How A 1950s CIA Program Can Lead The Way For Anti-Communist Propaganda Today

From the Culper shop.

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    These are fine and nice thoughts–however, I have yet to find a conservative (outside of the FOX News crew and Dinesh Desousa) who can actually communicate using modern media methods.

    All the patriot movement is good at is waving American flags in the background of a talking head, while singing weep-weep, sniff-sniff, Jesus-Wienne message to the choir.

    Talking freedom and constitutionalism to leftist and liberals is like trying to communicate particle physics to a German Shepherd.

    The CIA tactits aimed at the Ukraine before the collapse of the Soviet Union, would absolutely have zero affet upon the dense, thick skulls it would be aimed at these days–and even some ass-wipe-type conservatives (headline conservatives FYI).

    WRS mainly sings to a select choir.
    FOX News sings to a larger conservative choir (ass-wipe-types).
    Oath Keepers sings to a small choral BTW.
    All these movies and videos pumped out by the liberty movement has had nearly zero affect upon leftist/liberal minds.

    I am straining my brain to come up with a solution to this problem, other than beating leftist/liberals down into the gutter with Mauser rifle butts (a happy thought BTW).

    I attend Oath Keeper, conservative and Republican meetings and am greeted by blue-haired bingo-bags, aging/raging Vietnam Vets living in the past and still using flip-phone (if that) and ass-wipe middle-aged check-pant golfing types who think Charles Krauthammer is the bees-knees. I see few young people stepping up to the liberty movement bat (yes there are some–but out numbered 100 to 1).

    The liberty movement has to come up with a solution and mass-rapido, of the aging effect on demographics will assure the leftist/liberal/communist types and assured lock on the future of this country.

    • “…beating leftist/liberals down into the gutter with Mauser rifle butts.”

      This is the only solution, and one day, sadly, it will come to that.

    • It’s as if, Mr. Musashi, the aging liberty movement needs to link up with the Alt Right and mentor and guide an extremely pissed off batch of young men who are gearing up to fight for western civilization?

      If all the people who have a problem with edgy imagery were out there actually engaging with people who show up to, say, protests against demolition of monuments, or rallies that the Alt-Right is leading or participating in, we’d have a chance to maybe steer things and work together.

      Guys like Samuel Culper are showing up and engaging. CA is talking about it.

      Your sons, grandsons, nephews and potential mentors NEED you.

    • I disagree w/the premise of the article however I see ST’s mini-rant as more of a self-indictment than a reflection on reality but then again he is torn by his allegiance to Japan, a nation noted for panty selling vending machines and Hentai

      • Grenadier1

        I think you have the answer to the problem, the liberty movement needs more alien tentacle porn.

        No, I am only half joking.
        I had this conversation with Pete a few weeks back. Many people here as well as in the liberty movement as a whole are going to need to come to grips with what liberty ACTUALLY means.
        The young Alt-Right / Alt-light movement is filled with younger people who accept things that most of you would find distasteful. They are however the future of the liberty movement. If we plan on actually winning and re-establishing what we traditionally called Western civilization we are going to need these young men and women.

        There is a process commonly referred to as “red pilling”. A lot of you think that this site is a red pill site. It is accept that the commentary is filled with a host of people unattractive to the young prospective initiate. The typical commentary on every thread is as follows

        Alfred E Newman: tag and reblog

        tFat: Fuck the police, I am Thurston Howell the Third, 200 million

        Aseop: tFat you’re are not Mr Howell you are Gilligan
        LFMayor: ditto
        Oughtsix: ditto

        Haxo and a host of assorted sock puppets and minions: (((((JOOOOOSSSSS)))

        Pat Hines: The other six members of the League of the South and I would fix this problem with the following plan
        1. Remove Negros
        3. Get Money

        Add in an occasional on topic post and some true actual nuggets of wisdom and just repeat it every thread.

        This shit does not fly with the young crowd.
        Ya’ll need to work on your game.

        • Grenadier1 is spot on

        • LMAO… Building Community and helping the young succeed is what needs to happen but that’s too hard for most people on this site to comprehend or do…But there is progress on other sites so that is encouraging…

          • Grenadier1

            Yes there is. I do the social media thing. Started out as a way to talk to my little brother while he was deployed to Iraq. Now I find it very useful as a means of gathering information. I frequent some Alt-Right groups and the juxtaposition between that young crowd and the WRSA crowd is very apparent. I am in my early 40s so I am a youngster here but an old guy over there. Gives me a very unique view.
            I am very happy to see what the younger crowd is getting to. They get it. I do think they lack skill and the experience that we have here, but they do have a better sense of organization, and while they are very cynical its not reached the level of jadedness that we have here. They still feel like the answer is out there. I get no sense that they think that voting will help them either. What they need is for people like us to train them and provide the logistical support that its going to take. They are a movement that is looking for leadership. ……..

