Z Blog: Think Michael Collins

Break the cosmopolitan destroyers of traditional America by implacable resistance at every possible opportunity, while rebuilding traditional values.

Long-term civilizational preservation and extension.

Query: What are those traditional values?

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  1. Shit gets deeper eh? The world is fueled by debt now and forevah. Stopping the pipelines at any point will crash the system. Let’s just pretend it doesn’t matter. Economic gravity was eliminated some time ago or so they say. If you’re bankroll is big enough you can just keep betting red.

    How much is your ability to survive worth? Might come in handy.

    Donald Trump Is Right: Deficits Don’t Matter

    What ever happened to the big fellah? Oh yeah, right. Hmmmmm

  2. Worth the read on “The Big Man,” and his merry band of 12 Apostles that are considered the founders of modern GW….Decent little manual on TTP’s for the upcoming festivities as well.

    How are those neighborhood/AO IPB’s and 4×6 intel index cards with red/yellow/green dots coming along?

  3. Great Train Nigger S.

    Cuck cuck cuck cuck….

    • exactly.

      *’Murka, unlike Weimar, has options for avoiding disaster”. No, the the debt-financed wars to keep Israel on the map and oil producers on the dollar will continue to the bitter end, as will the expanding, debt-financed welfare-illfare state. Net outcome: Ponzi collapse and Civil War/Race War.

      *” a long, low grade culture war”. No, it’s a racial War of Extermination: the Jews, via the kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism – have collapsed the White birthrate. And then, via their bought-and-paid-for political class (see (((Central Bank)))) have taken down the borders in order to drown the remaining Whites in a rising tide of hostile Blacks, Browns, Muslims, and Slants.

      the “culture war” was lost when the (((Reds))) completed their Long March Through the Institutions, 1970-90. The “political war” was lost when the (((neo-cons))), 1980-2000, got hold of the Republican Party, making ‘Murka, in effect, a one party Jewstate.

      there remains only…Hot War.

  4. “Traditional values”?

    Me and my family and my possessions!

    Let all but 14 ‘murkins die! I’ll be one of them, and I will spread my beneficent scorn all over them so that they become my willing thralls!

    And we hates ((((((them and all their works))))))). But dang, those bagels are delish…

    Or so it would seem to me.

    • The Walkin' Dude

      Oy gevalt! Trolling a bitch (((kayak))) extortionist is EXACTLY like da Notzees ovening (((babies))) at Birkenau! It’s anuddah shoah! Nevah again!

