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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Ah, yes–the “Sage of Baltimore.”

    Would that he could see the utter devastation to his former city, “B’more,” these days. If you could now attach a generator to his coffin, you’d out-power Niagara Falls Hydroelectric from poor ‘ole H.L. spinning in his grave…..

  2. A radical being not an extremist ranging off the reservation, but one who, like the root word is wholly grounded in core, fundamental beliefs.

  3. Mencken? You jest.

    He was known as “the sage of Baltimore” (which says a lot more about Baltimore’s wisdom than Mencken’s), and probably explains the etiology of the term “Baltimoron”.
    His entire life stands in absolute proof of the axiom:
    If everyone you meet is an asshole, you’re the asshole.
    Everyone Mencken met who didn’t agree with him was an asshole.

    Mencken was an elitist malcontent and naïve idiot of the front rank, proud graduate of nothing more than a correspondence school course in writing after high school, famous for having opinions on everything and education or wisdom about nothing, and no shyness about expressing his ignorance to adoring fans. In short, the classic journalist of the last two centuries: better and smarter than you, certainly. Just ask him.

    His quote, however and for whomever convenient at any given moment, is about what you’d expect of someone who lived to see Lenin supplant the Czars, and watch him, Stalin, Khrushchev, and Mao rise to absolute power on piles of corpses than would have made herr Hitler blush, while he and his journalistic compadres like the NYTimes cheered them on, while covering their homicidal excesses. But let’s don’t call them radicals.

    In a better world, were anyone to take most of his lifetime collection of tripe seriously, he would have eaten with rented teeth after someone or sometwenty of them beat the dentition out of his gums with a pipe, fed by someone whose hands hadn’t been similarly mangled into dysfunctional claws.

    He is a classic example of a published gossip who’s sure beyond the need to prove that he’s absolutely smarter than every other human extant, past or present, despite no documented rationale for said belief, and the journalistic equivalent of a Che t-shirt, without the utility.

    The two best things to happen to American journalism were his stroke, followed closely by his death, but unfortunately his talents for castigating things far beyond one’s ken or grasp were in no short supply, as a century and more of the American press since his heyday have proven time and again.

    Beyond that, the Mises Institute’s fawning bio paints him as a “radical defender of liberty”, whereas in truth “he was a detractor of …representative democracy, which he believed to be a system in which inferior men dominated their superiors.” Stupid Founders. He was a defender of libertines, not liberty. And if anything was sensible or traditional, you were a boob for believing it. Nowadays those types are generally seen at Occupy or Antifa rallies, or working at CNN or HuffPo, in between Democrat administration gigs.

    Mencken’s pathetic pedigree should have been the tip-off from the get-go, but the Mises folks are evidently desperate to find someone else to retroactively suck up to them, rather than standing on their own two feet, or finding a living exemplar who didn’t need their hand up his ass to make him speak on their behalf.

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

    • Everyone Mencken met who didn’t agree with him was an asshole.”

      sounds exactly like you cuckboy.

      face it cuck.

      I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


      and I haven’t even yelled BOO! yet.

      • You have nothing to contribute. And you never do. You have no value as a human being. This reflects rather poorly on CA. His judgement comes into question.

      • “sounds exactly like you cuckboy.”

        Funny, that was PRECISELY my first thought.

        “Mencken’s pathetic pedigree should have been the tip-off from the get-go…”

        Strip away the fluff from an idiot and you’ll inevitably find a Collectivist. In this case–an unbelievably bad guesser combined with the ability to write flowery prose–and you’ve got a dangerous Collectivist, an idiot who can’t think straight who has fanciful dreams of grandeur. I think it’s called megalomania. Happily, since such people live exclusively in their minds, the danger to others is minimal.

      • Pot, meet kettle? Hardly.

        But as usual, you’ve bumped your head on an idea, and it won’t fit in your head. So just to clarify for your pedestrian grasp:
        Everybody who disagrees with me isn’t an asshole. On any given day, that’s 10-90% of the people who post and read here, depending on the topic.

        People who act like you, by flinging shit, and offering nothing of substance beyond the spackle they find in their diapers, are assholes.

        That’s only you, in some number of years on this site.
        And for you, it’s a daily occurrence, multiple times a day, because of your Tourette’s and OCD, because it’s all you’ve ever been.
        Just ask everyone.
        Walk tall, diaper sucker. Stay shit-headed. (As if you could help it.)

