Homework Assignment

Read the masthead.


Then, consistent with OPSEC and PERSEC:

– Share what you are doing in that space,

– Share your questions re that space, and

– Make constructive suggestions on how the Boomers-with-a-clue can distribute their knowledge and experience effectively to those even 40 or more years younger than themselves.

Phrased alternatively, does anyone here have anything of substance to say to the young men behind the message below?

If so, what?

If not, why?

Show your work.

106 responses to “Homework Assignment

  1. Randall Flagg

    Last year received state certification as a firearms instructor. Not hard. Take a three-hour class and submit for a background check to show you’re not a pedo. Done and done. However, can’t really find anyone interested in taking courses.

    Looking up, I’ve learned about as much as I can in the past several years from those who could teach me. Arguably, the master/student roles have now reversed as I’m more knowledgeable in certain areas than my teacher(s).

    Looking down, I have gone out of my way to transfer knowledge to others, including (free) range trips, (free) use of rifles/pistols, (free) ammo. I also pass along ads of local sales of firearms and ammo, letting others know when good deals pop up. So far, I’ve gotten two or three people to purchase a firearm they never had before, but I do not believe any of them has ever shot it or practiced with it on their own time or dime. Nor do they have any cache of ammo to feed it. A few boxes at most.

    Each of them are well ahead of the curve when it comes to recognizing the potential of a SHTF situation, wherein said firearms and/or even minimal preparedness would come in handy. Still, they are not all that interested.

    While being guilty of the mindset myself, fact is, times are just still too good, and it seems to be beyond apprehension that they could ever get bad.

    • ‘Before inspiration, comes the slaughter.’

      Yep, times are just too comfortable. Hopefully when things get much less comfortable a knowledge boom occurs to those capable. There still should be sufficient access to quality knowledge, experience, and information via people and tech available. However, majority of people do not have the aptitude required, nor determination, will, and discipline. Especially in this accelerating, decaying, and increasing complex environment. People should push themselves to a point of failure learning new skills now to see what they can handle, especially the intellectual side if there is ever going to be progression into progress after things get too uncomfortable.

      Probably should incorporate knowledge standards (with progression) and deadlines as well, with penalty (e.g. not have the right to vote). Inalienable rights must be earned.

      Like to see everyone 50 and under learn to code (technically the only world wide language). Start by getting a raspberry pi. 50 and over, perhaps increase medical, health, and phisology knowledge. And for the 50 and older crowd, if you have knowledge and experience that you that is feel is valuable, objective, or helpful write a book and put in on the net for free.

  2. CA, presume there is a missing linky? Thx.


    Good point. And one way to do it is to volunteer at a local school(private, preferably) as a tutor or mentor to the young. The little seeds of liberty and free market economics that you plant may bear fruit. It has worked for me in the past.

    • Being a tutor is a great method for retention of knowledge and skills. Helps maintain fundamentals and keeps the knowledge moving. One does not realize how dumb one can become just existing and just doing the daily grind of work. Exercise the fundamentals with the youth.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    First thing–if you want to share liberty values, personal security, survivalist-type-stuff with others, first thing is to qualify them.

    This is especially true with people in your neighborhood (neighbors).

    Are they of a conservative mindset?
    Yes? No?

    LIbertarian Mindset?
    Yes? No?

    Yes? No?

    Conservative and libertarian (most of them that is) can be approached on a step-by-step approach, first talking about politics… with carefully guided questions to “qualify” them, before another step (or “evolution” to make Matt Bracken happy) is taken.

    This approach will preserve “opsec” and “persec” –you will want to know if these individuals identify with “THUG-FOR” or “FREE-FOR.”

    Talking liberty issues with ass-licking, Sanders and Clinton loving jak-tard’s only breaks your “persec” in a massive way and sets you up to be a target for actions by THUG-FOR later on (see: swatting, vandalism, etc.). It also sets you up to be the target of a viscious neighborhood rumor mill.

    This is how I handle shit in my immediate AO.
    To do so otherwise would just be inviting trouble down the road.

