Sensing On The Warsaw Speech

Sad, but true.

Demographics are destiny.

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  1. Did Amazon’s Alexa Really Call The Cops During A Domestic Dispute? – BuzzFeed News

  2. Not too late.

  3. Demographics are destiny – a century or more out.
    That belies the fact that it would take generations to drop to the population we had 70 years ago, when neither we, nor any other nation were any shrinking violets on the world stage.

    The only thing a shrinking birth rate presages is a death of the socialist welfare state, due to the collapse of the Ponzi-scheme numbers required to perpetuate it (a little longer). Boo frickin’ hoo.

    No one gives two fucks about that, because even with endless printing press runs, we can’t invent enough money to continue that illusion more than a decade or three hence anyways.

    Ditto for much of Europe, just earlier.
    A smaller population is well able to hold its ground, using less natural resources, requiring less labor, provided you don’t invite in teeming hordes of trolls from outside your society to supplant you.

    A shrinking population isn’t a bad thing, net. Populations stabilize at a place where they need to be.
    In 1860, there were 4.4M blacks in America, 3.95M of whom were slaves.
    Make the argument that shrinking that demographic from its current 38.9M to nothing is bad for the country (esp. in light of yesterday’s post noting the $10K@ annual wealth transfer to each one, on average).
    There were virtually no Hispanics in 1860 (155K, total).
    There are 57M now, plus another 20-40M illegal aliens, now.
    Make the case that shrinking that demographic hurts the country, costing us $7K@, average annually.

    Birth rate is only a problem if the population becomes unable to hold what it possesses, something which only happens when there’s an invasion, military or not, into native-held lands.

    Ask the Indians about how that works out afterwards.

    Stop the invasion, stop the problem. Something that the countries in Europe that refuse to be merkeled have already figured out, and one which may yet take hold in France, England post Brexit, and even Germany.

    It may even catch on here, and if Trump declines to prosecute his promises, he’s eminently replaceable. And when governments make peaceful change impossible, they make violent change inevitable.

    One can but wonder why Texas, for example, hasn’t tried what AZ did with regard to enforcing federal immigration laws. Last I heard, there’s a new sheriff at the DoJ in D.C. It would catch on in AZ and FL, and eventually, even CA and NM would get dragged along for the ride, one way or the other.

    And then birth rates would become a non-issue, with shrinking the federal and state welfare payouts by billions year after year, a far easier task than printing money by the metric fuck-ton, and trying to get people to go back to 3-10 child families.

    For icing on the cake, you’d also rescue the schools nationally, and drop prison population and budgets to 1960 levels. Almost like someone (or 80M folks) had thought about this before they pulled a lever last November.

    Population anywhere was only ever a problem when governments started robbing Peter to pay Paul, and then Peter’s kids got wise to that scam.

    • scumbag loser

      • Good comeback, Potsie.

        I especially liked the part where you brilliantly analyzed…oh, wait, that’s never happened once in…ever.

        Go back to telling tales of imaginary derring-do, Baron Munchausen.

        The one where you conquered Eurasia atop your herd of war elephants, or the time your tactical wheelbarrow saved everyone at the world’s fair are two all-time favorites.

        • scumbag loser

        • Rofl

          TeeFats is such a mighty and powerful Warlord that he paid the rabbit and fish cops money to get “permission ” to build a dock. On his own damn land, even.

          He really stuck it to the man. Stand tall and defiant! Sneer mightily at their regulations. What a boot licking, ass kissing, hat in his hands groveling and bowing and scraping pathetic little Warlord. Did you call them scum to their faces, TeeFat? You didn’t even dare to think it until you were almost home, if it’s even real to begin with. Now post us some pictures of the Queen Mary or Crocketts cigarette from Miami Vice and call them yours.

          • you’re all just jealous.

            what’s it like to be poor?

            and why would anyone choose that?

