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…Go watch Stefan Molyneux, Jarrad Taylor, Jordan Peterson, and other great thinkers like them on YouTube. Tons of videos. They make some damn fine points. Memorize them. Slip them in conversation. Ask your family, friends, and acquaintances these questions. If each of us spent the weekend trying to explain these concepts to a friend who’s on the bubble, we would double our numbers in a matter of days…

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  1. Great advice. No need to engage in an argument, often best to just drop a piece of information, like the discrepancy between Israel’s immigration policy & US policy.

  2. Over time the drip drip drip of water will wear down a stone.

    I’ve been doing what you suggest for at least 15 years now. It DOES definitely have an effect over time and you can see people’s attitudes change.

    One of the most effective things to do is watch what is going on around you in the world – and then say ” if they keep doing that stupid shit – this really bad thing is going to happen to them”. Then having reality fulfill your prediction.

    Ron Paul was able to do this multiple times – and Trump seemed to really start making people pay attention after he called out the illegal immigration crap – and then the Kate Steinle thing happened.

    Over time people do start to notice when things turn out to be complete and utter bullshit. Well ….. most people do. I’ve seen lefties who will simply deny reality until it kills them.

    • You are correct, some lefties are so thoroughly indoctrinated and brain washed that nothing short of a 5.56 will end their lies.

    • “Over time people do start to notice when things turn out to be complete and utter bullshit.”

      Wrong. Don’t bs yourself. Observe your surroundings. How is the state of the state? Environment? World? How do you explain these religions?

      Humans continue aimlessly into history, even with all the accrued knowledge, info, and capability.

      The problem is much more fundamental than what humans are willing to consider.

      • “The problem is much more fundamental than what humans are willing to consider.”

        Modern logic. So why consider it then? Lemme guess…because you were commanded to. Gee, I wonder if there’s any connection between that and the mess we’re in.

        No need to question authority; that’s simple. Question obedience.


    The orators mentioned in the above quote do have good, thoughtful things to say. I just challenge the premise that what they say can still be applied with any degree of effectiveness to the current Amerikan psyche. We all preach to the choir here. I see the same, thoughtful arguments and criticisms from a lot of folks on Breitbart, Zero Hedge, WND, SHTFPLAN, and other sites.
    I have asked myself this question: How far can I reach out before I get my arm chopped off? You have to thoroughly analyze any group or person before you start talking to them about concepts of liberty, Ayn Rand, preparedness, Leviathan encroachment, etc. I was doing just fine in my own little circle of righteous Christians, and Tea Party true believers. Then, I went out in the real world.
    After “seeing the elephant” up here in Rawles Land, I have become extremely circumspect about who I share anything with. My unfortunate experience as a Teachers Aide at a local public high school convinced me that the majority of the faculty were clueless, politically-correct tax termites. The majority of the students were shambling, texting, mouth-breathing, slack-jawed, brain-dead, mall zombies.
    The majority of the population here are clueless, flag-waving. cop/veteran-worshiping idiots. If I showed up at one of their Blue Lives Matter love fests and started rattling off the stats of incidents which have been documented by others on this site and sites like The Rutherford Institute, I would be beaten within an inch of my life.
    That being said, I still will make small comments in check-out lines at local stores. I still chat up certain neighbors about local crime and security issues. Human nature however, does not lend itself willingly to the unpleasant realities of life. The reality of life which is facing us all is an uncertain future which will be heralded by a real economic meltdown, or a contrived false flag on the order of 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.
    Yes, study the videos and hear what they have to say. You MAY be able to convey their message effectively and recruit another member or two to your tribe. But, also look at the reality Selco documented when Yugoslavia went south. Look at the reality of Venezuela today. For every hour you spend preparing your arguments on liberty, truth, and situational awareness, spend two to three on PT, shooting. and gathering useful information on the enemies of your liberty in your A/O. Bleib ubrig.

    • Hey Dweezel, there are others up here in Rawles Land that share the same outlook as you, and we too realize that it’s more important to improve our own situation than to try to sway public opinion. You just never know who you’re talking to, perhaps until it’s too late.