        And Thanks For Sharing Your Daily Contribution!

    • Anonymussed

      Proof for your assertions? I seem to recall past panic over Ebola which was unfounded…

      • Who panicked? You?

        So tell me, how did the .Gov’s “It will never get here?” and “It will never spread, because our protocols are flawless” work out in Dallas?

        Check up on what a financial hit Presbyterian Hospital took, and is still taking, as the lawsuits wind their way through the courts.

        And the two infected nurses? Unemployed, disabled and crippled for life, and Ebola carriers in perpetuity.


        • Interesting. The crushing of the Whiskey Rebellion–the only combat action personally led by the Commander-in-Chief in the entire history of this country–meant nothing according to you because it was so limited. But somehow one hospital and two nurses mean a ton…when the population is now over 330 million.

          Maybe a logic course would help. Probably not, but you sure need some help from somewhere.

        • I just don’t understand why people are belittling you about your warnings on Ebola…That in my opinion is like never listening to another weather alert because the last time they gave a tornado warning your house didn’t get hit so you got in the basement for nothing…I for one am still thankful for your efforts on giving us updates and the danger it posed for our country…Just because by the Grace of God we didn’t get hit as hard as we could have doesn’t mean the danger wasn’t there and is still lurking out there…

    • Chuckwalla

      Mencken is pretty fucking far from CNN, Antifag, Huffpoo, etc. How many posts have we seen here alluding to voting rights for property holders only? Could he have meant that allowing people to vote for free shit, at the expense of the productive, is a bad idea?

      Seriously I don’t understand what you think the alternative is if we have come to the conclusion that there is no voting ourselves out of this shit show.

      • Read his tripe.
        Mencken assumed he was smarter than everybody in flyover country.
        That’s the exact m.o. of ABCNNBCBS, Antifag, Huffpoo, etc.
        Why in hell d’ya suppose he’s practically a saint of the press corps since forever?
        And he died long before most of the free shit, and the associated Free Shit Army, even existed. He didn’t like people voting because in his sainted opinion, they were too stupid to be trusted to do the right thing. Because they were mostly rural bumpkins and boobs.

        • “Mencken assumed he was smarter than everybody in flyover country.
          That’s the exact m.o. of ABCNNBCBS, Antifag, Huffpoo, etc.”

          Even if it wouldn’t help you, a logic course would likely help anyone who even considers swallowing your swill. One of the points usually covered is how correlation is not causation AND how frauds among us like to imply that it is. Just like you did there. Thanks for playing, but no parting gifts for you.

        • “Mencken assumed he was smarter than everybody”…

          there’s someone here like that.


          face it cuck.

          I fuck your OODA loop into twisted eights.


          and, oh BTW…


          good cuck. whose a good boy?
          you’re a good boy.
          goooood cucky.

        • He didn’t like people voting because in his sainted opinion, they were too stupid to be trusted to do the right thing. Because they were mostly rural bumpkins and boobs..

          And he was wrong in that thought why;) All kidding aside voting should be abolished on all things that take something from me without my consent but pigs will grow wings and fly before that happens…Hope your doing well Brother…

  4. Sorry but a revolutionary is one who owns nothing of value but is willing to destroy everything to get your stuff. That is the universal MO of revolutionaries; organized thuggery it’s why revolutions nearly always fail they are just criminal enterprise writ large. The US revolution being the sole exception

  5. In other words, a native who wants to keep it local.

  6. “”It is the fundamental theory of all the more recent American law…that the average citizen is half-witted, and hence not to be trusted to either his own devices or his own thoughts.”
    A prevailing thought evident since 1787. Contributors at Mises’ Institute’s website do a pretty fine job.

  7. Mencken is essential reading.

  8. Audentis Fortuna iuvat.

    which is why i am wealthy. 🙂

    the meek inherit my scraps.


    The fact that he was part of the Lenin/Stalin/Mao cheerleader squad is unfortunate. But, he was spot on when he opined that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the american people. That has been proven in many, many presidential elections.