    However outside of my AO–my opinions are unfilters and unchecked. When encountering a leftist jak-whak, I will shove it in their face and I carry on my person (these days) a nasty-ass stunn-gun and a large can of pepper-spray to help reinforce my ideas.

  5. to the few worthy that i come across, i make them welcome and comfortable while in my presence.

    i offer them range time, boat rides, use of dockage /shore power, meals, gifts for the children, flowers for the wives( i have an extensive flower garden), and for the men, the use of my well equipped workshop along with my wisdom in the trades and mechanical skills.

    no one leaves tfA-t’s place empty handed or empty minded.

    i have yet to meet a foe here on the island. to the contrary, even the Capt. and crew at the dock look out for moi… they have my contact info and would give me a heads-up if it’s ever needed. if i need a tractor and any implements associated with it, all i have to do is ask. my RE agent just moved a portable boat hoist for me from across the island for free. the natives bring me venison, fish, fresh veggies and advice on local navigation hazards, and fishing/hunting spots.

    it’s good to be me 🙂

    • “it’s good to be me”

      Just for the record, THAT is what most people refuse to accept…for themselves, I mean. And golly, what a shock…so they aren’t. Like it was anything but a choice all along.

      • i always make it point to inform folks after my first divorce i was sleeping on a workbench in my buddies garage and taking showers with a garden hose. no drivers license, no “job”, no future, and drinking whiskey, vodka, and gin on a daily basis…

        that part fascinates them the most.

        and then i get asked, how did you do it?

        it all boils down to how bad you want something.

        if you don’t want a new Cadillac.

        rest assured, you will never have a new Cadillac.

    • Tfat, behind your groff, swashbuckling persona, your a good man.. You keep the riff raff away with your crustyness, works well.

      Your loyal to those you deem worthy, and a motherfucker to those not worth.

      Sadly that’s how it has to be.

      Now give me a ” fuck the cops” will make my day a little brighter.


    • “the natives bring me venison, fish, fresh veggies and advice on local navigation hazards, and fishing/hunting spots.”

      What native tribe is this? Every reservation in North America seems to be very typical of one another, self evident by their personal appearance, poverty, trashy littering lifestyle, and rampant disregard for their pets, live stock, and wildlife. Poor people got their soul and livelihood removed.

      The politics and corruption on the reservations are telling as well.

  6. “American Fascism – America was built in the image of the Roman Republic.” and then goes on to refer to the US as a “Failed democracy” built by white PPL.
    “now the time for a new Caesar to revive the American spirit has dawned.”
    So this would be Antifa

    • a follower

      This would be antifa. ding,ding,ding, ding!

      • Vanguard America is not Antifa at all. It’s the exact opposite. VA wants a strong traditionalist culture, and a government that is strong where it should be: in protecting our borders, fostering exploration, and in keeping (((subversive communists))) in their place.

        While you sneer and call them “antifa,” from behind your screen, they are fighting Antifa in the streets.

  7. I been strafing the Normies over at Gab for awhile now. It’s not that they are not ready to hear what most of us here take for granted, its that it has to be doled out in small bite size pieces so they can savor little bacon bits of truth.
    Pictures help: read agitprop. Memes in pictures. very effective.
    You got to remember, these people aren’t ready to be unplugged from the Matrix just yet, but they know something is wrong, like a splinter in their minds, (to borrow a great line).
    The interesting thing is not what you have to reach, it is how you teach it.
    And when something is presented in interesting terms, that speak truths of how much they have been taken for fools, the mind begins to open up and receive these pieces like in a jig saw puzzle coming together.

    CA hit on the idea. I ran with it. Highly effective. Crosses all ages, all social norms. It connects people too. Preference cascades are powerful things. You plant ideas like seeds, and landed in fertile ground, minds, they grow out of all size to their diminutive beginnings.

    Until it goes fully kinetic, this is war of hearts and minds. Make the mistake of discounting or ignoring that, your chances of winning drops vertically, there is no learning curve in that. All the boolits and beans are worth shit then, because there will be nothing to preserve but your own alone ass.