    • Northgunner

      Sorry to hear that that’s the situation as it stands in your AO of Rawelsland. The folks that you describe there are no different from the ‘good Germans’ that supported hitler or the ‘good Russians’ that supported stalin. Such people ARE the reason that so much of human history is filled/made possible for state-sponsored terror, death and slavery (e.g. the ads running on the radio extolling young people to out themselves for ‘selective service’..nothing more than an appeal to self-enslave as cannon fodder for the parasite class as if such demands ever had a microscopic shred of legitimacy..which they never did!!).

      “For every hour you spend preparing your arguments on liberty, truth, and situational awareness, spend two to three on PT, shooting. and gathering useful information on the enemies of your liberty in your A/O.”

      That’s truly gold right there!!!
      If at all possible try to find young folks that ARE worthy there for BOTH. Once the shtf, there will be more than a few that WILL go full bore ‘red pill’..survival will necessitate it. Yes, it should have been ‘before’ but sometimes that’s the kind of ‘system shock/re-start that is necessary for assessment/re-awakening.

      I’d also add Rothbard, Bastiat, Royce. Larken Rose (videos/books), Von Mises and the ‘Uncle Eric’ books as well.
      YMMV of course….

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • True.
      Any doubters need only view the parade of vehicles displaying “K27” stickers, and the blue porch lights.

    • .”Mall zombies.”The worst kind. You have to remove the head from the body to stop them from buying overpriced shit from China.

  4. Jack Crabb

    Yeah, I’m more inclined to agree with DWEEZIL THE WEASEL. The original post is a great sentiment, but IMHO reality looks closer to DWEEZIL’s post.

    • Just my $.02. Everyone’s reality (the thing that’s actually in their face) is different. The original post is by no means optimistic. But that reality is still there; one can choose to try to influence it or not. Detracting from PT or field skills? Horsehockey; do them all.

  5. Lauren Southern is also a good example of how to hide your power level while still calling out hypocrisy:

    I don’t know how people can say this stuff doesn’t work. People’s trust in media has been plummeting the past few years, and its not because the media has been pointing out its own problems. The youngest generation is the most conservative in a long time, even though its only 59% white and non-whites tend to be a lot more liberal.

  6. To the great unwashed mass’ out there (present company excluded of course!), nothing happens until something happens to them – period. Once ‘it’ becomes personal then and only then do they become engaged to whatever level. Sadly as history proves, at that point it is usually too late. The few ‘forward thinkers’ or those with enough common sense to understand the present are in the minority – maybe they make it – maybe not but at least they have a better chance than the bulk of the population. Just like meth – comfort is a hell of a drug.

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  8. Thanks for listing these names, I learned so much for just a bit of a Stefan interview on north korea.
    Unfortunately, I’m still old school despite growing up with the internet boom, I still get most of my information from books and articles(I highly recommend the American thinker, I daily stop for me for new information)

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Or just carry your Trumpy Bear with you at all times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9qv8RSreIM

  10. Great minds. Really? What makes these guys great minds?, like we need them to tell us what’s up. The greatest mind for each of us the one between your ears. These folks view themselves as our freedom leaders. They assume way to much for me.

    great at pointing out the obvious, lack realistic solutions. Why do most allow others to be told what’s up, who the enemy is, and how we should be addressing that alleged enemy. I reserve the right to select my enemies my friends and how/when we react.

    I’m not looking for a leader to lead me, or tell me how it is.

    Seriously what is it that makes these guys great minds? Educate me.


    • I’ll pass

    • Northgunner

      Try watching Larken Rose’s “You’re Not the Boss of Me!” video for starters, then look at his other videos.

      He’s not trying to be ‘the leader’ of anyone. His message is this: YOU OWN YOURSELF!!
      He shows that we DON’T need a ‘ruling class’ and the myth of ‘gov/authority’ is one of the most dangerous superstitions that exist (a tribe of savages throwing their members into a local volcano once a month to propitiate ‘the volcano god’ is actually less dangerous).

      Worshipping the state means being a slave to it.

