New Woodpile’s Here!


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  1. fact is, the white race has lost.
    they were handed the world on a silver platter and they pissed it away.

    the proof is right here a WRSA. full grown men moaning and groaning how they are being replaced by the inferior browns. ha ha. the white race will be destroyed by the others simply due to their lack of will and submission to authority like the true cucks they are. waving your pathetic flags and licking your cops boots to a spit shine polish.

    the future belongs to the browns simply because they want it more than the whites. go ahead and blame anyone you like. in the end, the white race has no chance of recovery. it’s a weak and childlike people. they accept hand-outs at every chance, avoid physical labor at every chance, and then bitch when they realize they are not the winners they have been led to believe they were. they let the ball drop and now they are angry that someone else more deserving picked it up. with loser lifelong parasites like dodge, a-sap, lfqueer, and whats his name- oh yeah max -lol leading them, is there any wonder the hard working go getters have succeeded where the so-called master race has failed? i’m laughing because i find myself very comfortable and financially secure while the rest of the white herd is scrambling to pay their bills and keep up with the Gonzales’s and Martinez’s. another ha ha ha. there are consequences for making bad choices and being lazy fucks- huh? the funniest part is how the PTB have used whitey like the dumb cattle they are by suckering them into astronomical debt and endless un-winnable far away wars protecting freedumb and de mock crazy. LOL.


    now go ahead and struggle like dried up worms as you are swept away into the dustbin of history… i’ll take pleasure in knowing that likes of those mentioned above will have their children used as slave labor, sex slaves, and general target practice by the stronger races. all the training in the world will not change this fact. no doubt your owners are amused as you breathe in the chemtrail poison, eat their poison shit food and inhale their polluted air, all the while laying on the couch watching the degenerate filth they lovingly feed your mush filled brains with.

    now begin your bullshit rebuttals. it’s all you have left.. meanwhile i’m rich and most of you will die just as you have lived- poor. another ha ha ha.

    fucking losers.

  2. tfA-t’s got me convinced. Tomorrow I’ll hand in my weapons to the

  3. You guys, me are more like him, then any of us can admit to. Their’s a lesson in his message, most gloss over it, in anger. Pay attention you and me just may learn a valuable nugget.