    The Normies and the dirt people are the only allies each has. There are no others. There is nobody coming to the rescue. This is it. But what we got, combined, nothin’ can stop it. You got to think right on this. Normies and dirt people, we are who keeps things ticking, we make the things, move the things, build the things, dig drill smelt turn forge design fabricate invent collect weld punch bend mix drill grow can figure collate heal organize hammer and produce the things, that everyone needs.

    The rest? Pah! nothing. Kaput! They are leeches to the last one standing.

  8. Mike Bishop

    Let your children watch the local evening news.

    It exposes them to reality early. If they have questions, you’re there to explain the situation in a way they can understand.

    As well, kids are very understanding when it comes to simple, direct, life lessons taught via analogies.

    From the Tea Party Tribune:

    “Halloween may be a Pagan holiday from a long time ago but it also creates as Barack Obama likes to say a “teachable moment.” If this exercise that I’m about to give you is done correctly it should have a significant impact on your child this Halloween and will illustrate to them just how unjust and unfair Socialism can be.

    A liberal’s favorite holiday must be Halloween. They get to knock on stranger’s doors and ask for free handouts. If you think I’m trying to take all the fun out of Halloween than you haven’t read anything yet. Liberals have a mindset that they should not have to work for anything and that they should be giving things that they never worked for. They have an entitlement attitude that is so nauseating my stomach is starting to hurt just writing this, but I digress.

    If you have children and plan to go trick or treating with them try this exercise.

    Go out and knock on all the doors you can in your neighborhood. Make your kids walk the neighborhood until their little feet are sore. Depending on their age you may only need to walk for a little more than 30 minutes. Make sure they collect a lot of candy. So much candy that they can barely carry it home by themselves. As soon as you get home dump out all the candy on the table and inspect it. Once you realize that it is all safe to eat tell your kids they did a good job collecting all the candy.

    Before they can start enjoying the fruits of their labor immediately take away half of all the candy that they collected. When they complain and ask you why you took away half their candy, tell them because you didn’t have any. Their natural reaction should be to tell you that it is unfair. This is when you teach them the valuable difference between Socialism and Capitalism.

    Ask them how they felt having to give up half their candy just because you wanted it but didn’t work for it? Ask them if they think it is fair that everyone must be equal regardless of their work ethic? I think you know what their answers might be. Then when they fully understand the meaning behind this exercise obviously give them back the other half of their candy. Your children will never forget this exercise, and it hopefully will help shape their views long term against the evils of Socialism.

    This may seem like a cruel and unusual exercise but it is a necessary exercise that your children will thank you for doing to them later in life. This is a real life, relatable exercise that will teach your kids the absurdity of Socialism. It will also help to combat the leftist indoctrination from the Common Core loving union backed public school teachers that will spend eight hours a day teaching your children to be ashamed of their country, and to think the Constitution is an outdated document. So when your child is taught that Capitalism is evil and Socialism is good they will think back on that very important lesson they were taught one Halloween.”

  9. I have no idea what’s being asked from whom and where in this item.Show YOUR work.

  10. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Thank God,….Someone woke up!

  11. Humility is a virtue.

    It is not a sign of weakness, but rather an exercise in honesty with oneself and in turn honesty and honor with others.

    Everyone from the Pope to the President, the Prostitute and the Pauper have to take their pants off to poop. No one’s poop is baklava and no ones poot is cotton candy.

    Everyone has something to bring to the table, something to offer, something to learn from. Free-loaders are to be reeducated or otherwise.

    We will never coexist to holding hands in a circle and singing Kum-ba-ya.
    Reality and life will kick you in the teeth and to the curb if you are unprepared, uneducated and lack common sense.

    Gird thine loins. Chance and fortune favor the prepared mind.

    That is all……smoke ’em if you got ’em……I’ll be in the area all day

    Carry On.

  12. The epidemic of irresponsible sperm donors and recipients is a national nightmare which cuts across all racial/ethnic boundaries.The success of tearing down the family unit and replacing it with nothing is evident to anyone with an IQ above 80.The strong family is the key to all that is considered wholesome,healthy and nurturing.Without a strong,functioning family,all countries and civilizations will descend into chaos,poverty and random violence. It does not get any more local than being a responsible,mature,realistic and honest adult. Turn off the fucking TV.

