Glad It’s Only The Bloody Aussies That Would Pull Such Stunts

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Insert reference to traditional ‘Murkan freedumbs.

34 responses to “Glad It’s Only The Bloody Aussies That Would Pull Such Stunts

  1. “The end is nigh!” usually is nonsense, as ways are usually found for society to carry on. But requiring a cashless society is pretty much the last step before an economic crash. Tax enforcement is only small part of it, its mainly about allowing for negative interest rates. Which has the same purpose as when oil wells that are going dry pump water down the well to increase pressure to dredge out the last bit of value before abandoning it.

  2. Northgunner

    The parasite class are definitely getting more and more worried as more sheep wake up, stop chewing their approved cud and manage to get out of the control pen.
    They’re starting to understand that we DON’T need them, and that frightens them.

    Their war on cash is no less a war on freedom than their war on us for our possessing alternative means of communication, transportation and of course possession of guns and ammo.

    The author got it right at the end:
    “Perhaps it’s time that we as humans evolve past the notion of needing a small elite few living in another reality telling us how we should live our lives. After all, we’ve moved on since the times of kings and queens.

    Well, at least some of us have.”
    Those of us who have are anarchists/Voluntarists (libertarians are getting there..they just have to go full tilt and let go completely of the myth of authority/politics).

    They don’t want you to have cash, comms, transport, food/meds, guns and ammo or anything else that you and your tribe or clan need?
    Fuck them in the ear with a length of rebar!!
    And if they howl, “why are you so ‘hateful’,..we’re from the gov to help you!”
    Tell them, “BFYTW, now FOAD!!!

    Your’s in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • are you kidding/

      the murkin cucks love them some slavery.

      they wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have someone extorting them thru life..

      and how would they ever cope without being “protected” by the parasitic scum in blue?

      hang it up dude.

      there’s no hope for the masses of idiots.

      and max. what a fool you are. delete this guys views because he doesn’t adhere to the narrative of .mil being the only ones who can lead?

      fuck you bitch.

      • Northgunner

        ‘Morning tfA-t,

        When you woke up today did you mean to spray some piss n vinegar in your bowl of wheaties as,we’ll as your mug of Joe?

        What I have to share here with folks ISN’T for the masses, it’s for the INDIVIDUALS who are out there that are ready for truth instead of the collectivist bullshit that more and more people are breaking free from.

        You’re right about the badged orcs and the parasitic class that they work for, but that’s about all you are right about.

        So, what have you done lately that’s constructive about moving people towards freedom and independence as many are?

        The way you constantly bitch, harp and naysay puts me in mind that the Eagles song, “Get Over It!” was written for you.

        “You drag it around like a ball and chain
        You wallow in the guilt; you wallow in the pain
        You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown
        Got your mind in the gutter, bringin’ everybody down
        Complain about the present and blame it on the past
        I’d like to find your inner child and kick its little ass”

        Like Oddball said, “Have a little faith baby!!”

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • i’ll give you some room because at least you see reality.

          that is all.

          the rest?

          they fear what i have to say because they are bred to be cucks.

          just listen to them frantically reacting to my every post after i told them to ignore me weeks ago. they can’t help bu be ‘triggered”

          fucking pure pussy whipped white cucks ready to be filleted alive.

          like a bunch of school girls who never seen a hard dick before.

          they are all D E A D meat.

          fucking sissys and pansies.

          alright sissy boys. go ahead and react to my pointing out the hard cold truth.

          you fucks wouldn’t make a zit on my ass

          the limey especially. he’s used to fanboys worshiping his bullshit ydkwydk garbage.

          all i need to know is that he bleeds and dies like anyone else.


          • You don’t order a fucking thing for me to do, little man.

            I got about all the info and web contacts I needed from this site a long time ago, about time you changed to your second handle. Not that there aren’t still excellent thought starters or new blogs that might pop up. But there’s not going to be any central orders issued here. It may quit working one day, sudden like. And there will be no useful direction or information to come from you. Because there never has been, panamajungle84. Has there?

            I come here primarily to amuse myself by needling your ego. Making you foam up and look like an ass, all over again. Post by post

            You are my Wake Island TeeFat. Every time I sail by I like to dump a little ordnance on you. You’re not going anywhere anyways and 1945 is a long ways off still.

