The Resistance

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Assuming that “there is no Right” as is conventionally understood, what does the Anti-Bolshevik face of the dodecahedron have to offer the uncommitted indigenous population?

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Of course all of this “Russia Collusion” has been fabricated–and President Trump seems to have fallen for a couple of their traps (see Rat-Fink Comey and the “special prosecutor” now).

    The Russia Meme has been concocted at the highest levels of the Deep State CIA and other intelligence agencies (refer to that fuk Clap-Trap-Clapper from the CIA.

    They say that the leaked Clinton memos have “Russian finger prints” all over them… but you should also see that story on how the CIA can mimick foreign hackers.

    If you cannot fathom that is was in fact a cabal of deep-state cocksuckers in the CIA and other ingelligence agencies who concocted and orchestrated this–you are completely delusional.

    Along with this–“they/them” within the government are coordinating a massive Psy-op/Agi-prop campaign with all of their sympathetic MSM talking heads.

    It is a zipped-up operation from top to bottom… and many GOP traitors are also secretly working behind the scenes to propel this whole affair into some sort of constitutional crisis where President Trump will be forced out of office (a hot civil war breaking out at that moment BTW) –and if they succeed (unlikely) watch these cocksuckers (as in Michael Medved, McCain and Senator Sodomite aka Lindsey Graham and many more) come before the cameras to quell the ire from engraged conservatives (won’t work).

    You have even George Soros as part of thes cabal–go so far as to finance the ANTIFA street thugs that are now appearing in larger and larger numbers.

    • HRC began blaming russian hacking for the loss less than 24 hours after the election results were in. Must have received the memo from Globalist HQ while still hungover from her victory celebration.

      If there was ever an uncrossable redline, it has to be Trump being removed from office.

    • Northgunner


      All this ‘blame ‘dem rooskis!!’ is nothing more than a desparate and very pathetic kabuki theater operation by the deepstate and it’s tentacles.

      They know that their time is coming and they’re becoming more desparate as more people awaken and shake off their shakes of obligation let alone a sense that the parasite class ever had any legitimacy in the first place.

      Make no mistake, trumpy is just another meat puppet dangled before us by the deepstate..once he’s no longer useful for domestic theater, he’ll be removed by them.
      In the meantime, continue to learn, teach, prep and plan!

      Your’s in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • i eagerly await the destruction of the retarded states of murka.

      couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of parasites.

      let’s just see how the murkin military and it’s partners in crime the poLICE
      save the sheeple from their fate.


      300 million useless eaters should be getting their affairs in order…

    • Sounds about right.

  2. That’s a picture of Tfats mighty fist. Simply cannot lose flying that banner.

    • tha’s right cuckboy.


      you are the fanboy who has nothing…

      • If only you would come back to America TuFat. Then we could be great once again, with your wisdom guiding us.

        Oh please, please find it in the bounty of your mighty heart to forgive and save us.

        We are lost without you. I know that there is danger in it for you, with all those SF guys trying to find you because you called them out. But you’re a brave man who laughs at danger. An inspiration that surpasses simple mortal cares.

        • i’ve been waiting for this. 🙂

          you mean those bad ass SF guys who can’t win a pillow fight anywhere in the world, and sit by as DC steals the last of the wealth out of Fusa at the same time selling the american people down the river right before they leave the militarized poop force to control the destitute masses- as they bug out to NZ?

          those guys?

          so instead of actually fighting for the american peoples freedom like they all claim to do, they are going to turn their millions of dollars worth of training to take care of the real problem in Fusa -tfA-t?

          because i called BS on their mystic and false reputations and hurt their little feelings?

          sounds right.

          i’m thinking the more likely scenario is they will continue to bask in their stardumb and sell more black rifle coffee, T shirts,. and immature baseball caps to the idiots who idolize them.

          like i said

          you nothing but a fanboy.

          i have more balls that all of you put together.

          loser white cucks.

  3. “Assuming that ‘there is no Right’ as is conventionally understood, what does the Anti-Bolshevik face of the dodecahedron have to offer the uncommitted indigenous population?”

    Answer: Nothing.


    • “Why can’t the Republicans get anything done? They have the majority in both houses and the presidency!”

      I have been answering the question for years with, “Because they don’t have a genuine disagreement with the other side.”

    • I knew if I waited long enough, I’d agree with you about something. Guess this is it, though we probably diverge on the follow-up…”What does it matter?” Same answer, but I doubt that you see it.

      “Someone else, someone else.” It’s always the same thing here. It’s always someone else. Must be why TPTB let it continue. That’s all they need people to believe; the rest doesn’t matter. Let that focus ever change and watch the fireworks start. I sure ain’t fading that action though.

      • according to lfqueer and the green berets, it’s me, tfA-t is what ails murka.

        if we can only find and silence tfA-t…

        we must stop the truth from being heard at all costs.

        then all will be as it once was.

        get tfA-t.