            • Im pushing 40 myself Brother so am in between like you…It helps having kids and their friends to bounce ideas off of and find out what kind of life they want to have and how to achieve that…The thing about social media or any Internet activity is if it doesn’t have meatspace involved then it doesn’t go much past the waking up stage…That’s what needs to be worked on in my opinion…Hope your doing well Brother…

        • Haxo is a brilliant bastard…

          but the young crowd are as a dumb as a box of horse shit- as well as lfqueer, nought sux, fat ass pat hinds, and A-sap.

          they have no ambition
          no common sense
          no work ethic
          no future
          and no damn $


          i’ll pass on the young idiots here in Fusa

          BTW it’s 300 million.

          got it?

          • It takes a special kind of retard to ridicule people who work, and then complain they have no work ethic, and further note that they’re young – far younger than you – yet supposedly have no future. The idea that you could even calculate to 300 million is like watching a chimpanzee waving a slide rule.
            Envy is a cruel bitch to serve, yet you wear her shackles willingly and thoughtlessly, pretty much like everything you’ve ever stepped in.
            You really work overtime to earn your Cretin credential, every day.
            A lesser moron would have stopped at triple the usual measure of stoopid, but clearly you’re going for cornering the market.
            But we’re talking about you (your favorite and sole subject), so it really isn’t anything special at all.

            To be fair though, you’ve set what has to be an Internet Record for sniffing your own farts, even if the location of your head gives an unfair advantage.
            Well done.
            Rest assured, if anyone gave a shit about anything you post, you’d be the first one they’d give it to.

            • face it cuck.

              I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


              and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

              • Keep babbling repetitive meaningless nonsense, douche.
                You bring zero value to anything you touch, and demonstrate your idiocy with every attempt at a reply.
                Remember, the less you participate here, the smarter you sound.

                • face it cuck.

                  I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


                  and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

                  • Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

                    I wonder at the meaning of that verse no more, when I think of your parents.

        • Chuckwalla

          The Japanese porn meme is pretty strong on 4chan /pol as is the destruction of cucks and libs. The Nazi insignia has been a little to prevalent but it really came into usage after Shillery was triggered by Pepe the Frog. One of the biggest outlets we do have is as well. The Hedge does not get nearly the hits that the large shitlib sites garner but they have a big following. There is hope.

        • You owe an apology to Bob Denver.
          tFat is the monkey:

        • Northgunner


          The ‘young ‘uns’ see that and their impression is most likely, “man those old farts are nucking futts!”
          Not exactly conducive to spreading the ‘freedom meme’ to say the least…

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • Grenadier1, amusing, but sadly on point. The young ones, are like we all were 20/30 years ago, to busy being dads or parenting, and working 60/80 hour weeks, to keep the young family unit stable. Maintaining a relationship and trying hard to lead our families from the front.

          It’s a good start, ” strong work ethic, Tribe commitment” are critical to this countries longevity.

          The press, politics are praying that our young don’t become learned, before their time. The young learning the true, to early would clearly upset the agenda.

          There are so many moving parts to this that I don’t even know, what I know anymore, I spend at least two hours daily trying to stay informed.

          It’s hard fucking work.


        • Grenadier, you just saved me a lot of time, I feel like I can skip every other article on this site and just reread your post 😉

        • If you, or anyone, sees this site as a recruitment tool for most anyone else, I’ve got a line on where you missed the turn and ended up in the swamp.

          I understand CA’s commitment to free speech. It’s his site, his rules.

          But like most things, the rot finds a way in through the cracks, and in short order, every day here becomes Downs Syndrome Kid Field Trip Day at the store.

          Like homeless people, one becomes two becomes fifteen hundred in short order, and suddenly you live in a shantytown full of shit-smell.
          This is where we are.
          Imagine where we’ll be.

          And BTW, ask yourself, just maybe, who would have an interest in being the biggest content-free assholian valueless diaper nugget in human history, beyond any sane person’s ability to tolerate, far beyond what lesser sites would ever tolerate, and would settle solely and perpetually on a site like this one?

          In related news, how many people at Malheur were there sub rosa?

          Give a holler when the penny drops.

          Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence, three times is…
          Shit, I forget how that one goes.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        No you fucking idiot–this is a reflection upon reality.
        Also– have no allegiance to “Japan” BTW.

        Show me something posted here, by you or anyone that has gained some play with the “other side” –and of course, you can’t.

        It doesn’t exist

    • young millenials are bored with the “liberty movement” and its Muh Konstitution crap. They are gravitating by the thousands to Jew-wise hardRights like Anglin….Who make politicks fun again. (Even though he is, temporarily, hiding out in Lagos, Nigeria).

      polarization. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

      • ha

        my old saying was

        “lies for breakfast, lies for lunch, lies at suppertime, and a late night snack of lies at 11”

        that was during the 9-11 scam those bastards pulled on the dumb’d down murkins

        non-stop (((coverage))) of the (((terrorist))) muslimes who drank, frequented strip clubs, and flew jumbo jets like Maverick in Top Gun..

        not buying it. though at least 300 million of suckers swallowed the hook.


        • lies for breakfast, lies for lunch, lies at suppertime, and a late night snack of lies at 11
          Pretty well sums up everything you burp out here since…ever.
          Well done, douche.

      • Anglin had to move to Lagos due to its much more liberal free speech laws. The fact that is true enough to be funny should tell you all something about how successful the “liberty” movement has been in protecting liberty.

    • “I attend Oath Keeper, conservative and Republican meetings…” and are then surprised that you meet up with old people. Young people are online, outside at non-political things. BTW did you know that in Texas the OK tried to shut down pro-white free speech rallies? If the national group hasn’t denounced that yet they are likely our enemy.

      The youngest generation is more conservative than virtually all previous generations were at their age, in spite of the fact that they are only 59% white. Or perhaps because of that; they are becoming radicalized as they realize they are slated to become 2nd class citizens in the Globalist World order.

      They know “liberty” is bullshit when the only race that votes for liberty in the majority will be a minority in 20-30 years. So what if they believe in muh constitution when a majority of voters would use it to wipe their ass. And a growing percent of the electorate wouldn’t even know how to wipe their own ass due to being used to shitting in the street.

  2. Americans are getting screwed from modern Bolsheviks within, industrial capacity hollowed from inside out.

  3. I’d comment, but I’m waiting for a “Socratic Method” comment from Haxo/t-Fat.

    Maybe he/they/it will inherit the fate of Socrates, less the honor.

    • Rofl!
      I saw that too, sir. Myself I’m daydreaming of the hemlock drinking part where “the plan” comes to a Jonestown-esque end for some cocksuckers.

      Alas, now back to work…

    • “I’d comment, but I’m waiting…”

      Very nice. Recognition should always be the first step. You keep that up and in no time at all, you’ll be able to motivate yourself instead of being driven by the other. Who knows…maybe it’ll prove contagious.

      • You “motivate” me, Jim… to tell you very cordially to fuck left the hell off.

        It’s called “humor” you pompous assed grandstanding poseur of a pseudo intellectual.

        I need the life lessons of a self absorbed pontiff like you need more self adoration.

      • no more so than ebola. U rediculous libtard.

    • face it cuck.

      I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


      and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

  4. Is it really that effective?

    Case in point…I used to know a guy who was a radio operator in West Germany in the 60s. He said they and the populace were constantly bombarded with transmissions originating from Eastern Europe. All propaganda designed to question Western democracies, capitalism, etc… He claimed it was all pretty silly and was a joke among not just the military but the civilians as well.

    • Sounds like watching the local evening news being broadcast from the blue state capitol city near my State of Jefferson home. Every night the underlying message is “Everything the Government does is wonderful”.

      I call it State-run TV. It’s a joke too.

  5. Yes indeed. Every chance you get insert an ideological ice pick into the global hive mind.

    • Ideological ice pick?

      Here we are. Imagine where we will be… because the ideological ice pick has been working wonders all these years.

      I mean, it’s obvious. Right?

      The “Patriot Movement” is nothing but the frog slowly being boiled to death. The only thing it MAY be Good for, is being that dog on the run, and occasionally barking and biting when it is cornered… and lucky to survive it.

      • ha ha

        the weasels are too busy recovering from my ‘slap in the face’ dose of reality the other day to do anything but wonder if they should shit or die…

        useless drivel from the regular boot licking cucks will continue until they die or wake-up.

        the PAY triot bowel movement indeed.

        meanwhile i’m in the market for warehouse and storage properties.

        which will be needed when those who mortgaged their lives away lose everything but their personal items. which i’ll end up owning when they can’t even afford to pay the rental fees to store it.


