Unconventional Wisdom, Trust Hierarchies, And Internal Secession

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You have not seen anything (but the beginning) yet.

Got intel?

Even more importantly:

Can you imagine a future in which self-organized producers trade with self-organized consumers in mutually-agreeable transactions without a whit of central government interference?

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  1. “wretchard”? the link led to that old cuck Dick Fernandez doing his usual neo-constooge bear-baiting. **** him and his warmongering Zionist paymaster.

  2. “Can you imagine a future in which self-organized producers trade with self-organized consumers in mutually-agreeable transactions without a whit of central government interference?”

    Watch it! Next thing you know you will be quoting Frédéric Bastiat, pissing off the globalists.

  3. “So they tried a little soft power themselves. Little did they imagine how successful they would be against the former information warfare gurus. The Russian hacks of the 2016 election are regarded as such epic victories that Keith Olbermann broadcast an online plea for help to the world’s intelligence agencies to help prevent a Russian coup in Washington. Significantly more measured is former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright description of the shocking reversal of fortune.”

    Please, Please can we dispense with the canard that the election was hacked? There has not been one shred of evidence that a hack has occurred.

    Did the Russians try political influence? Maybe. But even that is thin gruel. But even if they did, is that any different that what Obama attempted to influence the Israeli elections? Nope and it was crude in it is implementation.

    • The worst that is alleged against Russia is still less than what Israel & Mexico have done to influence the election openly, with all the evidence needed on youtube.

  4. Can you imagine a future in which self-organized producers trade with self-organized consumers in mutually-agreeable transactions without a whit of central government interference?

    Yeah. That would pretty much be the entire US, up until about 1880.
    Nothing ever in recorded history comes closer, nor lasts for more than about five minutes, because people are such shits.

    • As to the meat of the article, Fernandez notes correctly that low oil prices cripples Russia and Arab petro-states.
      So drill, baby.

      But overlooks completely that cheaper energy has fuelled the precise boom in China that now makes them an emerging threat.


      This what happens to analysts, even Fernandez, who look at maps, rather than a globe.
      There are no free moves on the chessboard. Everything has a cost as well as a benefit.

      As to ideologically-motivated buying and selling, good luck with that. People (who are non-idiots) don’t buy from Wal-Mart or Amazon because they like the politics, they do it because the shit there is cheapest, which trumps the first ten reasons people buy what they buy.

      The answer is capitalism, not trade cartels.

      Make a product or provide a service for your ideological group, and some of them, only shop there.
      Make the best product or provide the best product at the best price, and everyone goes there, including people whose politics you hate.
      You can figure out which is a better business model.

      This is Econ 101 stuff, and if Fernandez can’t figure that out without a cluebat, he shouldn’t be writing beyond his depth.

      • Counterfund is largely targeting those locked out of conventional fund-raising, like white nationalists. Unfortunately there is a jew involved at the higher levels of the company so WNs might be a bit leery of sending them shekels. Supposedly its designed so that ancap principles protect it from ever being subverted by Big$$… but that seems counter-intuitive.

    • “Yeah. That would pretty much be the entire US, up until about 1880.”

      See, this is what happens when a guy chooses to live entirely in his mind and not on Earth. Facts don’t matter. Hell, facts don’t even exist in that world.

      So how long between the Constitution and the Whiskey Rebellion?

      • And how much of the country did the Whiskey Rebellion affect, before, during, or after?
        Thought so.
        Thanks for playing Jim, and we have some lovely parting gifts for ya.

        • All of it. That’s WHY it was crushed in the fashion it was. I mean sheesh…even the rulers understood this; how come you can’t? Next you’ll be teaching that nuking two cities didn’t matter because the vast majority of the world wasn’t.

          I already knew you were inevitably wrong except in your narrow field of expertise, but I never knew you were so “concrete-bounded.” Thanks for sharing and you get bonus points for such glaring honesty about it.

  5. without a whit of central government interference?
    Every chance I get

  6. I can imagine a future in which people who want to impose their rules on others about taxes, abortion, intoxicants, building codes, zoning, professional licensing, healthcare, charity for the poor, marriage, alimony, child rearing, insurance, retirement savings, gun control, export control, cryptography, money, banking, orbital access, national origins of labor, etc. will all just leave me alone. You do realize the exponential growth in technology is de-centralizing power, right?

  7. Drones with pistols just keep getting cheaper. Maybe one of the trainers could talk about tradeoffs of cartridge size/count/battery life/range. Five of configuration A can defend against attack B, that sort of thing. Soon every prepper will be their own Wicked Witch with their own fleet of flying monkeys. The stable endgame is everybody with MAD against everybody else, and all rising in the arms race at the same rate. Peace.