            • Yeah, that’s it.
              We all wish the highlight of our day was when we could pretend we ruled the universe, and came to this little corner of the internet to yodel about our imaginary superiority over all the lesser peons, on one of the few places on the internet where the sole reason we haven’t been banned is because the bloghost has a principled adherence to the right of free speech.

              Even for gassbags like you.

              Does it ever occur to you how pathetic it is to spend your entire life doing nothing but sniffing your own farts?
              And why would anyone choose that?

    • Great points. Many dumb people look at population charts & think the trend will continue to infinity. Or zero, in this case. Like the people who think there will be 14 billion africans in 50 years. Probably closer to 10 million after white nations problems cause us to stop shipping food to them on credit.

      Also, 1.4 kids/woman obviously doesn’t mean women are having fractional kids. The women having 0 kids aren’t passing their catlady genes & culture on, while women having 4+ kids are passing on their traditional values & genetics. Like any host species, we are evolving an immunity to the parasite.

      • Grenadier1

        Agreed, and agreed with Aesop above.
        Trends are not set in stone, although it does indicate something that needs to be addressed.
        Remember the axiom that we will continue to get more of the behavior that we reward and less of the behavior we punish.
        Currently in the US it is very expensive to have more than one kid. Assuming we were to continue the current tax situation we could almost instantly ensure a rise in birthrates by providing significant tax breaks for couples who have new children.

  4. ambiguousfrog

    “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

  5. I really wanted to like this speech, too. Demographics speak a different tune, however.

    Even if the borders were sealed and “migrant” flow stopped, the mentality of the majority in this country is cause for collapse.

    We’ve reached peak stupid a long time ago.

    • No one in this world, so far as I know … has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.” – H. L. Mencken

      Past performance is no promise of future behavior.” – every stockbroker who ever lived

      Thus, we haven’t reached peak stupid (which may, in fact, be an infinitely receding and unreachable point), but nobody knows where the tipping point is, so anywhere short of the falls is a good place to start back-paddling.

      • no A-sap. you are proof the whites have reach “peak stupid”

        • If the big words I use are too hard for you, try a dictionary.
          A dictionary is a book with the definitions of the big words.
          A book is a thing full of paper pages, with lots of other words written on them.
          Words are things with letters.
          Together, they mean things.
          Letters are like what’s on your set of blocks.
          If that wasn’t easy enough for you, we can try pictures.

    • People can very quickly snap into tribalist thinking. Google an article called “When Nationalism Beats Globalism and Why” by JONATHAN HAIDT

      10% of the population kept South Africa in check until the “international community” decided to put pressure on them. 3% of colonists fought in the Revolution while more colonists supported the Crown than independence. They just didn’t support it enough to fight for it. As a great man once said,

      “Revolution is a spectators sport. The majority will sit in the stands and watch the factions fight. At the end they will choose side with the team that is winning. ”

  6. Mr. Trump has given a clarion call of defiance and alarm.

    Mr. Sensing has spoken to the decaying paradigm of demographics…. so la fin du cycle.

    Fuck! demographics. Literally. When people have hope, they have children. That is the but one of the many reasons for the social decay and economic depredations instituted by left these many decades.

    When people are threatened with extinction, recognize the threat and have that realization validated by a speech like Trump’s, they are empowered to deal with the threat… by any means necessary.

    That’s why those folks in Warsaw cheered so mightily for that speech.

    Just as in the last election, Trump had the audacity integrity to say what has been verboten for so long, and which everyone wants to say, and especially to hear someone in power say loud and clear!

  7. so some asshole Billionaire carnival barker in a cheap suit made a speech.


    morons and their dumpf worship…

    the small handed, comb-over, walking orange debt king has again bullshitted his way into the hearts of the brainwashed zombies. that’s a real accomplishment there. ha ha ha

    his neck deep line of crap has the people waving murkin flags and dreaming of MAGA! as they circle the bowl trillions of fake dollars in debt.

