Your Betters Look At You

And sneer.

Funny thing is that most of Team Derision live in normal places and have no personal security.


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  1. Indeed

  2. Matthew Wilbanks

    I hate to defend Bill Kristol, because he is typically a piece of shit, but he couldn’t be more correct on most American’s being lazy and worthless. People on this site throw around Adams’ quote on a “moral and religious people”, and justifiably so, because he was completely correct.

    The illegal immigration argument has two sides and both are rooted in truth. One is based on man’s law, saying that illegal immigration should be stamped out because those people have no inherent right to be here. The other simply recognizes reality, in that an undeserving, lazy and immoral people will eventually be replaced by someone else. It’s a simple matter of Rule of Law versus Natural Selection. We are getting exactly what we deserve.

    • Average work week has been increasing for decades, while buying power of the average salary has been decreasing.

      Take your oldfuck boomer ignorance & defeatism somewhere else.

  3. So lets be clear, the political class in this nation at all levels are simply whores for whomever will pay them to turn a trick. There is a whole nother class of remora hanging off the ever moving shark of .gov which consume everything in their path like a great white. This country went off the rails a long time ago.

    Send them all fcking home. Every illegal and their spawn. Start there but start. Oh wait, we have already started. We are MAGA so it must be so? Esse? Chinga tu Madre.

  4. What is not being said is the decades of stacking the deck against the little guy with taxes, insurance and regulations. And then bring in the competition and giving them advantages at the formers expense.

  5. Bill Kristol’s dad was a flaming commie who started the yellow rag Billy used to make himself relevant. Bill is a Limousine Liberal of the worst type, the WORST type and I’m including the Pedos in my judgment of Billy Boy

  6. is it time to shoot the bastards?

  7. “Funny thing is that most of Team Derision live in normal places and have no personal security.”


    they have the blue scabies that provide security 24/7. and they’re just getting warmed up…

    Friday, July 7, 2017:

    Update: Newcomerstown, Ohio (First reported 4/19/17): A now-former officer was indicted for lying about being shot in the line of duty and forging documents for benefits.
    Dallas, Texas: The officer who fatally shot Genevive Dawes was among three officers fired for unrelated incidents by the interim chief. One officer was fired for causing an auto accident and failing to stop to render aid and the last officer was fired for beating a child with a surge protector while off duty.
    Vandergrift, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged with assault and harassment for an off-duty incident with a 14-year-old boy
    Update: Pasadena, California (First reported 2/22/17): An officer is being investigated for illegal firearms dealing. A federal search warrant was served on his home, but no charges have yet been filed.
    Green Bay, Wisconsin: An officer was charged with forgery for signing his ex-wife’s name on a car title without her consent.
    Bellevue, Nebraska: A detective was arrested along with his wife following a domestic dispute.
    Del Rio, Texas: An officer was arrested on a misdemeanor theft charge.
    Mahoning County, Ohio: A deputy accepted a plea deal and dropped the appeal of his termination after he was allowed to resign. He plead guilty to misdemeanor OVI and weapons charges. The lesser charges will leave him eligible for future law enforcement employment.
    Update: Baltimore, Maryland: Three officers were indicted on additional charges of burglary following February racketeering indictments with several other officers.
    Thursday, July 6, 2017:

    Update: Utah Department of Public Safety: A now-former officer pled guilty to impaired driving. The weapon and open container charges were dropped. He was fied $1,500.
    Cherokee County, Georgia: A deputy was arrested for DUI.
    St. Johnsbury, Vermont: The chief resigned after he was suspended for undisclosed allegations of misconduct.
    Purcell, Oklahoma: An officer was arrested for violating a protective order filed by his estranged wife. He had previously been suspended for an unrelated incident.
    Ville Platte, Louisiana: The City is being sued by a woman who claims a marshal deputy forced her to perform sex acts on man while he watched.
    Carteret, New Jersey: An officer was charged with assault and misconduct for beating a teenage crash victim.
    Update: Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Two officers were acquitted of being lookouts for a third officer as he raped a woman while all were on duty. The third officer was also acquitted.
    Port Arthur, Texas: An officer was arrested for assaulting a woman in Liberty County.
    Wednesday, July 5, 2017:

    Update: Atlanta, Georgia (First reported 6/28/17): The officer who was captured on Black Lives Matter video punching a man in the face during an arrest was suspended 20 days.
    Boston, Massachusetts: An officer was suspended for a year, though will serve just six months of that, for posting a racist video involving his fellow officer to social media. The other officer was filmed without his knowledge and was originally disciplined for the video until he established is ignorance of the video’s production.
    Robstown, Texas: An officer was arrested for DUI after a traffic stop in Corpus Christi.
    Atkinson County, Georgia: A deputy was fired and is now under criminal investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman while he was on duty.
    St. Petersburg, Florida: A longtime officer was arrested for soliciting a sex worker while he was off duty.
    Bartow, Florida: Officers are under investigation for releasing a K-9 on unarmed men while serving an arrest warrant.
    Franklin, Tennessee: An officer was charged with harassment for sending death threats via text and voice messages. He was fired.
    Nebraska State Patrol: The superintendent was fired by the governor, other officers and employees have been suspended. The FBI is investigating evidence tampering involving a fatal crash.
    Indianapolis, Indiana: An officer was arrested for domestic violence and the chief has moved for the officer’s termination.
    Monday, July 3, 2017:

    Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 3/1/17): A now-former detective has agreed to plead guilty to charges related to racketeering, falsifying time cards, theft. The alleged conspiracy involves at least six BPD officers. The formal arraignment is scheduled for July 24.
    Kern County, California: A deputy was arrested for domestic violence.
    Palm Beach County, Florida: A deputy was charged with more than two dozen counts of child pornography possession.
    Wyandotte County, Kansas: A now-former deputy was charged with official misconduct, providing false information, unlawful computer access, and forgery.
    Update: Palm Beach County, Florida (First reported 12/28/16): A now-former deputy pled guilty to aggravated identity theft and access to device fraud. He used law-enforcement resources to steal identities.
    Marlin, Texas: A police captain was arrested by Texas Rangers for sexual assault against an undocumented immigrant woman.
    Update: Punta Gorda, Florida (First reported 2/22/17): The chief was acquitted of criminal culpability in his supervisory role when one of his officers fatally shot a woman during a civilian training event accident.
    Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 11/15/16): A now-former officer pled guilty to sexting teenaged boy who lives in York, Pennsylvania.
    Update: Salt River, Arizona (First reported 6/3/16): An officer changed his plea to guilty for sexually abusing a woman in his custody. He reserved the right to withdraw his plea and go to trial if he thinks the sentence is disproportionate.
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: An officer was arrested for domestic abuse by strangulation against his wife, who is also an officer.

    just fucking lovely.

    and the sheeple cheered their heroes on, while tears of admiration flowed and flags waved in unison…


    what a disgrace.

    • Is it just the wondrous workings of an unfathomable universe that leave you totally clueless how the post topic fits your bloviating behavior here since forever to a “T”, or is it simply that the density between your ears is unmeasurable with existing instrumentation?

      Either way, the irony is funny as hell.

      You’re lucky your afatar wasn’t the post pic.
      You’d be using butthurt crème by the drum instead of just by the gallon.

  8. I have not yet concluded just why we accept, parrot, or otherwise tacitly agree that any of these individuals are “elite” in any sense of the word. It seems to me, that if we reject the notion altogether, and see them as regular folks whose microphones are the intellectual, tangible property of the people, and we simply repossess our property, these individuals would be forced to go back to work, earning whatever they obtain, through the blood sweat and tears of their own efforts.

    Are we granting “elite status” to them in any way? We should stop that, forthwith. Let’s face it…Bill Cristol’s opinion(s) are in such a minority they would and should barely register to his housekeeper and doorman, if at all. Same for the rest of these improperly designated individuals.

    The election of Trump is the first indication that many Americans have done just that…relegated these individuals back to the echo chambers from which they sprang. Obviously, they do not like their new environs. Too bad. They need to dig themselves out, under their own steam, leaving their own bloody fingerprints on prison walls they’ve constructed about them. We should continue to ignore, to mute them, so that in the end, an echo is their only response.

    Meanwhile, we have work to do. There are a few more out there, jockeying for the chance that we will place them on a pedestal titled “Elite.” We need to disabuse them of the notion.

    I often hear and read that we are the problem. Well, okay. Let’s simply clarify the problem. We have allowed flesh and blood folks to elevate themselves to such heights that we have come to believe they are somehow “betters” “leaders” “opinion shapers” “intelligentsia” “elite.” The truth is, we need to abandon the queues formed to purchase their product, which is essentially useless to our lives. It holds no value other than that which we attach to it. It is intangible, inedible, lacking sustenance, nutritional value, and has no use beyond its ability to hold us in place.

    These people are NAZI offspring if only philosophically, and so we should do, what our leaders post WWII did not do, which is to say, consign them to the trash bin of history…starting right damn now.