MTF Sends

Via Gab.

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  1. he left out “Republicans”.

  2. Mr. Frosty

    It’s a good thing we teamed up with the reds to stop those evil Nazis. Those bastards wanted to make Germany great again by issuing debt-free currency and relaxing existing gun laws! The world’s a better place with endless fiat currency and commies running wild.

  3. anyone who is still chasing their tail with kabuki politics is as dumb as a box of dog shit.

    at this point, if you’re not physically ready to attack and kill anything that moves..

    you are going to die violently, but not before you are tortured and forced to eat your own children…

    the whites simply lack the will to fight.

    that makes it much easier to get rid of 300 million of you.


  4. Relatively new reader here…this tf***er is getting what he wants: attention.
    I wonder how actually ‘happy’ he is with his life? Just the opinion of a relatively financially secure, married, very physically fit 58 yr. old who has thrived in the Colorado mountains in sub 0 cold in the winter for over a week, no atv, etc., on solitary hunting trips, i.e., not a light-weight insofar as basic common sense and survival skills.
    Guys like that I’ve met (defined: hard-core angry, inflated self-worth, derogatory to others without sufficient information to form a rational conclusion, rash to generalize, you get the picture), have one or two things in their lives to which they cathect–that which they invest emotional energy.
    Arch-typical loners…lovers and family generally can’t take their shit and leave them to broil in their own stew. They think of themselves as ‘winners’–which they may be in some isolated or self-defined way, but are bereft of much attachment to others. They live alone…and they generally die more alone than most.
    When they go, family and past acquaintances will generally share the same feeling they had when they shared their company:
    Good riddance.
    Hope he has a dog. Nobody else probably gives a fuck.

  5. HHH Old Vet.

    Well tFAT what fricken color are you? I have a few colors but None are YELLOW with a Big mouth. 1/4 Native American, so I have a Tan.