  13. Tell the young family that when I was 10, the boys brought their rifles and ammunition to shoot on the rifle range…
    Downstairs in the High School…
    Riding in the public school bus…
    In new york state.
    Then ask them if they thought they needed to know more about the past history of ‘their’ country.

  14. Mr. Frosty

    Boomers need to get with the times. Just record your “Boomer-skills” and post it on YouTube. Ideally, get your hot millennial granddaughter to observe, ask questions and maybe provide some technical skills with the video and uploading.

    A dedicated channel or blog that collects, organizes and edits useful Boomer-skills videos would be nice. Call it something tough sounding, like “The Old Fashioned Way”

    • Or just drive around in their huge rvs and not give two shits. Not their problem and the big plus, they did not ‘create’ this, but it happened on their watch. Further they raised a bunch more boomers just like them and who are now also raising a bunch more boomers just like them. 99% of of these people can barely do algebra (but they still have voting rights?).

      I talked to a Vietnam vet neighbor who retired with army. He has never read constitution like most people who work or have worked for the gov. They probably think it is the bill of rights and ‘god’ is inclusive in there somewhere. What a failed ideal the usc is.

      Who is proud to be an American the last 70 years? Bunch of end users is all there is and the times reflect this fact.

      The timing will be interestng to see how many of the baby boomers get to escape the culmination of their generation.

      The problem is fundamental, yet beyond ‘common sense’.

    • Every generation thinks they have the keys to the kingdom, in the form of the knowledge of the errors of their forefathers/parents, and their own sudden and deeply revelatory awakening to the plight in which they find themselves… usually blaming others for the mistakes they are about to repeat themselves.

      History rhymes/repeats/recurs because human nature doesn’t “improve” with time. That’s the great mistake of the “Progressives,” from which ALL the suffering of the last 20 decades descends. As the Amish say, “Too soon old, to late smart.”

      Or, as Sam Clemens said, “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

      I wish you boomerbashers all that your arrogance will get you. It will serve you right, just as it has done down the millennia.

  15. I tutor the children of friends and acquaintances in a variety of skills, including but not limited to: shooting, hunting, and the manual arts, mathematics and the sciences. While doing so, I also impart lessons from history, relating them to current events, and compare the standards of today with the philosophical background of the Founders.

    I also ask awkward questions of the young people I interact with professionally, and recommend reading that challenges the presently accepted world views of the Progressive Regime. Been doing this for decades, and have rescued a number of folks from the Matrix, and planted the seeds of doubt in many more….

  16. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Long Story… We are very, very boned because of the Boomers.
    Short Story… It’s the Boomers fault.

    Side Note. The next generation of SJW’s will be twice as bad, and twice as quiet as the Boomer traitors.

    • WAH! WAH! WAH!You need to “blame” someone for all the bullshit going on? Blame God. Gave you freedom of choice.Supposedly he is the one that started all this crap. The responsible boomers I know worked their ass off,learned and taught for most of their lives. They know how to build structures,repair motorized vehicles,plumbing,electrical,appliances,speak english properly,show respect when earned,clean up messes created by others….on and on.Blaming people doesn’t fix shit. You want change.. make it happen. Don’t fucking whine about it.Put on your big boy undies.Keep us up to date on your progress.

    • See comment, two up, you short sighted pup.

  17. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I should make a video on using an AR and how to set up a kit like an operator boss.
    You guys make everything so complex sometimes.
    Try putting on a three tier system in the dark when you wake up to an alarm.
    One piece kit is faster, lighter, and more comfortable.
    The three layer system or multilayer kit is a TOTAL PITA in heavy tempo ops.
    Test Yourself.
    Fire(Fight) Alarm in 3… 2… 1… Go!
    Mine is on in less than three seconds. Armor, Ammo, and Pack in one piece, It is so easy to take on and off its not even a thought. Fully adjusted and fitted to go.
    All I need to do is pick up my rifle and charge a round.
    Just my two cents. You can do whatever you like though. Firm believer in shooter preference. Just speaking as a guy who put on cool guy gear 3 times a day. We started with a tiered system, by the end we all had one piece kits. Just saying.