  4. Short sell note. Monkey Bonz, brand X .^.

    Reality check. If Government could have done something, it would have been done it by now. I mean other than buying new deck chairs to be rearranged on the Titanic that was not even an American ship and sunk as deep state as it can be states of capitols and creditors. So, my question is, why do we need new deck chars? Yet fun with funding at large is the sunken ship of fools steaming head long into the Ground Hog days of never ending babble while the band plays on as the ice berg rips it a new one below the water line. Never mind, we should debate healthcare for the less fortunate as they drown, or cling to floating objects in icy waters of political BS and give them $15.00 dollars per hour minimum rage, so they can buy affordable housing that is non=existent that they cannot afford with free healthcare and you get a new car! Yes you can live on 30 grand in a hundred grand economy, incoming! You dept cha.. That sounds like a good idea to me, how about you? And speaking of screw you at the funding levels of the Universities, for the perpetual brain dead for the same old, same old ideas of things that never work socialist media, but you get an EBT card. So, now you may ask what has been fixed? And the short answer is, what you see is what you get. Get out there and take a reality check box look at it. It is that simple. It appears all the really smart people are not that smart, ya know?

    So, what we got is the man behind the curtain with the machine gun down on the Pig Pharma, KKK street, Oil City Slickers entertaining as it maybe: it reminds me of Curly in City Slicker, so have you killed anyone today, to which Curly responds, Day Ain’t Over Yet! In the sand box of swamp creatures and here is to your health CAIR! All as you no, well funded and fun with the IRS being charitable, foundationally speaking. The Well FED and off course the House, Senate, bill for it all. Yes we can! Certainly fix everything when we have the House, the Senate, the Presidency, the court of the Supremes Pig Pharma, Oil City Slicker and the KKK Streets, yet walled off to most real Americans as deceit and credits amount to DA Russians did it! NOPE! The breech is on Chrisy Chris on the beached Wale of stinking dead fish that is our own it worst enemies, THEM IS US!

    The FIX, Terminal Limits! Do you feel Lucky? I suppose not and that is the reason for the inaction and mostly reaction with oh darn, what will them do next, I mean other than a gay pride ride and you keep your separation of church and state if you had a plan, which obviously we don’t, as the Clergy introduces man boy hot mama into the eulogy and doctrine of the con confuse, OH GOP, excuse me I meant OH GOD! Spineless little twinkle toes dance grape stompers the night the night away hangovers, chip off a piece of that ice berg for my martini, would you please? Pull up a deck chair if you CAIR. The GEE Had 20, best of the best and all the rest don’t matter is the nothing Ham Berger where you can get a happy meal deal. Deep Fried DeBlasto, on the side dish’s outs key note speaker should tell it all to the resistance in the evolution or Re-volution, yet again lest US give it a shot, one more time until Ground Hogs Day happen all over and over again and again. Do you feel fixed yet?

    I’ll trade ya a Make My Day, Armageddon, Die Hard McLain for a McCain, Johnny, and a Graham Cracker War DOG, Clint for the Good Bad and the truly Ugly Maxie manpad waters a bridge to nowhere too far! Off it and of course a Fist Full of Dollars, a tax be on you.The fixed is in, if you have not noticed, that Chile Shy town just passed a budget for Detroit City second city ditty.Not to mention surfer dudes and dudettes, and WE’ll have fun, fun, fun, UN till who is your daddy takes your T-bird away. Still, you have the right to remain silent, or at least until them beat it out of you! Right on Man! And off course Far out too. The rights have left the building.

    The truly sad of it all, is you cannot make this stuff up. Or, can I? Nope, you don’t reality check have to be concerned about anything UN till them start passing out the free pot, then you should be concerned. Further, just an observation, most people I have had limited opportunity to interact with, don’t have a clue and are too well programed into the program them are plugged into to facebook the nation while them twitter and tweet on the socialist web of deceit for receipts, just send US a sample of your DNA and it will be OK, OK? Just ask your doctor for free shipping. Then you will be linked in, ya know?

    So, pull up a brandy new deck chair, presumably made in China sit back with a clod one, there is plenty ice, excuse me, that was suppose to be cold, sit back, relax and enjoin the show because it is the only game show in town, the big show, that’s entertainment with a side dish of Boris and Natasha, Squirrel! Moose limbs? Rocky, we are the champions, or perhaps the chimpanzees? Monkey Bonz, (trade marked X) Branded

    That is all folks. Other than off course some brew ha ha ha ha, ha.The sky really is falling.


    PS, It’s now or Never, Elvis. Precious Time is slipping away, you’re King for a day, Van. And off course, HEY! TEACHER, leave them kids alone, build the damn wall!!!!!!! Pink F. And of course I could use some funding, perhaps a foundation all IRS inclusive with liberty and JUST US for all. Right on man and too FAR out.

    All but one man died
    There at Bitter Creek
    And they said he ran away.

    Marked with a coward’s shame.
    What do you do when you’re branded?
    Well, you fight for your name.

    He was innocent
    Not a charge was true
    But the world would never know.

    Scorned as the one who ran.
    What do you do when you’re branded,
    And you know you’re a man?
    Wherever you go for the rest of your life, you must prove
    You’re a man.

    • “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.”
      – Polybius

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”


        That quote kinda sorta describes the French Revolution. It also describes where Amerika is headed. Very quickly.

        • D the W,
          Sure does. Never in my wildest dreams would I had thought
          that I would be witnessing it twice in my lifetime brother.
          Here we are.
          Prep, prep prep. Above all in a Spiritual sense.


            Amen. My help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.

    • you forgot tfA-t.

      we find and destroy tfA-t at all costs.

      for it is he that has brought hard times to Ridgemont High.

      tfA-t has eaten out our wealth and consumed our natural rights as free men.

      we must all live to silence tfA-t and never give up on that thought.

      it’s tfA-t’s fault.

      his power over the populace must be taken away.

      HA HA HA

      whitey is gonna to get his ass whipped.

      nah na na na na nah