            You serve to buoy my humor when I see fit.

  3. Northgunner

    Isn’t it interesting that malcomb turd bull and the rest of his pasty faced minions in the Australian parasite class feel threatened by the ‘black (FREE) economy’ but they’re turning a blind eye to the moslems among them….

    Just saying…

    Your’s in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  4. a follower

    i would guess T-fat sees the connections. Aussies, UK, Canada, Us.Switzerland.
    Switzerland is where much of this cashless society thought has been coming from.
    Must be funny
    In the rich man’s world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the rich man’s world

    • That’s why the whole shebang is going to come down to an eventual recognition that money isn’t wealth. It’s also why The Great Compromise will work in the end—the assholes can have all the money, but producers will keep their wealth. Then it’s game over since all that money will give them is clean assholes after they shit. Cashless? Ha, then they won’t even have that. Justice.

      • except those of us who have $ exchange it for real wealth.

        and that $ was earned by the skills and choices some of have made.

        does luck factor in?

        sure- a little.

        but the old saying is true.

        “when opportunity meets preparedness you end up with success”.

        something i’ve been blessed with in abundance.

        you’ve witnessed that much.

        i have more wealth just in land and metals than most can ever dream of.

        oh, and may max beg enough to build his creepy little shitshack for his buttbuddies- which so happens to be about the size of my garden shed.

        now you haters go on and bitch and moan about tfA-t and his ability o shatter your illusions.

        HA HA

  5. Place bill in microwave forba short time, no more tracking.

    • I was thinking a strong electro-magnet, but a microwave would work.
      Would there be a way to detect the chip in the first place?

  6. Would never happen here, especially since congress does absolutely nothing.

  7. I would say 30secs on ‘high’ in the microwave ought to take care of the chips. Of course then possession of a microwave will be considered money laundering. Sigh.

    • POd American

      If you believe that, put your favorite data CD or DVD in a microwave for 3-4 seconds, push start, and then tell me happens.

  8. Great Train Nigger S.

    5.56 and 9mm and other useful cartridges will be the new money. Along with the hardware to use them.

    • 5.56 and 9mm and other useful cartridges will be the new money. Along with the hardware to use them.

      LMAO. Another one of those roving Red Lines In The Sand. You are not ever getting your freedom and liberty back. Ever. That ship sailed a long time ago while the Patriot Bowel Movement was, as it still is, mentally masturbating on how it is going to get its freedom and liberty back. The Bowel Movement is a broken record. The best it can hope for, is to be a cornered dog, hoping to live another day, as it is being hunted down and slaughtered.

  9. That’s a picture of TeeFats pocket lint, you broke ass dumb Americans. He’s on a jungle Canadian island, packing sand and motor boating dribbling basketball womenz in his loft marina.

    • i live in your soul- huh?


      get a life.

      no better yet,

      join your SF heroes and come get me for pointing out the truth because you’re all too cowardly to take it up with the criminals in DC. TRUTH.

      the white race is finished and my race is taking over.

      sucks don’t it?


  10. Name (required)

    What happens when you put the bills with nanochips in the microwave?


    Old news for Amerika. Due to the fraudulent “War on Drugs” the 100th Congress passed the law which put the magnetized polyester strip in $20-dollar bills years ago. Good reminder vis-a-vis the Aussies. All the more reason to keep prepping and training for the inevitable. Bleib ubrig.

  12. Uh huh.

    Meanwhile, the Canuckistanis have found a better use of their time and money:

  13. Just type in your search-bar “Global Brain” and do some in-depth reading.

    You people have no clue. It is here, it is now, and it is accelerating beyond your comprehension… despite all your proclamations of freedumb and libertard. None of you have the tech-geek know-how. And none of you have the remote possibility of even catching up.

  14. If their telling they are going to do it, then they have been for years.

    tfA-t has it right – ‘murikan’s love their slavery – they prove it every April 15th and some every quarter.

  15. naaa we dont need chips in our cash here in murka we put them in our drivers license instead that way we always know where you dumb sheefle are ,,

  16. A few seconds in the microwave will take care their tracking devices.