The Elites Have No Idea What Is Coming

Just ask those who have survived civilizational collapse, even on a relatively small scale.

You don’t have enough hard-hearted allies.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Randall Flagg

    Best part is in the comments section. To wit:


    If really are legions of demons walking on this earth, those four are part of them. And as always, 3 are jewish. If Rockefeller is not jewish by blood, he’s a jew by his actions, and even looks jewish, just look at that nose.


    I am really intrigued by your comment… and I think better understanding it will go a long way into helping me resolve some of my questions. Let’s put aside the question of looks. All romans have jew noses as do most former boxers. So let us leave that by the side for now at least.

    The comment you made that really struck me was this: “If Rockefeller is not jewish by blood, he’s a jew by his actions”

    My first thought was to my least favorite faggot (which is a pretty big achievement…maybe some pillow biter award). This is Anderson Cooper. Cooper is the Scion of the Vanderbilt family. Not just a Vanderbilt, Cooper is The Vanderbilt. At some point in the next 20 years he will be the patriarch of that particular family. He is not just a degenerate scum bag, but he is a degenerate scum bag that was handed, on a literal silver platter, everything I have ever dreamt of in my life…everything that I have fought and sacrificed for…not just the money, the whole package. I have given my entire life over to enjoying the amuse bouche to the meal he was just handed and what did he do with it? Well…..

    Now, I don’t think anyone is going to point to the Vanderbilt family and claim they are Jews. But no one is going to point to them and claim they AREN’T elite. They are the very definition of what it means to be elite.

    Now, I have long said that I find the broad stroke painting of “jews” as “enemy” to be a foolish and cowardly move made by people who have very little to show for themselves and need someone to blame. I stand by that. I am all for looking at individuals and saying whether or not there is some dirt on their hands which I will hold them accountable for. But to do say “those people over there are the reason the world is so bad” is literally (hitler) the oldest cop out in the book.

    And this brings me back to your comment about Rockefeller. “If he isn’t Jewish by blood, he’s a jew by his actions” (sic). I will tell you a very quick story. I was in Dublin at Trinity U a few years back for a bit. I had a friend there who was a jewish guy. Not religious or anything, just by blood he was a jew. It never even would have come up if not for this particular incident. One night I convinced him to go to The Finches Pub in Neilstown. Now, if anyone here is acquainted with Dublin they will tell you that I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the kind of place where getting into a fist fight is as likely as getting into a dart match (and many times afterwards all is settled). So this irish dude I am chatting with blah blah blah at the bar looks at my friend and says “oi…are ye a catholic or a protestant” Now, a drunken Irishman twice your size in a pub with a reputation for fights asking you about religion is pretty much the last fucking place anyone in the world wants to be. So my friend looks at him and says “neither….I’m a jew” So this big irish guy looks him over and in an accent I wish I could imitate says, and I can still hear him saying it, “yah? well? are ye are catholic jew or a protestant jew.” That is when some of his friends who were slightly less drunk came over and made a joke of the whole thing. We did a bunch of shots and the big irish guy called my friend “jew” all night. There was a pretty fucking tense moment there though. The point is….this big drunk irish guy wasn’t asking about religion, he wasn’t asking about bloodlines, he was asking about local irish politics. Being a jew didn’t get him off the hook of taking a side in that particular conversation where either catholic or protestant this guy fucking hated someone (which I still don’t know).

    So here is my question: has “(((jew)))” simply become an easy label for what is deemed as the power elite in your opinion? You statement leads me to believe that you might feel that way. Whether Jewish Banker, Muslim Shiek, WASP Hedge Fund guy whatever….this group may be “jew by action” as you put it. If so, then things that I see here make a lot more sense. If not, then simply looking at the jew with jewish blood and saying “its him” is, in my thinking, no different than the black looking at any white, from the billionaire to the totally impoverished, pointing and saying “white privilege”

  3. the Vanderbilts are a old, degnerate, worn-out family from the olden days of the Protestant Establishment. Which is long gone. Nowadays the Jews call the shots. From the (((Central Bank))) on downwards. Didn’t Trumpenthal just go crawling off to Israel to Pledge Allegiance to Zion? Yes he did.

    • “Nowadays the Jews call the shots.”

      Damn, that must’ve shook you up. “Nowadays’? Did you forget your own theory? If the Joooooos were so brilliant that they did it all since 1913, then they probably deserve to rule the world.

      Irrelevant anyway. If ANYONE calls the shots in YOUR life, then that’s on YOU. Grow a set and stand the hell up.

      • no. I have said repeatedly that the history of the Jews is replete with rises and falls, each more steep then more precipitous than the last. (((They))) are often brilliant individually but, as a collective, have tripped themselves up time and again.

        • Even fiction should be logically consistent. If they’re out to rule you and they keep tripping themselves up, how is it that they control you?

          • Grenadier1

            Scooby Scooby JEWWWWWW!!!!
            Dont look for any logic in it, they are simultaneously the most evil, most insidious and cunning bunch, in charge of everything, all seeing and knowing AND at the same time so incapable that it has taken them 1000’s of years to execute this master world conquering plan.