    275 million…

    • You moved too quickly, dumbass! But you can come back and enjoy having a real president again, TeeFat.

      Fire up that rich mans motor home and get your good Sam club ass back across the border!

      • who would choose to live surrounded by losers?

        losers who worship at the alter of the state.

        losers who can’t afford to own a home without a banker sucking the life from them for decades at a time.

        or losers who have to save to buy anything.

        losers who can’t even afford to build a shack in the woods without begging for money.


        wake up sheeple.

    • So, after having your ass handed to you every time you spew your rancid repetitions, you finally try to say something resembling rational…

      Aww, fuggit. Same old rancid hatred all dressed up in more trite lame ad nauseum.

      “so some asshole carnal moron in a cheap cut ‘n paste hidey hole made a (nother) asinine blog comment…




    • “so some asshole Billionaire carnival barker in a cheap suit made a speech.”

      Every day you show that you don’t understand how humans work, or what moves people to act. Whatever your agenda is, you do not advance it.

    • Post a photo. Of you, proof of life, dated local newspaper, your purported land in the background. You make a lot of claims. Most commenters here do not make personal claims about themselves, but you so. But you have no credibility, because it all seems like bullshit. So establish some credibility. Not that avatar photo.

      You made a claim about having a range with pop up targets that sounded exactly like the VTC. So that lost you credibility. Got a photo of it, with todays newspaper proof of life?

      Othewise, you are not adding value here. I’m still waiting for your raffle ticket payment to come through.

      My opinion (which has no merit, this being Pete’s private site): this is either a freestyle comment area, or it is not. Freestyle thus means no moderation. If there is moderation, you should be deleted. You harm the message. Any newbies reading this site are put off. By that and also those making the ‘joooos’ comments. But free speech? There is no free speech on a privately owned site. You add no value to the purpose, despite Pete declaring that you ‘have a purpose’ last time comments were shut down.

      Time for you to start adding value, or be moderated out. Come back at me with tough talk and insults as usual….nobody cares, this is the internet.

      Personally, I think the lizard aliens are in charge of the NWO.

      • Thank you, Sir, well said.

        Many of us have tried, repeatedly, to make the same observations to no avail, regrettably and incomprehensibly ignored.

      • i have everything i say i have.

        there’s a guy here who helped me move onto the island.

        Mosby and CA both know what i look like.

        fuck off to you non-believers.

        sucks to be yews.

        • I have everything I say I have.

          After posting pictures of a documented Canadian national park (busted, IIRC, by no less than three separate posters on that caper) as your claimed Sooper Secret Fartress of Solitude, your credibility here is a negative integer.
          You have a keyboard, and an inability to step away from it and stop smelling your own farts.

          The first step to admitting you have a problem would probably to get a crowbar, and try to break suction to pull it out.

          After that, who knows?
          It’s possible after several months of breathing free oxygen and seeing daylight, and avoiding posting anything until you have some point beside your own imaginary awesomeness

          you could perhaps grow a personality that wouldn’t make people swerve to hit you in a crosswalk if they ever met you for real.
          Life is stranger than we can imagine, so it’s barely possible.

          But you’d really have to commit to the regimen to see if it can be done.

        • Is he the guy with 50 kitted out ar’s, ammo, bunkers, land, and a bunch of tp (for quality of life) that lives in the northern redoubt that Mosby refers to as ‘has what the f ever dude’?

        • I’d help you move to another island if that island didn’t have internet access and your venom wasn’t sprayed daily here.
          Besides, I didn’t know that 12 year olds were allowed to live by themselves.

      • oh and BTW

        FUCK OFF.

        bitchboy poor fuck.

        • Tell me more about yourself. Are you married? Do you have children? When are you coming to train at MVT? I will offer you a free class, you just have to show up. May I suggest Force on Force Team Tactics in early November – there is no training prerequisite, and if you are as good as you say you are, you may well be victorious over all the other students. Maybe we will not do the ‘Team Tactics’ part for you, but set you out as a team of one? tfA-t: army of one!