    • Would you provide sooner examples, please?


      • I HATE autofill…”some”…

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          I was half kidding. There are a million Youtube videos on how to properly use an AR. But there are a few tricks they don’t teach you. Like moving around tree trunks in the rifle ready prone. Or how to judge distance using a red dot. Or how to make a 1,000 yard volley shot with a single AR. No one ever covers the Super Badass nuanced stuff in my professional opinion.

  18. Many Gen X, Y and Z young people have no respect for the Elders. How can I share individual experiences and knowledge with selfless people whom are hive minded? Most young people understand that age no longer equates to wisdom.

    The parameters of success are measured by false values. The only young people I can share with are in the National Guard and family friends. With that consider it done.

    • I’m a gen x’r and respect is given when due. I gravitate towards boomers who aren’t materialistic self righteous low hard. Those I do gravitate towards see my willingness to learn and in some instances teach.

      These days I don’t see age holding more wisdom in most however God’s put some elders in my life whom I am learning a lot from and have friendships with.

  19. a follower

    The first thing i would do would be find out who these young men are.
    a quick search: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Vanguard_(American_organization)
    Interesting, & yes i know we just cant trust wikipedia, yet there are some truths here. Well now this is interesting, and can be verified.
    “In January 2007 Strom was arrested by the FBI and Federal Marshals for child pornography related charges. In 2008 he pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography (although he maintains that the possession was inadvertent[4]) and was sentenced to 23 months in prison.[5]

    As of May 2015, National Vanguard maintains an active website featuring daily articles and updates.[1][6]
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Alfred_Strom#Arrest.2C_conviction.2C_prison_and_releaseArrest, conviction, prison and release[edit]
    On January 4, 2007, Strom was arrested in Greene County, Virginia on charges of possession of child pornography and witness tampering.[17] The Grand Jury later added the charges of receiving child pornography and of seeking to coerce a 10-year-old into a sexual relationship. At the October 2007 federal trial on charges of sexually coercing a 10-year-old girl, and of witness intimidation, the judge threw out both charges due to lack of evidence.[18]

    At the plea hearing on January 14, 2008, Strom pleaded guilty to possessing computer images of child pornography and was held at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail while awaiting sentencing.[19] On April 21, 2008, he was sentenced to 23 months of incarceration, with credit for times served, and 15 years of supervised release.[2] He was released from prison on September 3, 2008, at which point he resided in Earlysville, Virginia.[20]https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual/kevin-strom

    So yes, america first,america forever a nice easy little selling phrase, not unlike (“Make America Great Again”) for yet another group that is divided by hate and hatred.Would i join them? would i follow them? No.
    Take back what is ours! ? This is the wrong attitude if you are trying to find again the Grace of God Yahuah

      • a follower

        From the link above: “There is nothing as wonderful as pretty girls, and I suspect that the entire purpose of human existence, or perhaps even of the universe itself is so that they might live.”
        — Posting on personal website, 2000
        Goddess worship anyone?

        • Northgunner

          “Goddess worship anyone?”
          Yup, right here mack!
          I’m your Neo-Pagan, Gun toting, Goddess and God worshipping Huckleberry!!!

          That said, let’s get back to the topic thread. In my AO I keep my eyes and ears open to sharing the message of personal Liberty and the satisfaction of being responsible for oneself with those that I find are open to such. Whenever possible it’s shared with people younger than me but Liberty has no age limit or height requirement to achieve. As alawys, Freedom starts with the individual and thats,where it’s rooted..the message has to happen between the ears first and resonate and make sense.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • ((($PLC)))

          kosher frame-up, anyone?

    • These are two different organizations.

      Vanguard America is a youth organization dedicated to keeping our enemies at bay and preserving our culture, where the Constitutional Conservatives failed.


