISIBLE laser component. I’ve had a red visible/IR laser DBAL on one of my rifles for about 6 years now and I’ve only used the visible laser once or twice but the IR laser a ton of times.

    So basically they took out something you might not have used much (the visible laser) and put in something you will likely use- an IR illuminator in it’s place, along with the IR laser for aiming. I got one of these about 2 years ago and I absolutely love it.

    Hope that clarifies the water a bit.
    Robert/JRH Enterprises

  7. Steiner eOptics Laser Devices DBAL-I2 Dual Beam Laser, Eye Safe Infrared Laser and Visible Red Laser 9006, 9003. That is what I have No Illuminator! Your unit may be different.

  8. max is just another carnival barker seeking to separate the suckers from their hard earned $. he has no other marketable skills. why he was being used as a pawn for the bankers, some of us were getting rich because we possessed real skills that people actually need.

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