  5. The remote rural ridge line community I reside in is populated with good decent Christian respectful dirt people. Which is to mine and many of my neighbors a kind of tribal link between pretty much everyone in perspective and thought about the turning of events in the outside world that is physically very remote to us.
    It has always been remote, geographically, culturally, and economically.
    The point of stating the above is that pretty much everyone is of a mind things are at a stage where they are to be taken seriously, that self sufficiency is just what you have to do. Where many will not notice much of a difference when the outside world gets a lot worse than it already is.
    A common phrase heard is “I haven’t been off the “mountain” in 6 weeks”, or “I don’t care if I never have to go down off the mountain”.
    The County Sheriffs are heard to say outright, “You folks on the ridge are much better at handling this”, like in regards to some pillbillies stealing copper out of an empty house for a pill, or a punk relative comes in from the outside and starts cooking meth.
    It’s pretty interesting, and these circumstances are creating a bond between those of us who understand there is nobody but ourselves who are coming to help or rescue us.
    The occurrence of very large gardens, raising pigs goats chickens is becoming far more common.
    All of this creates a much more tight nit community, people are reaching out not for assistance or help so much as they are looking for who is a trustworthy and steadfast ally/neighbor/friend.
    It is very subtle on the surface but the underlying motives are serious as a heart attack.
    Another aspect is an accounting via this local grapevine intelligence system is who are the bad seeds, keeping track of their whereabouts, their associates, what they have been up to and where they are seen with whom under what circumstances. and sublime remarks and thoughts about what needs doing about them. It’s polite but deadly serious in the quiet way of mountain rural folk.
    The County system is about the only “government” except for the State Police any of us have to deal with, and they literally do not venture into these parts. No inspectors, no welfare persons, absolute minimum County road workers. The County Sheriffs do not want nor whenever possible, tell the state police to amscray. The county is about as impoverished as a government entity can be and still function, and they quite surprisingly look the other way on a great deal of things.
    Id say it is about as least intrusive place to live .gov wise as you can have.
    And the tribe up on this ridge is all to happy to remind them of that fact.
    So all in all, there’s a lot of backbone and self sufficiency in these mountains.
    For government or government sponsored actors to come in and attempt to pull the same shit they do in more populated areas, they would be sticking their dicks in a meat grinder. Which is a proven truth witnessed during the biblical floods we had about a year ago. The feds discovered real quick, they ain’t appreciated and ain’t wanted, and when they tried to pull their typical fems I’m here to help you bullshit, far after the fact, most turned their backs on them and kept right on helping each other out, thank you very fucking little.
    Lot of folks have a lot of derision and hate for the Appalachian mountain people up here, but I’ll tell you, I would not trade living up here for nothing in the world with the caliber of down to earth word of honor and Christian faith and values. And for those who do, laugh all you want. You got a steep learning curve thats gonna be shoved up your smart asses.
    Thing is, most men in these mountains where born with a CAT joystick in one hand and a rifle in the other. And they have something most of the men outside have long forgotten, a killers eye behind the sights of a rifle.
    You have to see and be it to know it. Knowing how to kill is what it is.
    Men who know what a shovel, an axe, and a rifle are for.
    And the women folk know it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    A few are natural born Michael Collin’s. Lot of them are decedents of the same tribes over in Ireland and Scotland.

    • This is sad. We whites should not have to live in the mountains or landlocked far from the ocean to have peace. We should be able to live in the cities we built, such as Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, or Memphis.

      Instead we have collectively ceded our great cities to feral Africans.

      • You couldn’t get me to live anywhere else, even a stick of dynamite wouldnt move me out of these mountains. An agrarian way of life has much going for it, there’s tangible assets and resources here, people who live close to their source of sustenance. If we where more of craftsman/maker people making tangible things, as tool makers, mom & pop businesses, small sustainable farmers, small entrepreneurs, and lived by a more provincial way of life, we would be a people much resistant to the various forms of tyranny we are faced with today. I think because self sufficiency and self determination is inherently an empowering thing. You can’t have liberty without living those precepts normally every day regardless of location. I see it all the time, that innate, a quiet understated indomitable spirit.
        it’s not just government that creates tyranny. The corprate-ized world presents an entirely heinous totalitarianism. They prey particularly on concentrations of people bottled up in urban & suburban enclaves.
        There’s too many things which have gotten far too big and become leviathans in their own right.

    • Waxhawwarrior

      I’ve known good people just like the neighbors you describe for a long time. Your posting gives me strength and comfort in the knowledge they will still be the first line of defense in the upcoming frostiness, just as I will try and be same to them.
      “Country folks can survive.”

      • The way you put that is really nicely said. There’s many like who you speak of. They are kind of a silent majority, they live in the forgotten lands.
        When the Normies start to get it too, thats when the ruse of government begins to fold.

    • No one is coming to save me up here and that’s exactly how I want it.

    • your buddy with the retard hat and fat gut is the very picture of white health and warrior like physique…

      i’m pretty sure MS 13 are soooo skeeered.


      my homies are gonna eat your homies ALIVE.

      • Beware the “greybeards”.
        It doesn’t take a “warrior physique” to shoot/conjure/engineer/build/teach/lead.

        Those virtual GTA “homie” characters are certainly a scary bunch! With tattoos!

        I’d imagine there are probably many, younger folk (progeny) in that AO to pick up the “trench” slack and easily overcome “homies”; with the guidance of aforementioned “greybeards”.
        They probably have tattoos, too.