  4. At the moment we have the entire population of the West—about 400 million men, many of them able-bodied—backed into a corner, angry and desperate but definitely not hopeless.

    I’d like to hope he’s right, but to date, that hasn’t worked out to be the case anywhere in Europe.

    When they start rounding up jihadis and deporting them back to Trashcanistan desert wastelands, and putting the bayonet to the resisters who won’t go, we can talk.

    Until then, it’s nothing but pipe dreams, and whistling past the graveyard.

  5. These fuckers got to where they are by being smart, vicious, manipulative and always having an escape plan.
    They will all die peacefully in their beds. And there ain’t shit we will do up close and personal to any of em.

    • CA Warrior

      Really? They are nothing more than people with enough money to buy their stuff and pay off other people to guard them. All men, all imperfect, all vulnerable to some degree.

      It’s coming down for these elites. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but very soon.

      Maybe not me, maybe not you, but someone who is tired of their games and lies will come knocking on their door to collect a long-overdue bill, “up close and personal”.

      And at that point all their money and status will mean nothing.

      • Better hurry.
        I’m not trying to be a wise ass, but I think we will all be pretty busy at home.
        I do get your point.

  6. I do think for the usa and maybe Canada(although Canada may have gone the way of Europe and let immgrants take to much of a lead), they can be a return to a country that runs as it was founded, but it’s going to be dark and hairy for a long time before then and a lot of patriots and would be patriots will be steamrolled before that turn is made.
    And if that happens the elite will sleep but theu’ll never leave their bunkers again or they’ll be killed for what they did to the country.

  7. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Bring flat bed tractor trailers. We’ll need them to stack their dead like cord wood.

  8. Family.Three of the nine people present are MD’s,one RN, two psychologists,two school teachers and a farmer.A formidable group. As a family we believe passionately in education as a means to enlightenment, alleviating and treating human pain and suffering, teaching,plus living a full and rewarding life.Preparation for this quick little journey, some are on(doctoring), means dedicating the first 33-35 years of your life to education,internship and residency. The costs are astronomical,the hours and commitment are mind- numbing.
    Your dying child is in your arms and the only person who could save their life is standing in front of you…Would your first question be,”Are you a Jew?”
    If you answered yes, I say fuck you.
    Hating and blaming the Jooo for pulling the strings on everything reeks of ignorance.That train of thought lets other religious and ethnic groups off the hook. There are enough disgusting and vile cocksuckers on this planet for all groups to have it’s share credited to them. Evil does not discriminate based on religious/ethnic views. Evil cuts across all barriers and designations.To think otherwise puts you and your loved ones at risk when that peaceful pieface that lives next door butchers you and your family while you sleep. Fucking Ninjas, Until proven otherwise, suspect everyone and remain paranoid.You are surrounded by scum-sucking shitbags.

    • ghostsniper

      Are you in the habit of making questions up out of thin air and then answering them?

      Your comment falls under the heading of “19 Ninja’s”.

      Clue, no one in the history of ever has held their dying child in their arms and asked the doctor if he was a jew, and the question is retarded.

      I loathe all religious addicts equally.

    • It’s not just idiots blaming jews, now it’s Islam. And blaming Islam is a low and disgusting cop out just like Hitler demonizing the news. Islam is NOT the problem.
      Evil vile people are the problem. Just like guns are not the problem, evil vile people are the problem.

    • What do you think a percentage is? Estimate about 50% are bad (ymmv). Talk that high of a percent to these regular joes and does today in the USA, people think you are off the rocker. Yet their context is only this current fantasy. However, everyone may be bad depending on the circumstances or at least do bad things given the circumstances.

    • If you look at virtually every major problem in the West today, you’ll find the jews behind it. Pornography. Immigration. Disgenic welfare. Marxism. USSR. Organized crime. Leftist monopoly on media. Leftist monopoly on education.

      Jews themselves admit they don’t feel at home in a homogeneous society so they intentionally try to wreck it. In the past they’ve done it hundreds of times on a smaller scale.

    • Knuckdm, agree. The boldness of some here amuse me. This Jew thing is just wierd to me. They rule the world! Yea right. Bottom line, haters gotta hate.

      Imagine the uproar if the table was flipped. The Jew Dr, refused to work on anyone’s loved ones, other then Jewish folks.

      ” excuse me sir, but before I can save your child’s life, I need to know if your Jewish” your not. Take two of these pills and don’t call me in the morning.

      Not going to happen


    • Well put. Stereotyping gets REAL old. Also winds up justifying mass murder. Count me out.

  9. Jesse in DC

    Find the bunkers. Find the vents. Pile up every tree in the surrounding area on the vents. Apply generous amounts of diesel fuel. Ignite. Stand back and admire your handiwork.

