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  1. Hi , folks, just got done last week with a 92 and a half day stint in four different hospitals, with double pneumonia, and blood clots in my lungs. If any of you are getting Remicade, or Humira, I suggest you stop now and never use anything like it EVER. When my immune system got lowered by talking one of these for my Crohns, I almost died in the Emergency Room, and then later in early May, the blood clots nearly did me in. I have to use a walker because my muscles are so weak, and I can only see out of one eye, because they suspect I had a stroke while hospitalized. I am having lots of fun, stumbling around the house now, at least I am out of the clutches of a lot of doctors and nurses who used me for a pin cushion for three months. Let you know sooner or later the verdict of the MRI I had yesterday. This is the first time I’ve been on my computer since April 1. I feel great, even though ordinary tasks are difficult, and I can sleep in my own bed, and see my family every day. Nice to see all you curmudgeons are still at it, and it’s nice to see I’m not dead, yet. Y’all watch out, health wise, them damn hospitals and such is EXPENSIVE.

    • Damn, First Sergeant.

      Sure glad to have you back.

      • likewise. There is no illness a hospital cannot make worse.

        • and no situation a pig doesn’t fuck up even more.

          Wednesday, July 12, 2017:

          Bexar County, Texas: An officer was arrested for family violence.
          Update: Orlando, Florida (First reported 8/23/16): One of two officers fired last August was rehired to avoid an arbitration loss. He has been re-assigned to airport duty, given 25 public complaints on his record.
          Update: Columbus, Ohio (First reported 4/12/17): An officer was fired for kicking a suspect in the head while the suspect was pinned on the ground by another officer.
          El Paso, Texas: An officer was placed on leave after he was arrested for negligent homicide for the bathtub drowning death of his infant.
          Newark, New Jersey: Two officers were disciplined for unrelated misconduct. One was suspended after he punched a subdued suspect; the other was reprimanded for causing $300 in damage to a prosecutor’s door in a fit of anger.
          Update: Niagara County, New York (First reported 3/8/16): The County will pay the family of a man killed in a crash caused by deputy $2,750,000. The now-former deputy pled guilty to three moving violations and was ordered to pay roughly $500 in fines.
          Dawson, Georgia: An officer was arrested for pulling a gun on someone during an off-duty altercation.
          U.S. Customs and Border Protection: An officer pled guilty to an interstate marijuana smuggling conspiracy.
          Update: El Paso County, Colorado (First reported 9/6/16): The now-former sheriff was acquitted of three of seven tampering and misconduct charges. The jury deadlocked on the remaining four charges.

          evry one a criminal..

          they will all be put on trial and promptly sentenced…

    • i haven’t even taken an aspirin in a decade.

      hope you get back to normal dude.

      • i haven’t even taken an aspirin in a decade.
        Let alone your psych meds.

        But everyone knows how it is with you: No brains, no headaches..

    • Burned some sage.Sent good wishes your way.

  2. Grenadier1

    Left out the cult of personality stage but otherwise legit AF


    Keep your eyes on Venezuela. Things are getting increasingly desperate there. Now even the .mil/cops are getting paid in Columbian pesos, or whatever. When Amerika reaches its tipping point, Venezuela will look like a Girl Scout picnic.

    • Grey Ghost


      I note that Janet Yellen’s tour as head of the Federal Reserve is nearly up and it looks like Trump will put in another Keynesian wall street banker. There is no good reason not to end the Fed but there still has not been an Audit. The only real question is will the new FedRes Chairman continue to raise the interest rate or not? If the FedRes continues to increase the interest rate then at some point all the debt built up by citizen debt slaves and the .govt will force a lot of bankruptcies and a very large market drop to cover the margin calls. Then the .gov steps in and backs up the Wall Street Bankers yet again and all will be well in the surveillance/police state of America.

      Grey Ghost

      • bankruptcies are good for the storage bizness.


        i’m preparing to enter the auction industry.
        even the peasants usually have something worth selling.

        ha ha ha ha ha

        • Be careful; you’d have to do something suspiciously like work, as a job, and there goes your imaginary wealth, and the leisure time to wipe your diapers here. The blow to your own personal myth would probably drive you (more) insane.

    • Yup. Watched a great video of some Vens hunting down a sugar truck and lobbing molotovs in front from motorcycles to force it to a stop. The sugar was then redistributed.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yep–works both way, tho, with the killin’

    Remember all Patriots of old: They did not debate, argue, or coddle traitors and tyrants–THEY SHOT THEM!

    Case closed.

  5. And yet there are “Leaders” who “would kill” to enstate it as their state religion

  6. simple fact is most don’t and shouldn’t give a shit about people in another “state” unless that area has a strategic value attached to it.

    i care not one fuck what happens to the schmucks in WY or VA or CA…

    as it should be.

    once the break-up occurs, i have no doubts the Great Lakes Alliance will sell water to the parched masses for fair market value IF they actually have anything of value to trade and are deserving. otherwise they will eventually die off when their supplies run out.


    the Republic of Michigan will defend it’s territory and resources with the utmost vigilance.. made easier due to its defendable shorelines. a new flag will be adopted and old gory will be used for shop rags and asswipe at public restrooms.

    let the cleaning begin in earnest.

    and may God bless the Republic of Michigan.

    • Since most the water in your Great Lake comes mostly from my Greater Lake, piss on selling any water to regions that water sand just to grow grass in their yard.

      • agreed.
        fuck them.

      • a follower

        Selling water? Do you hear yourselves?