      • 6-pack abs and silly tats or not, a gutshot will kill them. In fact, when the (((debtPonzi))) collapses, the urban Blacks, ‘bangers, Muslims, and White cosmics will be at each others’ throats, not to mention liquidating wholesale their erstwhile Jew masters.

      • Homies on the range. Nah.The ranchers,farmers,tradesmen and folks where I reside will wipe these fuckers out.This thirty five thousand acre ranch will become a kill box.We utilize a training program based on the USMC CIAP regimen. Tribe members have ranged AO’s/FM 21-75 across the board.We overlap our NPP’s with strict lines of fire and communication.MOS 0317 vs bangers. Bangers lose.

      • Bubba White

        Queer Lips. FUCK YOU!
        You lie so much that your juvenile comments are no longer even humorous. {BTW, Yupper, DNR is a USA term, Canucks use Ministry of …}

      • Josey Wales

        And we are positive that like you they are empty between the ears as your posts indicate troll. You and your ilk have to act like savages since you are incapable of surviving without a host to suck from. Now STFU and go pick my tomatoes and mow my lawn. Rake that shit too Paco.

    • Yep, going from Central GA, through Metro Atlanta to visit family in Rabun County is a nice escape.
      That immediate area is now being overrun by weekend residents.
      You need more land and deeper roots than a vacation cabin. It had better be a Ridgeline plateau or a back hollow with one way in and out off of a 2 lane rather than a 4 lane route to a city like Asheville or Knoxville or Lexington.

      Meth Zombies are top of the list in my AO.
      They are the direct threat followed by inner city raiders and quislings.

  6. Dear Mr. tfA-t, regarding your statement that ” my homies are gonna eat your homies ALIVE.” when it comes to dealing with the good folks in the Appalachians, I believe you do not have the slightest idea of what you are talking about.
    I also believe that if “your homies” ever decided to make the incredibly stupid mistake of trying to invade said Mountain folk that they would very quickly be turned into something useful instead.
    Hog food.

    • these guys have lived in the mountains and jungles all their lives eating very little with no teevee or cell phones to speak of.

      you will learn

      the hard way unfortunately.

  7. The Big Fella. My favorite left winger.

  8. The fat white guy with the buy a vowel, tee shirt reminds me of my neighbor to the south . He drives his Toyota pick up with over 500,000 miles on it to Alaska every summer for vacation and was hitting 800 yard 4 inch groups with his .50 cal Barret this past week in my valley field . He learned his trade in Nam and has honed his skills ever since . I’ll take him at my back any day .

    • The first deer I ever killed was using a borrowed rifle from a guy named “Ray”. Ray wasn’t much to look at but that 7mm was a freaking lazer beam and I put down my 6point with it, he didn’t take more than a step after the shot. Ole Ray on the other hand used to do crop damage prevention for a farmer down there. He and his buddy had a contest one day and Ray managed 7 deer all through the eye from a hilltop on the other side of the cornfield. Best of luck GTA, even the old fuckers where I live are dangerous.

    • He is fat and will die of a heart attack soon after a real war starts.

  9. TeeFat, got that video of the Mosby Drill ready for us to see? You’re rich, what’s the excuse? Hell, you could even hire a real man to get a stupid fucking haircut and do it for you. Who would know, right? Boy George, John Basedow, they needs money i bet.

  10. HHH Old Vet.

    Appalachia WEST here, Yeah, Big Ol Mountain Man with Forges, Heck, I’d like to visit your Mountain and Welcome to mine.
    Hey BoB O, my little ol truck has over 850,000mi on it and I’d drive it to Alaska, (have already) any day of the week. Since my eye’s are not what they were, I’d have trouble to make 800yd shot with open sights now, scope, no problem.

    TFAT, You seem to be making friends and enemies as ya go along, Hmm.

  11. Yet another mtnforge classic; can’t help but notice that they always move forward. Might be the wrong board though. Currently the focus here is about what others should do.

  12. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    His way was the ONLY WAY. Live like Men, or die like slaves……

  13. greenman227

    Computer generated homies?
    Pretty free with the ‘loser’ epithet’
    bet he’s still playing games in mama’s cellar