    • I don’t understand the fascination with the gun-drone connection. Totally inefficient. What you do is coat the entire drone with fast acting contact poison. Included is a small charge that turns the drone into shrapnel. Fly the drone to the target then blow it up. Odds favor that the poison takes out its target. This approach permits a lighter drone to be used to accomplish the task.

  8. ghostsniper

    Anarchy (absence of gov’t)? OMG!!!!
    But, but, but who’ll pay for the roads?????

    Anarchy: the way common people interact every dam day of the year.

    • Northgunner

      “Anarchy: the way common people interact every dam day of the year.”

      Yup!! All without force/threats or fraud. It all starts be realizing that YOU OWN YOURSELF and respect that each individual owns themselves. Radicals have been preaching this for hundreds of years but it took someone like Larken Rose to make it mainstream via his books, “The Iron Web”, “The Most Dangerous Superstition” and his numerous youtube videos on personal Liberty.

      The ‘rules’ are actually quite simple:
      Stand on your own two feet.
      Earn your own stuff
      Protect you and yours and deserving innocents
      as we’ll as related property
      Don’t lie, cheat or steal
      Keep your word
      Let others live as they wish with the proviso that they do the same for you and yours

      Notice how the parasite class and their enablers and supporters NEVER do any of the above (and that definitely goes for a majority of the cucks that parrot incessantly about ‘muh constitooshun’).

      Slaves ALWAYS need a ‘Master’
      Free people NEVER do

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  9. First thing we do, is kill all the
    Scratch that.
    Avoid, like the plague that it is, the FRNs.
    And all other fiat schemes.

    THAT is beginning the restoration of autonomy.

    • The most revolutionary act possible is to start a garden. A man who can feed himself cannot be coerced.

  10. Organize a drone building and racing league with your friends’ kids. It’s fun!

  11. Oh, yes … it’s the “enemies of Democracy” who are the problems.

    If it weren’t for them, Mr Fernandez would be gleefully imposing his own preferred version of Collectivism upon the World. And all would be well.

    Well, you can count me amongst those enemies.

    • Northgunner


      Just another word for slavery.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  12. “Can you imagine a future in which self-organized producers trade with self-organized consumers in mutually-agreeable transactions without a whit of central government interference?”

    Sure can, no need to imagine, It is happening all sorts of places in increments from one act of barter to increasing numbers of BFYTW’s in local AO’s figuring it out when you cut out the leviathan’s skim you kill a lot of birds with one stone.
    It’s Resistance Bitchez!
    And every day more people are figuring out what’s to be afraid of but a Oligarchy State in an existential precarious state of anarchy of its own choosing, where every act of defiance and resistance to it pushes it a teeny tiny bit closer to implosion.
    Like how do you eat the elephant?
    One bite at a time.
    How does the leviathan wage it’s totalitarian war on freedom?
    By balancing peas on a knife.

    And every day, a few more get it. The State means nothing. It creates nothing. It’s a beast on the brink of a self destructive totality proscribed by the imperative of having to commit more than it can steal for surviving its own illegitimacy.

    The delicious thing here, is that vote for Donald Trump, it really was The Great Fuck You.
    Because Trump is two things:
    1. He is unbalancing the equation of the oligarchy. It is really messing them up something fierce.
    2. He is the balance of power, the swing of the pendulum swinging in favor of resistance to tyranny that was needed to bring the paradigm of the 2nd American Revolution to the forefront of the Normies perspective, by simply having their back.

    Oh the outrage! The Gall of such a man as Trump, to put the people of this Republic first! It’s..It’s…Unthinkable! An Outrage. The Audacity!

    Donald Trump is the Normies Supreme Commander In Chief Shitlord.
    He gives people pride, purpose, of place in the grand scheme, and they like what they see. It’s empowering. The Audacity and motive power is rubbing off.
    MAGA Bitchez.

    The contrast from the traitors and treason preceding him is stark naked obvious. All the traitors, the deep and permanent government, the war profiteering neo-cons, the scam and illusion from the media complex to the red diaper baby’s, they got caught with their pants down jerking off when the light of truth was suddenly turned on and the comfortable illusion of legitimacy that screened how our government and it’s actors had sold us all out, how utterly corrupted it became, was destroyed.

    Who with a lick of common sense, wants to fund such a crappy shitty one sided deal?
    You? Me?
    You don’t have to be a political rocket scientist to see resistance to the state is fertile.

    My wife and I and our friends of our AO hear more and more everyday the refrain, I’m not spending one dime more than I have to, not to the Walmart’s, the county, the state. People are growing and raising their food, they are trading and bartering, they are avoiding taxes, building tangible assets which hold and increase value and wealth. It’s bit by bit, a little here a little there. But it adds up when millions are doing it.
    Its withdrawal of consent. The most powerful weapon ever devised against tyranny.

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