  10. justanotherusualsuspect

    I haven’t found the answer yet but I think the Jews we deride are in the cracks between Jews of the Torah, rabbinic Jewry, those following the Talmud, and the Zionists which to me are a hodge-podge of politically motivated non-religious “Jews” who are rapacious and callous in amassing their personal fortune, In my youth, I first saw the newsreels of Jews wearing stars, dragged through the ghettos by the nape of the neck, crammed in to boxcars, etc., my sensitivities were sharpened over time and repeated viewings to such a fine point, that I felt their plight personally. I shuddered to think how I would bear up under such treatment wondering how one group of people could treat another group of people so brutally. All the controversy about holocaust denial has come as a sincere shock. I once knew a woman, a Christian women, who showed me her arm tattooed with her id number. She was Hungarian. I honestly don’t know who tells the truth much less what the truth is in these chaotic days. Sifting fact from fiction is never ending exercise of diminishing marginal utility.

  11. Notarealperson

    Blaming it all on the Jews is just plain ass stupid and dangerous. Most of those pulling shit on us are white elites and some cases Jews. But even if the Jews were not there, it would still be going on.

    People look at Zucky but don’t get his policies are no different from all the other WASP geeks in Silicon Valley. He just another creepy sociopathic geek like most of those in Silicon Valley.

    Blaming jews doesn’t explain why towns and cities across America want to become “sanctuary cities”. They want to because the politicos and businessmen want them to stay so they can harvest votes and money off them. Most of it pushed by whites. They ain’t elites but are just as evil.

    The whole thing about importing foreigners was to drive down wages and benefits(which has worked from service industry to high tech) while turning them into consumers for the business community.

    You wonder why every store now takes SNAP/EBT cards now? Because there are no longer enough employed consumers to keep most businesses afloat.

    Most of the shit going on is about money making and power grabs and these people do not care if they destroy the U.S. and Europe in the process. They need to be eradicated.

  12. Be they Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Pagan, Islamic, or self identifies as a gold fish. If they think they are my master they are my enemy. All others who want to live in peace have nothing to fear from me. EXCEPT the African. It is simply impossible for humans of European ancestry to live with or even near them. I favor the same thing “honest Abe” did. Heard them up. Ship them one way back to Africa. IMO most of this “IT’s THE JOOOOO’S!!! bullshit are federal trolls trying to make everyone in the “FREEFOR” look like neo-Nazis.

    • Northgunner


      This ‘live and let live’ Pagan anarchist couldn’t agree more!

      If you’ll read Taleeb Starkes, “Uncivil War: Blacks vs Niggers” and watch the youtube videos he’s done, you’ll understand that blacks are approximately 13% of the population of America, yet 2% of that 13% commit approximately 50% of all murders. It’s not blacks like Thomas Sowell or l the late Will Grigg who are being a problem in America, it’s the 2% that are niggers (and the percentage outside them that defend/enable/support them in the black community). The other problem related to this is that they are being weaponized for islam through imams converting them through prison programs. If blacks understood the actual history of islam and how it has always related to blacks, they would see that it’s pure poison and hate it and it’s adherents to the core! Louis Farrakan would most likely be the only black in his ‘Nation of Islam’. The word in Arabic for black is also the primary word for slave; abed (ir-hapt is also used). It’s very telling about moslems how invested in the world wide slave trade they are, there are over 42 different words to describe the slave via age sex or ethnicity.

      The other problem population that is a direct threat to America are the emissaries of islam, the moslems. They are not here to assimilate or become Americans, they are here obeying the jihad of the hijra (migration) and they have openly stated their goals for ‘civilization jihad’.

      IMHO, America cannot survive with these two weaponized demographics at the beck and call of the parasite class.

      All three MUST be dealt with, within the framework of self-defense.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  13. The coup of the Jew haters is simply this. Can anybody disprove their accusations, more importantly, will anybody but the haters waste time they won’t get back, on the disproving.

    Na, once you go down that “disprove road”, they got ya. Your now apart of their dialog. Fucked up place to be. You just walked into their X ambush.

    Seems to me that once again someone’s trying to pick my enemies for me. Force feed their rhetoric down my throat.

    Have you ever noticed that usually when someone’s trying hard to sway an opinion it’s to make their enemy, yours? Spend your time energy money, not theirs.

    I pick and focus on the enemies I choose, to use my resources on.


  14. A lot of interesting comments on this one.

    If we do get around to taking the ruling bastards down, it may well be that the Jews will be over-represented on the pyres. I don’t care about that. I won’t be with the idiots trying also to take down the Jewish baker struggling to make ends meet. The Jews who survive this mess will just have to incorporate into their culture, “Stay Out Of The Ruling Class”, no matter how smart they may be. And we will have to incorporate into ours, “Kill Any Bastard Who Tries To Rule”.

    • >>>The Jews who survive this mess will just have to incorporate into their culture, “Stay Out Of The Ruling Class”, no matter how smart they may be. And we will have to incorporate into ours, “Kill Any Bastard Who Tries To Rule”.<<<

      Everyone says they're looking for "a plan." Well there it is, quite sufficient.