        • Sh’yeah.
          Call us when you come up with the deed to that Canadian National Park, McBragg.

          meanwhile i’m in the market for warehouse and storage properties.
          And He said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.
          And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully:
          And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits?
          And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.
          And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.
          But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?
          – Luke 12:15-20

          Best wishes on your endeavors.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Because Pakistani Muslims have some standards ???

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    • Go back on your meds, dude.

      But I’m saving this script.
      It’s the kind of thing that should be played on oblong records at varying speeds to break people in interrogation sessions.
      With or without LSD.

      • Amen on that one…

        • Careful, Brother…. Grenadier will include you in the useless Amen Corner if you keep that up!

          • Grenadier1

            Didnt say you all were useless. Just a little repetitive. I understand the reasons for it. Just considering the optics from a new visitors perspective.

            • Well, thanks for the condescension.

              Agreeing with someone else’s well done comment, rather than taking time to say the same thing not as well, makes me ditto head.

              Optics? There are far more deserving myopics here.

          • 😉

      • why do you always have less than 2 cents worth of drool for everyone’s opinion- lowlife?

        fuck off

        why don’t you hang out over at the Retardo Report and comment to yourself? because no one else gives a fuck about you. asshole
        or more like asshole wiper…


        • I figured you pretty much corner the market on drool, so I doubt anyone but you would pay two cents for it.
          Try shutting your piehole, and cutting way back on the supply here.

          If someone (which would include you not so much as once in recorded blog history) posts a well-reasoned response, I’m happy to consider it.

          When someone else (and that would be you every time you’re attempted it) has nothing to offer but irrelevant stream of consciousness ranting based on being off their psych meds, that’s not an opinion, it’s a waste of free electrons that were hitherto harmless.

          Your juvenile digs at an occupation and profession you know nothing off aren’t even worth the time you took from licking your diaper to spit them out. Everyone at work thinks you must be about 6 years old, and retarded.
          And those are the nice opinions.

          But don’t worry, your days of shitting in your Depends 24/7/365 and counting on the kindness of strangers (or…not) are coming soon, and afterwards, the big dirt nap you’re longing for. It’ll be hilarious for everyone but you.

          So stay retarded. It’s not like you’re going to suddenly grow a brain, a conscience, or any measure of self-worth at this point in your sad empty little so-called life.
          Just keep on being the valueless, ignorant, bitter, and petty jackhole everyone sees in widescreen technicolor every time you wipe your Pampers on the screen, at the only spot in the Internet were you won’t be banned, no matter how utterly worthless your contributions, or how infantile your failed attempts at wit. You’re a firecracker brain in a megaton world.

          tfA-t: Best Day On The Internet, Lifetime

          Shit goes in, shit comes out, and repeats endlessly.
          Because I’m forever two years old.

        • You’re too stupid to even know how much you don’t know.
          And stop posting your prize-winning weekly turd pics. Momma put it on the refrigerator, that should have been glory enough for you to last you all week.

          • face it cuck.

            I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


            and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

            • So…you got nothin’.
              Well played.
              Try some Bactine on the cleat marks in your dick, and maybe watch where you step next time.

    • Chuckwalla

      The government is not in the insurance business. The ACA and state insurance boards are in the wealth distribution business. Makes more sense to think of it that way…

  8. Keep exposing the communists. The Democrats are the commies and the Republicans are not the resistance. In Chicago, some of the Democrat politicians have come out. They are now comfortable as self-identifying commies. In the open.

  9. If the point is to push discontent with the mainstream narrative, that’s pretty much what’s been going on in ever expanding circles since Reagan was president, and Rush Limbaugh hit talk radio 30 years ago.
    It’s why Shrillary isn’t president now.
    It’s why an Assault Weapons Ban morphed into nearly national concealed carry in 35 years.
    No one’s buying the mainstream communist narrative BS.

    But the fact is that the CIA version was pointless and wholly ineffective, as Ukraine was stapled at the crotch to the Soviet Union until 1990, when there suddenly was no more Soviet Union.

    It’s always fun to throw water balloons at sh*theads, but it doesn’t make them go away.

    But yes, definitely throw the balloons anyways.
    And every once in awhile, send a frozen one over.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “But the fact is that the CIA version was pointless and wholly ineffective, as Ukraine was stapled at the crotch to the Soviet Union until 1990”

      Having spent time in the Ukraine during the Cold War, I can say with some confidence that the Ukrainians weren’t fans of the Soviets, so any anti-Soviet messaging would have been well-received. The problem was that they didn’t have the capability to rise against them, so messaging couldn’t translate into much action.

