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  1. Nuckin Formies

  2. (((Kasner))), alias “Merkle”

  3. The problem is not the migrants being allowed to enter and work, the problem is the migrants being allowed to riot and rape and rob. It is not the migrants who are being lenient on migrants.


      Sir/Ma’am: I disagree. The problem IS allowing migrants in to work. I do not know where you were born and raised, but I saw this first hand growing up in SoCal. For years, there was the Bracero Program. Mexican males came north, lived in labor camps, and worked the farm. A portion of their wages were garnished to be sent home to their families in Mexico. At the end of the season, they WENT HOME!
      In 1965, LBJ and the other corrupt democrats ended the program due to pressure from the UFW and other red-controlled unions. They were aided and abetted by the CATHOLIC CHURCH(are you listening, Miss Ann?), and the Dead Elephant establishment friends and supporters of Ronnie&Nancy Rayguns.
      The floodgates opened and the rest is the history of the disintegration of the Golden State. Any use of migrant workers in agriculture must be thoroughly and completely controlled or there is hell to pay. If the POTUS was in any way a real POTUS, there would be a moratorium on ALL immigration.

    • you’re denser than neutronium. If the Jew-owned politicians didn’t allow the non-White invasives in, they’d be in no position to robe, rape, murder, and displace Whites. Which is precisely why they are being let in.


    Demographics is destiny. This is systematic genocide of western Caucasian mankind. Did you ever ask yourself why is it only white country’s that are targeted for mass immigration from non-white countries? Africa for blacks, middle eastern countries for middle easterners etc, etc, but White countries for everyone! These Africans and middle easterners largely consist of people of low I.Q. levels combined with terrible cultures that cannot and have no desire to assimilate.They are by large a useless surplus population that contributes nothing to the world. The end game is people control. Many people refuse to believe the facts that race is real and race matters. Just wait and see how White people will be treated once we are minorities in our own lands…