Taleb: The Intellectual Yet Idiot



Don’t be the fool.

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  1. Older article by Taleb but still holds true. A classic example of this was Jonathan Gruber, the MIT dink who cooked up the whole Obamacare rationale. He was out of his element.

  2. Fine stuff…heady and true, a rare combination. Thing is, he totally skipped over THE critical factor, the one which both explains why it happened and lends insight into what ought to be done about it.

    They BENEFIT from it. That is, they have better lives (as they see it) from being IYI.

    Whether collectivist-religionists, collectivist-statists, or modern collectivist-utopians, they get PAID for being IYI. By whom? Oh, what a shocker…by rulers.

    The point carries from top to bottom, from the philosophers to the enforcers. Every last one of ’em derives their sustenance from being exactly who they are and doing what they do.

    It’s why The Great Compromise will work. Let ’em have all the money. It was theirs all along anyway. They created it and they fucked it up. But the Good Guy should keep his wealth–his production–and never let a drop of it go except through his own willful consent. THEN we’ll see how well they can accomplish their insanity.

    ‘Course that takes the courage to choose it and the strength to do it. Both of those are there if desired, but currently almost nobody desires it.

    Yet. We’ll see what happens when they die if they don’t.

  3. They’re Luciferians!

    • Via Townhall:

      Organizers of the “Women’s March” and Michael Bloomberg’s gun control lobbying group Everytown are participating in an anti-National Rifle Association rally today. They are currently walking from Fairfax, Virginia to Washington D.C. as part of the resistance movement. With armed guards Their main arguments?

      -Real men don’t need guns

      -No one is safe unless everyone is safe (whatever that means)

      -Loaded guns under beds are bad

      -The NRA doesn’t respect women’s rights

      -The NRA is full of bigots

  4. Mark Cancemi



  5. He is far too optimistic, and the class he describes is far larger than he imagines.
    The problem is that for every one of them with a public face, there are a hundred anonymous hip-joined knee-jerkingly like-minded minions, if not a hundred thousand.

    The author thinks there are only 300,000-3,000,000 such; there are no less than tens of millions, just on this side of the pond.

  6. Brings to mind the wonderful Orwell quote to wit:“There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”
    They live in a different universe from that of the Dirt People., but they will not be immnune when the coming shitstorm goes down.