      • Having spent time in the Ukraine during the Cold War, I can say with some confidence that the Ukrainians weren’t fans of the Soviets, so any anti-Soviet messaging would have been well-received. The problem was that they didn’t have the capability to rise against them, so messaging couldn’t translate into much action.

        Sounds an awful like some other group…Hmmm who could that be…

      • I have no doubt.
        But of course, things are different now, right?

        Telling someone to do something they can’t do is rather pointless, unless one is cruel.

        Teaching them how to do something they can’t, and equipping them suitably for the task, however…

        Less propaganda, more training and logistics, please.
        We need more propaganda like we need seatbelts on motorcycles and underpants on cats.
        The market is already oversubscribed.

        • face it cuck.

          I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


          and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

          • Took you 54 years to master the “Function” keys?
            Well done.
            Next week, you can tackle capitalization, punctuation, and then there’s the rest of third grade. at this rate, that grade-school graduation might happen before you die, and repay the universe back what you owe.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          In a cold, calculating way, it still had value. The Soviets knew the Ukrainians hated them, therefore they always had to keep a watchful eye on the Ukraine. That diverted resources from other things. Plus, keeping the Ukrainians hating the Soviets helped keep the Ukrainians from contributing overly much to the Soviet system.

          So, yeah, in terms of any sort of national liberation movement, pretty useless. But in terms of a relatively cheap way of needling an opponent, not bad.

          • As long as it’s known to be just an irritant, and not very costly, fine.

            The problem is those who mistake agitation for action plans, then get surprised and scooped up when TPTB decide it’s Wash Day.

    • the Retard Report is waiting for you Ass sap.

    • The question is to what extend did the Ukr propaganda help lead to the USSR collapsing. Perhaps if the Ukr had been a better socialist comrade the system would have had more robustness.

  10. As mentioned above, when stationed in Europe, we used to listed to propaganda such as “Voice of the German Democratic Republic” for laughs. We knew it was propaganda and it had no effect on us for reasons covered below. But I will return to this.
    There are points to be learned from the article in terms of why a Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe approach would or would not be effective.
    First, a Ukrainian would view a Russian as an outsider and occupier. This makes Russian based information sources suspect and gives an opportunity for another source with a pro Ukrainian editorial point of view have a chance at gaining credibility.
    Second, a credible information source in some ways plays to an already existing point of view of the target population. The initial goal is to gain acceptance and credibility before trying to sway opinion. This in dictates an approach taking some amount of time before inspiring a target population to action.
    Looking at our situation, we have three target populations in my view. Those already thinking that government tyranny is a serious problem, those who can be swayed by an effective information operation, and those who are convinced that leftist propaganda is truth. An effective approach has to communicate to these populations in a method and with a message tailored for each target. We need to provide better information to our sympathizers in order to motivate them to action, persuade the persuadable to turn them into sympathizers, and make our enemies doubt their beliefs.

    • Grab them by the balls, and their hearts and minds will follow.

      • face it cuck.

        I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


        and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

        • People who repeat the same retarded phrase endlessly are quite rightfully regarded as mentally ill, in 100% of the world.
          Of course, you tipped us off about that diagnosis every day you’ve been here.
          Keep sucking your diapers, and be sure to get every drop out of them.
          Wouldn’t want you to miss a meal.

  11. The members of NATO are all socialist countries,some more than others and many creeping up on commie lite.Turkey in NATO??ooooOO K!You play with shit you smell just like it.Wave the flag rag harder,say the socialist pledge 10x,sing the anthem until you are hoarse!(We don’t need no steenkin permits to carry shit….and fuck Ronnie(starwars) raygun.

  12. An adjective used to describe an old person. … Look at that crotchety old bastard! He sure is mean! … grumpy, bitchy, cow-faced, describing an old person. (that describes me) Urban Dic and I might add those that not that old, don’t ignore the young that are acting out, they have something to say, unfortunately they do not know what it is yet.
    You know what they call young people, don’t you? Prowly not. Well in my day them were recruits, some draftee’s, some enlisted for various reasons. May B it is not the same today but what boot camp was all about then was reprogramming. Want to live dangerously? Recruit and put a gun in their hands (guaranteed big smiles) teach them how to use it and what it is for, tell them why. Don’t do the skin head, them are too far gone, pick the ones with the blue or green hair and the less tattoos the better, them want to fit in. Teach your children well, not just your own. They are the future, ya know? Another hint here, them are impressionable. Make a good impression.
    Carry on.