  20. Can’t get past the fuckin’ fascism shit. Capitalism works when you don’t have a dedicated parasite class empowered by jewry. It also brings to light the question of where do you get your morals- who is your god for lack of a better term. If one believes in a deity(s) or is agnostic or atheist, fascism makes government your god. That’s what is being foisted upon us now. That is a non-starter.

    • Capitalism has an expiration date. 7.5 billion and counting. Not enough planet earth.

  21. The Usual Suspect

    That’s easy, wanna see your kids grow up unfucked ?

  22. Dick Baker

    I hope somebody has an idea, ’cause I sure as hell don’t. I was a Drill after VN and we were able to instill some pride and motivation
    in some of our Trainees. I don’t see that happening with this modern cohort. Yeah, there’s the best of them out there in the rocks and grit farm, what, maybe 0.05% of the possible? Four of five grandsons ain’t worth a shit. Number five is only three, so maybe there’s hope there.

    I suppose we need to study what AntiFa is doing and steal their
    lesson plan. I see they’ve got the women and that’s key. Real boys wanna get next to the babes, and fillin’ sandbags ain’t where it’s at. The Old Army and the Corps knew how to make men and knew how to get ’em off and on, to advance on that hill. I don’t
    know how we stop the tape now playing, and go to rewind, but
    there are lessons there. I’d truly like to see the Draft come back,
    just to get some of these kids exposed to reality.

    Sorry, none of this is useful, I guess, so . . . “OUT,here”

    • the draft?

      yup useless you are…

      fuck feeding the MIC meat grinder.

      you sleep.

    • “I’d truly like to see the Draft come back.”

      Holy shit…a call for EXPLICIT and DIRECT slavery. You gotta long way to go, bud; happily it’ll never happen here again. Anyone who falls for that these days, will get what they deserve…and problem solved for the rest of us.

      The assignment? Too easy since it involves a simple category error.

      America was never great. Americans were. Be one.


      Sir: I respectfully submit that you are mistaken. The Military Draft has been, since the War of Northern Aggression, a form of involuntary servitude. During VN, you either enlisted, got drafted, ran away to Trudeauland, or went to prison. Some free country, right?! I drank the kill-a-commie-for-mommy-Kool Aid in 1969 and by the Grace of God, my name is not on the black granite wall in Mordor-on-the-Potomac.
      You want to give your kids/grandkids a dose of reality? Put them to work! Chores, a part-time job, volunteer work are some options. They want that mind-numbing smart phone? Make them WORK for it and confiscate it when they mess up at school, etc. If I was still wearing an Army uniform, the last thing I would ever want would be to try to mold these shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead, physically-unfit Mall Zombies into soldiers.

      • Northgunner


        Couldn’t have said it better!
        Yes, ever since America’s first tyrant lincoln (unless you count the betrayal of the d.o.i. by washington via the Whiskey Rebellion) unrolled the War of Northern Aggression, the draft is unmitigated slavery.

        And the propaganda for it still goes on via the ‘selective service’ radio ads played,ad nauseum. Their very existence should clue in the young that the parasite class is saying, “your lives are our property..no go fight and die so our hegemony is preserved and our market share is increased!!”

        Kind of reminds me of the line that the character Ripley said in the second Aliens movie, “You know Burke, I don’t know which species is worse…at least you don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.”.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • Exactly.

        Reality can be right there in front of you. You don’t need to get drafted and sent off to kill darkies to experience “reality”. I’ve met an awful lot of people who have it in their mind that their “job” is pretty much the only thing they have to be good at. Paying other people is something you do for pretty much everything else in your life. Don’t mow your own lawn – pay somebody. Don’t fix your own car – pay somebody. Don’t work on your own house – pay somebody.

        I’ve spent the last 18 years doing some pretty heavy labor on my own property. By this I mean mixing and pouring more yards of concrete than I can remember. I built a second floor on my house. I built a large barn. And when I say ” I ” – I mean it. I did probably 98% of the actual work and only hired out contractors for some stuff like pouring concrete floors , a foundation – and doing some electrical and plumbing work. Instead of watching sportsball – I go out and WORK. I’ve almost killed myself a couple of times. I overcame a serious fear of heights by FORCING myself when I was scared shitless – to climb up the damn roof and get over it because I HAD TO – if I wanted to get the roof shingled in.