          If you indeed have all you say you have, why are you such an unhelpful cunt? Sounds like you will be one of that 270 million you keep quoting. For sure, if you were my neighbor, you would be the first I would put down, just for being a threat via being an asshole. You are clearly on no-one’s side. You won’t get that island or whatever it is you have (not been following that closely) through the eye of a needle, and it won’t help you when you are dying in your own shit and vomit.

          Why don’t you do something constructive, instead of being a trolling asshole? What the fuck is wrong with you?

      • kay_de_leon

        THEY LIVE, my man.

      • “Any newbies reading this site are put off.”

        Even the ones who have visited this site for years but never comment except in a blue moon are put off as well……

  8. Even if each woman had 6 children, after 12 years in the commie faggot govt school system, they would be lost anyway.

    • You have a point. I have three sons. I raised them to think for themselves, support and raise those children and things they create, and the fruit of their labor belongs to them. There are two decades between my eldest and my youngest son. My youngest has the greatest advantage, having been homeschooled since 1st grade. My elder sons were out of school just in time to avoid the total train wreck education has become over the last 15 years. My sister homeschooled her three children, and began homeschooling her grandchild. She now tutors children locked in the public school system. People must begin, and recently the trend has begun in earnest, to remove their children from government indoctrination centers.

      I brought into this world the number of offspring I could raise well.

      I don’t worry so much about demographics. If white hatred is seen to its natural end, who, pray tell, is going to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, medicate, and otherwise provide for those who replace us? I wonder if anyone has taken the “eradicate whitey” to its logical conclusion?

      I wish there was a way to perform a short term demonstration of what happens when whitey stops contributing? What would happen if producers stopped producing for everyone except their own households for 30 days?

      I agree with Aesop, above.

      All we need to do is stop playing the game. Eradication of whites is going to take a lot of cooperation from whites. President Trump is the first unmistakable sign that process has begun. Funny, as in HaHa funny, that all those smarter, wiser, betters did not even see it coming. I am all for surprising the living shit out of them on a daily basis…until all they have left to do, is whimper for “Mama” from the fetal position.


      True that. I have watched it happen. Sad.

  9. oh and one more thing…It never fails…like clockwork, as soon as someone approaches our issues with even the most faint whisper of…”we will, we can prevail…” someone, many times, several someone’s (on our side) has assumed the position for an accurate “friendly fire” shoot down.

    I do not believe for one second that in the final analysis, whole populations, collectively or individually, are going to simply lay down and surrender their lives without so much as a whimper. To believe the cynics is to believe they will do just that.

    I like Steyn, for the most part, and agree with most assessments that the problem is far worse than it should have ever been allowed to become, but no way, aside from the aforementioned suicide prone, does any living thing simply agree to be put down. Genocide on this side of the pond is going to be a bit more difficult than the psychopaths believe.

    Be the way, is it me, or is “white nationalist” actually redundant?

    • Grenadier1

      Thats the sound of a dart hitting the center.
      Misery loves company. It is an observation that everyone should be aware of. People who are “down on their luck” tend to hang around other people that are in the same situation. They perpetuate their status because none of them really want to see the other succeed. Jealousy an envy will constantly play upon them and lead to them crapping on the activities of one another. Any time one of them begins to do something that might change their situation the others will say or do something to undermine the success of the action.
      This same mentality is what leads people to place blame on unseen omnipotent forces that they have no control over. They see their own failures and it cant possibly be THEIR fault, it must be a conspiracy against them by ______ insert your global villain of choice. Its always the fault of the Russian Jew Lizards, not our own failures. Its not our own inability to organize. Our own inability to agree on anything, our own inability to get off our asses and work, our own inability to learn from past mistakes. Its never our own inability to be good followers when needed. Its never OUR fault!
      Recognize that we have a problem and work to fix it. Then we can win.