  10. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Word!……………. 14 Words to be exact (look it up)

  11. As the world burns, however my two cents worth adjusted for inflation is now worth .0004 cents (two cents – 98 %), hardly a penny for your, or mine, thoughts and in conclusion to the economic crisis is to adjust for inflation 98% so my two cents worth is actually worth two cents, instead of .0002 per cent. Further we have color coordination issues, blue and red line, blue and red states, where the Reds are actually the damn communist and the blues are what we been singin because of them! Wind milling Suns power of the Green backs is less efficient that boiling water, I suppose. And all could be gone with the wind in a heartbeat.
    So, here is the misery index on steroids yet comfortable allusions of disillusions, it could be worst, liver? So, don’t rock the boat, you will disturbed the desk chairs of authority. The vast majority of the un employed, fixed incomers, done given uppers, don’t have a 401K, ya know? Don’t have Mutual Funds and their portfolio consists of outgoing, need I say outstanding balance due, shortage of incoming. The stock market at all time high on pot is meaningless. So, you should buy gold, with what, to protect your assets if you had any assets, much less be able to pay the rent. Or, should I ask if the dollar is fixed to gold or gold fixed to the dollar, or some other metric of currency exchange, such as the Climate? Currency, the climate of gold is $1320.00 per oz gold (thank God it has not been hacked by the metric system for which I hate, sweet Helen of Troy) could go either way. That adjusted for the true value mood a dollar is -98%, or $26.40 per oz., comparatively speaking. The silver lining just may be in the clouds, still just made of vapor? It would seem the rent seekers are living off the cheap and getting rich at it. Word to the un wise, you better reinforce that gate on the gated community and build them walls a little taller for your safe place. Lesson up Humans the tools of the transaction are humans not money! Money is just a means of being mean, tool?
    “the parasite class is owed neither allegiance nor servitude and that ‘gov/authority’ is inherently illegitimate.” )a comment from an informed individual, who shall remain nameless for his own protection(“o”)…
    Seeing Reds? The only legitimacy in authority is when people consent to it, however today it is implied. If you don’t consent and not say anything, you do consent, it is implied. Authority has gotten away with it for far too long, Probable Cause and now Implied Consent. Yet Red Handed weasel a plea bargain behind closed doors. What next Administrative Forfeiture, Eminent Domain for the greater good of the Community? Authority is an illusion, it is little more than pomp and circumstance dressed up in uniform then rule with iron fist with parades of military might (police state) and make law that preserves their circumstance for pompous asses. Every now and then they need their feathers ruffled, if not plucked. A chicken in every pot, my assets! If I had any.
    Further, Sly ooops, I ruffled some feathers, didn’t mean to restart the civil war down dare in Pixie land (war of northern aggression, yet northern aggression is what is going on in the south today, north, east west and all the rest), or perhaps I did? However the people that insist the Confederate Battle flag and the statues are racist and need to be removes, as well as anything remotely resembling a Cross or anything gun related are from the Land of Lincoln, need I say the O man Sly town? Sweet Home boy, Chicago! OK to the gun fight at the windy city corral. Tell that to you Chattanooga chew chew? This train?
    The only asset you truly own is between your ears. UN fortunately, mush and pudding mostly, decidedly split into right and left halves. Logic need not apply, absent reason, however the implication is to consent by not doing anything. Supposedly the right thing thought of but not done is right, provided you can make money by doing it. Left of that is all that is done, as Elliot said doing the right thing for the wrong reason. The real question is who really pays for it, whatever it maybe that is progress?
    In the beginning the Communist created Carol, Lewis wrote about it some years ago. Please note the Russian Revolution was going on at the same time (1917) As Gary North once said, “all the old communist are dead”, why yes them are, yet they make new and UN approved ones.

