Hate When That Happens



Coinkydink, I’m sure.

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  1. Just a basic, and I think appropriate question: The related article says this of the commission he was supposed to speak to: “The commission is investigating the management of PetroCaribe funds, the money Haiti receives from Venezuela’s discounted oil program.”

    What connection is there to PetroCaribe and the Clintons? How do we know that he was “expected to expose” the Clintons?

    I have no problem believing the Clintons will kill anyone who moves against them. But not everyone who dies was moving against the Clintons. There are people who will ask “how do we know he would be exposing the Clintons?”, and I’d like to have something to point to. Neither article gives us that.

    • This may give something of an answer to your question: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.nationalreview.com/article/437883/hillarys-america-secret-history-democratic-party-dinesh-dsouza-clinton-foundation.
      There are many stories that call to question the effacacy of the Clinton Foundations efforts in Haiti. Most point out the “quid pro quo” arrangements with donors.
      I did make an effort to see if this was a “real” story before passing it on.
      Yes, he was to testify on funds from PetroCaribe. He was also involved in protests against the Clinton’s in the US by Haitians. My feeling is that his testimony would have also been about the lack of funds from the CF getting to those that the monies were intended for.
      Have I come across a direct statement of this? No. Do I believe it to be a plausible statement based on some research? Yes.

    • He was also going to provide “possible” evidence to show how the Clinton Foundation swindled millions of Haitian Relief $$$$ after the earthquake in Haiti.
      Of which, Imam Obama appointed Slick Willy Ambassador.

      Kinda makes you go Hmmmmm. Just Google Fu Clinton Body Count. List has been growing for years now.

    • In two words: Money Laundering

  2. only surprised his body wasn’t found lying across the RR trax. Anyway, I’m sure Famous-But-Incompetent will get right on this. Just like they did with Seth Rosen and all the others, @


    • Just for fun, try to find the episode of the old TV series Unsolved Mysteries that deals with Mena, Arkansas. All of the episodes are up on Amazon Prime…except that one.

  3. Gary Webb was unavailable for comment. 4 ATF agents who were willy’s detail in SecServ were unavailable for comment (cause they got shot n killed at Waco). Ron Brown was unavailable for comment as was Vince Foster.

    Lotta people suck starting large caliber pistols around the Clinton Kamp. But then like the pic shows, Willy was just a bit player in a larger play.

    • Oh, I thought the Foster case was wrapped up once they finally found his keys at the morgue. I mean without those, there was some reason to be skeptical.

  4. “His death has been ruled a suicide.” Of course it was.

  5. Arkansas Flu.

    Classic clinical manifestation.

    • Here’s one that presents differently..

      His death, which a police chief called “unusual,” had been recorded as “asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in a confined space with helium.” Smith was found with a bag over his head and a helium source attached.

      • Childrens’ birthday party accident. Tragic. He was cleaning his balloon collection and they went off.

  6. Albert Anastasia along with his favorite goomba,Louis Buchalter, set up shop in the 1930’s. Professional contract killers affectionately referred to as Murder Incorporated. Honest,professional,competent and with a 100% satisfaction rate. No one complained.Take off the fucking masks,lies and innuendo. Call the Clinton Crime Syndicate…The FUCKING Clinton Crime Syndicate! Dangerously close they are to the Mussolini legacy.The stack of dead attributed to the slimey cocksuckers is huge.Not one person in the families of the dead is pissed?I wager a nickel the Clinton foundation has various compounds around the world. They cannot escape fire and brimstone. It is coming their way.Stay way the fuck away from them.Bad news.

  7. Makes one think that Putin may have wanted Trump because The Clintons may not be as tough as the FSB but they’re just as lethal. You have to wonder the size of the dirt that comes out on Bill and Hillary after they pass.

  8. john lockwood

    Hi Stephen, Hope all goes well with you. Click on “Fostered” (as in Vince Foster) , this Clinton stuff is really getting weird! You have probably read this already, but, just in case….  JLL

  9. Purty fast forensic stuff there.
    Deceased on the 11th
    Case solved on the 12th
    In time for publication, if I’m readin’ the dates correctly.

  10. Jesus Christ cannot keep up with the number of bodies that these two have scattered to the 4 winds! Not only that, neither of them have a sense of creativity: suicide, robbery without taking anything,suicide, drugs, suicide, plain old murder with no known reason, suicide, shoot out at the Waco Corral, suicide…………FFS Hillary! Use some ingenuity!
    When is Hubbell’s daughter gonna start contributing? After all, Haiti paid for her wedding dress.

  11. So after Bill and Hillary go through the veil, is there an heir to this syndicate? Chelsea Hubbell Jr.? Just wondering…

  12. In hindsight, commie bastards.

  13. POd American

    That photo is the perfect picture of a “shit sandwich,” a turd between two pieces of dried out crusty white bread.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Sure is interesting, you would think, of the billions in serfdom fees and asset confiscation, aka taxes, and with all the technology, training, equipment, not mention, the “laws”, pertaining to high crimes & murder, never mind all the talk about treason from the holy intelligentsia of late, not a soul within the entire sphere of “law enforcement” has uttered word or nary an investigation, and lets not overwhelm the grand jury system and states attorney generals with undue burden of due process, and I’ll leave out the thouroughly unbiased journalistic enigma of the media complex, upon the occurrence of a seemingly undeniable pattern of literally hundreds if not into thousands of dead people all whom had some sort of dealings with the Clinton crime syndicate in a 30 year span?

    And the money. Mountains of it, oodles of bucks, from every sordid grift con voce and racket ever invented,

    Ever wonder at it all, millions of regular everyday Americans can plainly see there is a literal trail of dead Americans and other foreign people across the western hemisphere behind the rise and fall of fortunes and political power of the Clintons.
    But not a single politician, policeman, or person within the entire US judicial system seen nutting’, you’d think the Clinton’s where innocent didindunuffins.

    And we ask ourselves how could our government be such a royal clusterfuck.
    Its never been anything but what it is from the conspiracy in Philadelphia aka the USC to today.
    But it took a quantum leap in corrupt tyrannical fuckuppery, oh about 1990.