      Being Free means that you’ve come to the realization that the state DOESN’T exist, that it’s nothing more than a group of narcissistic sociopaths making shit up (law) and threatening other people if they don’t comply with their threats and demands. It’s no different if a carjacker approaches you and demands your car by force and then tells you that he ‘represents you’ and is ‘acting in your behalf’ as he try to carry out his theft.

      No one would stand for that for a moment..dead carjacker is the result!!
      So why does anyone accept the same behavior from the parasite class and their enablers?

      The answer is actually quite simple as Larken shows, it’s that we’ve been indoctrinated since a very young age to accept the myth that we NEED a ‘ruling class’…that they have a RIGHT to rule/own us and that they have legitimacy to do so…its,as if your dog could talk and said, “ticks..ticks on me?..oh yeah,…them, I need ’em..they represent me and I couldn’t function without ’em..what do you mean get rid of ’em?!?..how would I be able to live without ’em?!?”

      When one stops imagining them as our ‘master’ they’ll stop being our master.
      Only slaves NEED a ‘Master’.

      Freedom truly does begin between our ears..if we’re ready for it…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • jeeze

        it’s really sad you have to recommend reading and watching to help someone discover they are being screwed by ‘authority’ isn’t it?

        i was born with free and with a natural dislike of anyone who claimed to be “in charge”.

        i don’t need anyone to teach me how to be free.

        300 million…

        • Northgunner

          Yup it truly is…

          Some folks learn by looking at history (abject or personal..especially if they’ve had family members or themselves survive encounters with organized evil/statism).

          Others learn the hard way,..when the hickory ax handle of reality connects with them personally…

          Others just don’t seem capable of getting it…like a dog that gets skunked but a week later goes back for more…

          Like the character Morpheus said, “I can show you the door…YOU have to walk through it”.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • i don’t need anyone to teach me how to be free.

          Lessons on spelling, grammar, punctuation, history, geography, math, hard and soft sciences, logic, critical reasoning, and pretty much any other subject in the Oxford English Dictionary, Encyclopedia Britanica, or all of human knowledge hitherto collected are desperately lacking.

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            • face it cuck.

              I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


              and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

              The Great And Powerful Thunderpants Has Spoken!

      • Amen and Amen.

      • Northern gunner, thank you for your observation, taking the time to teach. I’ve watched these guys multiple times, each time I’m left scratching my head.

        I’m as free as I choose to be. Nothing these guys offer adds to that. Are they contributing, perhaps. I seem to study, what they study, research at the same Intel sources, sometimes come to the same conclusion.

        I see danger in carte blanc agreement, no free will, no global thinking, just guys adding to the noise. Guys confusing the narrative with their view, of how stuff should be.

        The strength of this nation IS, the abstract ability to read objectively or listen to their word, and determine individually if the depth and direction is in our own band width.

        It’s easy to read these essays and shake our heads in agreement. Nothing productive comes from that. Our side, these guys are getting as bad as MSM, with overviews, and dragging us to their conclusion.

        We’re not sheep, were hopefully critical thinkers, with our own abilities to review/access this stuff, and analytically conclude if it has merit, in our application.

        No different then listening to Limbaugh, Drudge, Breitbart etc etc. which I do, I agree sometimes perhaps 50/50,

        I don’t want anybody doing my thinking for me, put it out their, let free men and women make their own choices

        I just read here, to many of us reading or listening to one structured review, and without further research use their words and examples, as our own.

        Weak at best. I think we’re getting lazy, doing the research isn’t always say. Trust but verify.

        Sadly I’ve seen a pattern on our side, we use emotional response, more then analytical research as our script.

        Sorry I just think these guys talking daily to keep their numbers up.


      • Same for Molyneaux. He directs those listening to me actors of their own merit, urging them not to be content but act, which is the foundation of things getting done, aka Western Society.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves in to in the first place.

    This is why almost any rational arguments against the mental disease of Leftism always fail, and recourse to them is buy-the-world-a-Coke happygas for that 51% of society.
    The 3 thoughtful liberals in the world already switched sides.
    That just leaves the rest of them, most of whom will only “get it” when the fist hits their nose.
    Or the bullet to the head opens their minds.

    Challenge accepted.