    Carol Milford is a liberal, free-spirited young woman, reared in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the state capital. She marries Will Kennicott, a doctor, who is a small-town boy at heart.
    When they marry, Will convinces her to live in his home-town of Gopher Prairie, Minnesota, a town modeled on Sauk Centre, Minnesota, the author’s birthplace. Carol is appalled at the backwardness of Gopher Prairie. But her disdain for the town’s physical ugliness and smug conservatism compels her to reform it.
    She speaks with its members about progressive changes, joins women’s clubs, distributes literature, and holds parties to liven up Gopher Prairie’s inhabitants. Despite her friendly but ineffective efforts, she is constantly derided by the leading cliques.
    She finds comfort and companionship outside her social class, but these companions are taken from her one by one.
    In her unhappiness, Carol leaves her husband and moves for a time to Washington, D.C., but she eventually returns. Nevertheless, Carol does not feel defeated:
    I do not admit that Main Street is as beautiful as it should be! I do not admit that Gopher Prairie is greater or more generous than Europe! I do not admit that dish-washing is enough to satisfy all women! I may not have fought the good fight, but I have kept the faith. (Chapter 39) (wp)
    In 1920 Sinclair Lewis Published “Main Street” (first Noble Prize for Literature), Gopher Prairie is Sauk, MN. They tell me I was born there too, but I really don’t remember, or perhaps I do? It took a while “Nevertheless, Carol does not feel defeated:” Want to know what happened to Main Street? In a word it was Carol. Ninety Seven years later Carol was not defeated, she won!
    In another of his books for which I take my Screamy Me Me from, in part “Free Air” (1919). It is a gas, ya know? Of which, I know considerable about compressed gases to include your climate change, however cryptic it may be to the point of premonitions and prediction. If you are interested, check it out? Then of course I could be dead wrong, ya never know, ya know?
    “This cheerful little road novel, published in 1919, is about Claire Boltwood, who, in the early days of the 20th century, travels by automobile from New York City to the Pacific Northwest, where she falls in love with a nice, down-to-earth young man and gives up her snobbish Estate.” (From the Book Stub)
    From a critical perspective, Free Air is consistent with Sinclair Lewis’s lean towards egalitarian politics, which he displays in his other works (most notably in It Can’t Happen Here). Examples of his politics in Free Air are found in Lewis’s emphasis on the heroic role played by the book’s protagonist, Milt Dagget, a working class everyman type. Conversely, Lewis presents nearly every upper-class character in Claire Boltwood’s world (including her railroad-mogul father) as being snobby elitists. The story also champions the democratic nature of the automobile versus the more aristocratic railroad travel. Lewis’s showing favoritism towards the freedom which automobiles would eventually accord the working and middle classes bolsters the egalitarian, democratic aesthetic. Free Air is one of the first novels about the road trip…)WP(
    Road Trip! In search of Main Street and I have found many in the fly over that I drive by, deteriorating and dilapidated filled with a few antique shops and mostly empty of memories past and forgotten, a few government authority and the usual lawyer shops and vacant real estate signs, For Sale! Moved to the edge of towns and small cities are the national franchises, big box stores of course tires and Zippy Lube, Fast Food, the drive buys. Still there are a few, rare few that are the true economic centers they once were, dressed up with window dressing for my word salad, thanks Carol. Even my own home town now with new Red Square, façade of brick and mortar shop, leaky roofs, centers of commerce elsewhere, except for the gun shop, The General Store with bait, just in case you wanted to go fishing in the lake.
    If only Carol were alive today to see the big boxes of Progress all made in China labors cheap the sucking sound of the Progressives giant vacuum cleaner sale, sucks every penny of retrograde redistribution systems of logistics to the wealthy. Not on my Main Street, but of course it will, that is the battle of wills, can’t compete with the deep pockets of shaking move over’s money.
    It was suggest I should start my own blog a while back, I AM not interested in windows word salad for my dressings, of French, Italian, or even Blue Cheese, seemingly American tastes for introspection of the grammatical error, policed word! Still my heart be, the need to flavor the conversation with Socratic absurdity, which is the argument save coronary to conclusion of conversation, then you may have one. Excuse my hi Jacking, pretty please, with a Dot com on top?
    PSsssst! Praise be to Fred, fearless far sight of past to put pixel to paper, or perhaps flat screen as do I, not print, no match for twaddle and tweetness the thing that slaves are made of past and present. Yes cheap labor of love the word I hate, however, the atheist thing don’t hold much water and cheapens the elixir of God’s gift to mans kinda, Beer, yet cheapness of quantity over quality for reason of love and a hang uber over, at least you know you are alive, a nice smoke without mirrors. Sonnet 57 Billie’s word, with Heinz, to catch up fortune, “Being your slave what should I do but tend” has his way with them? Don’t take that the wong way, we word only! I only suggest, you have your way with them. Word UP.

    • Get back on the meds, and up the dose.

      • I doubt your advice will be heeded anymore than it was last time;)

      • au contraire.

        his is much easier to read thru than you’re childish fecal-fetish inspired drivel.

        go away retard. i heard there’s a site called The Retardo Report.

        check it out. someone has to.

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  12. a follower

    Seems to me a radical has no patience, a radical lives in fear, a radical loves himself.

  13. a follower

    Elite Billionaires Like Sheldon Adelson and Peter Thiel Are Restricting Press Freedom in America

    Golden Age of the billionaire elite.
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-1.801371How