  13. The Soviet Russification of the Ukraine?????? Is Culper completely ignorant. Russians have been in the Ukraine for a thousand years. Kiev was the capitol of Russia for hundreds of years, hundreds of years ago.
    And attack the commies by supporting Stepan Bandera, a card carrying Nazi war criminal implicated in the murder of 100k Poles. Bandera wore a Nazi Waffen SS uniform and the Nazi’s killed 25 million Russians. The insane ignorance of people like Culper is why the Ukraine, which 4 years ago was a peaceful but divided country, is now 3 different countries and is in the grips of a horrific civil war.

    • Ukrianians and Russians are separate ethnicities and who speak different languages. They are different peoples. You are arguing geography, I’m arguing culture and ethnicity. This was the Russification of Ukrainian people. Who’s stupid now?

  14. PSYOP is an art, not paint-by-numbers.
    This means YOU 4th POG and MISO!

    You propaganda types will never get it. People know they are being psyop-ed and make your purpose laughable. How many times has propaganda been effective where the enemy just rolled over and not one shot was fired?
    Winning hearts and minds? what jingoistic bullshit! you’ve said it to yourself so many times you actually believe your own crap!

    hmmmm the rule of 64,000 comes to mind (look it up)

    Oh….that’s not the intent? Only if one person turns the program is a success? Or a village? (money talks, bullshit walks). Yeah, I’ll take your payoff and play the game washing dishes or cleaning the port-a-johns and after a while just disappear and report to my side every little detail about you.

    You want a lesson in psychological operations/propaganda/marketing/public relations? Look at what Madison Ave. is doing and then look at the American people. Who’s been psyop-ed now?

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  16. Northgunner

    How many of the planks of the manifesto have already been put into place by the parasite class?…

    Heavy progressive income tax
    State control of ‘Education’
    State control of communication
    State control of production
    Abolition of inheritance/rebels property

    All of these and more in an attempt to finally achieve the first plank: abolition of all private property (notice that the process was already under way in the early 1900’s when that mouthy sawed off crypto marxist warmongering shitweasel teddy roosevelt made the following comment in 1910:
    “The man who wrongly holds that every human right is secondary to his profit must now give way to the advocate of human welfare, who rightly maintains that every man holds his property subject to the general right of the community to regulate its use to whatever degree the public welfare may require it.”
    – theodore roosevelt
    For a more thorough look at this please look here :

    Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Vision of History

    It could even be said to go as far back to America’s first stalin, that mudering shitweasel lincoln, as he and marx were regularly corresponding until John Wilkes Booth properly ventilated him (pity that he didn’t do so in 1861!!).

    So freedomistas definitely have an uphill battle against domestic communism..the masses still stand and pledge allegiance to the flag of empire which is nothing more than marxism enabled by the parasite class (and people wonder why a freeze-dried hippie/commie bernie sanders was ever taken seriously along with the rest of the meat puppets that performed in the latest iteration of the national kabuki theater?,..really?).

    More people ARE reading (both online and offline) Larken Rose’s “Most Dangerous Superstition” and “The Iron Web” and by doing so they’re taking the ‘red pill’ of learning that they OWN themselves and that the parasite class is owed neither allegiance nor servitude and that ‘gov/authority’ is inherently illegitimate.
    Freedom begins between the ears, one individual at a time.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  17. For all the readers who completely missed the point… This isn’t to encourage a national propaganda program, but a LOCAL inform and influence program. If you’re not reaching out and “red pilling” people to the plight of not just Western Civilization, but of all whites in Europe and North America, then we’re going to lose. It also doesn’t help that a sizeable portion of our own race want to kill us for believing in a little thing called Liberty and refusing to go along with social justice, which in inherently unjust.

    Go watch Stefan Molyneux, Jarrad Taylor, Jordan Peterson, and other great thinkers like them on YouTube. Tons of videos. They make some damn fine points. Memorize them. Slip them in conversation. Ask your family, friends, and acquaintances these questions. If each of us spent the weekend trying to explain these concepts to a friend who’s on the bubble, we would double our numbers in a matter of days.

    • Great point. As usual many people just want to use this articles thread as a continuation of their nonsensical rants from the previous article’s thread. The goal of many seems to be to beat their chest rather than slowly push towards the solution.

  18. “Many people here as well as in the liberty movement as a whole are going to need to come to grips with what liberty ACTUALLY means.”

    At this point anything else is an utter waste. Obviously…just look.