        • Yes, I hear myself. I also heard the politicians when Commiefornia made advances to MN/WS/MI and other Great Lakes states to build a pipeline to transport water to the Southwest. I raised hell about it then and will do so the next time someone suggests it.

    • Do you plan to cede the U.P. to Wisconsin???

    • Thanks for sharing.
      (As if you could help yourself.)
      But once again, you’ve confused your daily Happy Time games with actual reality.

      And you won’t be controlling any water to “parched masses”, unless you figure you’re going to build dams that don’t exist currently, all by your ownself.
      If it weren’t for things about which you’ve no fucking first clue, you’d have nothing to talk about at all.
      Carry on, Commander.

    • Demographics really change an hour North of Flint. Cadillac is a neat little tourist fishing destination. Cellular coverage is horrible unless you have a relatively new phone. The Trucking Company I work for has a new little terminal up there in the next town to the North. Good hardy folk. Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago are like Barter Town in Mad Max. Toledo is OK. Grand Rapids is tolerable but still too densely populated if things go all to Hell.

      • fuck the lower.

        all dead men walking

        • i have faith the few decent flatlanders will obliterate the ghetto hordes and hold the line.

          once the die-off has occurred, the lower will be reinforced and held.

          we’ll also strengthen the western U.P. border with WI and take the Intn’L bridge to canada and northward for a security buffer zone, as well as control the Locks and the Mighty Mac.

          the Great Lakes will be ours.

          fresh water for sale ya’ll!

          easy peasy.

    • Yeah well here in New England we have strategic maple syrup. No money no pancakes motherfuckers. Ponder that.

      • everyone has maple trees/syrup

        get out much?

        • Yeah, and the Great Lakes border on another fucking country, genius.
          Read a map much, idiot?

          So were you and your bag of plastic little Green Army Men gonna conquer that entire country, or did you just figure they’d crown you emperor based on your obvious natural superiority?

          Seriously, you probably live in the only trailer park where the sand box has dozens of fucked up crowbars.

  7. overlooks only the (((bankster-capitalist))) bail-outs (not to mention WW2) that kept the Reds in power in Russia for 70 years…and still keep them in Power in China.

  8. Regarding water wars, the Feds have stumbled onto a new way to insert agenda 21. Their using local Indian tribes to cover water ownership. Can’t blame the tribes. Most tribes have water right, time in memorial rights, Lifetime rights, they were never given physical rights, ” water call rights”

    The US still has a complete different set of rules regarding NativeAmericans, titled Indian Law. Or Indian land law or Indian country law. If your bored, look it up. I’ve been involved in the Klamath water wars for roughly the past twenty years.

    I’ve taken the time to study Indian law, find it fascinating. What’s interesting is the way the federal courts intertwine currant law, Indian law and agenda 21 in their findings.

    If you live here, your involved, it’s how it is. The local Klamath tribe made a call on all Klamath basin water shed water rights. Which means any rearm ranch etcetc, within a mile of a river, lake creek spring has to turn their pumps off. Those farmers can cut deals with the tribe, for more money and access to water.

    Their farmers they need water to maintain their livelyhood.

    Few weeks back I drank a few beers with a couple larger farmers here who have refused to shut their water down. They’ve told the Oregon Water Resource Board, to take them to court. OWRB, hasn’t done this, they don’t want this in front of the courts, they know their wrong.

    Will be interesting to watch this play out.

    Sorry about he rant, saw Water being talked about, thought this info should be shared.


    • the only safe place to live is on an Indian reservation


      i live on Indian land.

      who’s your daddy?

    • Thanks for the input, Dirk. Always glad to learn more. Rant away when you feel your country is being stolen from under your feet.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Harvest of Despair Soviet Communism engineered Ukraine Famine Genocide 1933)

  11. a follower

    tfA-t, So what does the name tfA-t stand for?
    “simple fact is most don’t and shouldn’t give a shit about people in another “state” unless that area has a strategic value attached to it.

    i care not one fuck what happens to the schmucks in WY or VA or CA…

    as it should be.”

    my response, This is wrong, this is the opposite of what ‘it should’ be. This is the reason we find ourselves in these times, these days.

  12. CA and tfA-t are joined at the hip? The strategy eludes us. One day I’d like to ask CA WTF he’s thinking.

    • An experiment in freedom.

      • I somehow knew tfat was an experiment… a little baking soda, a little vinegar… or was it mentos into a coke? Anyway, something that froths at the mouth and then subsides.
        Got it.

        • face it cuck.

          I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


          and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

          • “cuck”… “fuck your OODA loop…” and, “haven’t yelled BOO yet”.
            If your intent is to get anyone to feel intimidated, you’ve failed.
            On the other hand, if you intend to be perceived as a fool, or a child, or a self-deceived motard – you’ve nailed it.
            Yell “boo” all you want. You still won’t hear the shot. LOL indeed.

      • How’s that working out for you?

      • I would observe that freedom working requires liberty, and liberty means freedom + responsibility.
        When one of those is wholly lacking, it becomes the tfA-t shit show everyone else was way beyond over, some good time back.

        But it’s your lab, and your experiment.
        Pray the experiment doesn’t escape the lab parameters.

        And perhaps ponder the thought that this isn’t a random mutation, so much as malware purposely released.

        • face it cuck.

          I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


          and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

        • a follower

          tfAt is almost to good at his role. If he escapes will he take over?

          • No, but his schtick has gotten comments closed down a time or two.
            Which, at some point, has to pretty much be his entire raison d’etre for existence, petty though it is.
            But he brings an unfair advantage to his role: it’s the best he can do, which is why it’s so effortless.

            It’s also why doctors tell pregnant women not to drink.