Bracken: The Deep Pockets Behind The “Migrant” Rescue Program

From GoV.


And their Quisling allies.

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  1. That would be interesting to find out.

    Also interesting, there was a report(sorry, cannot find the link) that said something like 7 of 10 on those boats are not “refugees”; but that should not be suprising to the WRSA audience.

  2. That must be photos of them boat regattas that TEeFat throws in honor of himself.

  3. Grenadier1

    Speaking in pure hypotheticals here. What if those groups were identified and some Patriot from France, the UK or Germany were to locate their headquarters and set fire to them. Making sure to destroy their desktops, laptops and servers. Might make a dent in the movement of said boats.
    Also, it would be a real shame if one of those “rescue ships” were to find itself stuck on a magnetic mine. You know there are all kinds of weapons floating around in Libya.

  4. The outboard motor on that thing is almost 10 grand, go look up inflatables. it’s more like 50 grand.

  5. Shinmen Takezo

    What Matt fails to mention… aside from “financing” these long rubber boats,motors and fuel–who is “financing” all of these NGO ships, with their fuel and logistical needs?

    FYI (as a former Coast Guard boating safety officer) ships this size (such as the Sea Watch) cost thousands and thousands of dollars per day to operate. I would think that the Sea Watch ship would cost at least (minimum) 5k per day to run at sea–even with a completley volunteer crew (most likely double that amount). So we are looking at somewhere between $150,000 to $300,000 per ship monthly to operate (assuming volunteer crews–which is most likely not the case). I would bet a steak dinner that the officers on these ships are well paid indivuduals–with the weepy-eyed, leftist decks hands being volunteer saps.

    So for Sea Watch to operate for a full year–it would cost at least $3,600,000 (usuming 10k per day operation costs)… and this is not inluding engine overhauls, dry docks, port fees and so forth.

    Someone is footing the bill for more than “rubber boats” Matt!!

    Can you say George Sorros children?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Were I part of a drug cartel, I’d certainly be willing to put up some money for that – makes for a pretty good smuggling opportunity with lots of mules (and anyone unwilling best hope they can swim the Med).

      And that’s just one option.

  6. gents, the time is critical, smoke and mirrors isn’t enough. While I agree that Soros and that group are likely the culprits, I was hoping to see tangable facts.

    what is known.
    1. Young military age muslims, are being transported into the EU from their home lands.

    2. Fewer women and children, disproportional, sexes entering greater EU.

    3. Organized efforts, funded/unfounded. Or are these human smugglers out for profit.

    4. Weapons caches in multiple locations/ countries, discovered and seized.

    5. Clearly following SORO’s doctrine used in every other
    Known operation. Soros doctrine very simlar to stated socialist communist manifesto.

    5. Gents, Soros is only the front man, the face, this goes much deeper, how deep I don’t know. That’s what needs to be exposed. Or am I wrong?

    Who makes the rafts.
    Who owns the mother ships.
    What specific orginizations are organizing.
    Funding sources.
    Short term goals/Long term goals.

    How to respond?

    EU is done, what was seen at the G20 is open warfare, specific to challenging the leadership of the EU. Orginized chaos, lead by military orientated men.


  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if smugglers can still buy those for the price of a few peoples’ “fares” – in the military sense it’s an expendable item. Some previous numbers available – albeit 2 yr old article – about this shit-trade here.

  8. The Rivkin Project.

  9. Keep in mind that there are a lot of “for profit” charities making millions off of this nonsense. The charities couldn’t make money fast enough while waiting for the refugees to make it here by themselves, so charities started shipping them here faster. The charities are the transporters of the refugees. Remember those poor little Central American kids walking all the way to the Texas border by themselves? 100,000 of them? Over 1000 miles on foot. Didn’t happen. They were bussed north by the charities, including a subsidiary of Wackenhut Corporation.

  10. Took this train of thought and presented it to “/pol/”:

    Let’s hope “Weaponized Autism” does the heavy lifting.


  11. europe today, america tomorrow.

    those who have deluded themselves into thinking we cannot live without their rule perceive their power slipping away. the response to this is to bring muzzies from the middle east here – not the oppressed christians – knowing the muzzies will not assimilate, will demand everything and will produce violence. at that point, the deluded will have a reason to move in to ‘solve’ the problem of their creation. it will take more of our freedoms being removed to ‘solve’ the problem, of course.

    muzzies brought here are ‘agents provocoteurs’ that will conveniently serve up the next ‘crisis’ needing a ‘solution’. why else would a people who hate another people and have vowed to destroy the others be brought in by the ‘leaders’ of those who are the future recipients of the violence?

  12. Virgil Kane

    Do you know where your Sunday tithes and offerings go?

  13. Heh some 7.62 would make that “migrant rescue” mission real.

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  15. Eh, you say ‘INflatable’, I say ‘DEflatable’…

  16. The HammerToss

    The Identitarians in Europe are crowd-funding their own ship to seek out migrant ships immediately off the coast of Libya, document the activities of the NGO vessels, and notify the Libyan Coast Guard vessels to come and intercept, before they get to international waters.

    It remains to be seen how effective it will be, but at least somebody is trying to solve the problem.

    • If they’re eating regularly & got paid before they left their day jobs they’re probably in better shape than the Libyan coastal guard, and their ship would probably be a 30% plus-up to the Libyans.

  17. HHH Old Vet.

    I WONDER WHY SOROS has Not caught a Bullet with his teeth yet? Knock out the $$$$ and the shit bridge will FALL.
    I Wonder?? Is TFAT eating the Brain fry’s too much? I think he may be eating his OWN Brain and is going to run out soon.

  18. Fred Seymour, Jr.