        You don’t need to go to ANYTHING involving “training” with guns and tactics (I’m not saying that doesn’t have a place) – to start pushing yourself to do things you might think you can’t.

        Around here there are a lot of really old houses. By that I mean like 1700’s and early 1800’s. All built way before ANY sort of power tools or motorized transportation. Look at them – massive granite block foundations – large timber beams that make up the barn structures. Ask yourself how MEN built those things. There’s nothing stopping you from going out and doing it yourself in the right here and now. Except maybe missing the next game – or chipping a nail.

        Want to learn some fortitude – climb your ass up on a scaffold in late October at 7:30 at night in a light rain – slip and fall backwards and have your fall broken by a cross brace – and then as you hold on with one hand – look down at the rest of the 20 foot fall you almost completed – say “fuck – that was close”. Now climb down – go inside and look at your back which now has a big-ass bruise the size of a basketball – and hurts like a sonofabitch. Put your clothes back on – go back outside – and work until 9:00 . Why? Because nobody is saving your ass – and snow is likely going to be falling in a week or two so the work has to get done before winter – that’s why.

        What’s the point here? I don’t see people doing this kind of shit any more. Every now and then I come across somebody who has done it – and it’s like combat vets – they talk the same talk. Most guys I know though – have the “I pay somebody for that” mentality. And won’t go out of their way to do ANYTHING – that is hard.

        You think you’re going to get them to training – when they won’t even bust their ass to build themselves and their family a nice house to live in?

        I doubt it.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      The Army would have screwed your Grand Kids up even more. I served with hundreds of “men” maybe a full 1,000. I only talk to maybe 10 of them. To hell with the rest.

    • Will and determination are vital. So is that motherf’r discipline. Times are still too comfortable.

      Here is a boomer who is thinking and trying to contribute in a positive manner.

      View story at Medium.com

      However most of these intellects don’t understand self defense and security. A cornerstone of instilling mutual respect between two individuals who have never met. Any respect thereafter is earned.

    • How come drill instructors did not drill the usc into its soldiers?

      The military requires the oath, but zero understanding. Typical of society, plus most people do not have the aptitude. Self evident. Move forward. Warm heart, cold mind.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  24. Guess everyone’s doing their Saturday night stuff and will be around later. This is quite the assignment!

    Anyway, being simple minded, I probably won’t add much to this great endeavor, but I did see a thread over at godlikeproductions.com that, in an off handed way, might meet the criteria here.

    The title is, “I miss the good clean fun of 80s shows like A-team and MacGyver.”

    A quick copy and paste of the above title in the sites search box will get you there.

    Basically, reading all the posts and seeing all the old tv show intro’s bring a particular nastolgia to mind for those us old enough to remember. This emotion quickly moves to an analysis of todays entertainment.

    In the end, your mind does the math and you can see the MASSIVE difference between the entertainment of yesterday as compared to today and it is more than instructional.

    It’s visceral.

    I imagine showing our younger one’s our old shows might be more than instructional for them. It might even make them wonder about things. You know like, how men were boss back then and ran the show as compared to todays effeminate male characters who are told what to think and do… and do as they’re told.

    Getting long winded here. Check out the thread.

  25. The United States does not belong to white proletarians of Occidental ancestry. It never has, actually. The proletariat include whites of the so-called middle class, employed by others and in debt to their eyeballs for home, commuter needs, education, or a small business (assuming it provides their primary income). The modern elite no longer feigns to represent the genetic and political interests of these people. For these white proles the Old Republic is a corpse. It cannot be resuscitated. It can, however, be given the appearance of life by wordsmyths plying liberal, classical liberal, and libertarian sophistry. I caution young men to beware of sophists and think in terms of a new nation. Pasting a life-like veneer to a corpse is not the work of a Vanguardist. Creating a New Nation with a New Attitude is.

    I am a natural teacher and mentor. I orient young men toward undergraduate STEM and technical vocational subjects (electricity, electronics), and encourage them to develop practical “trade” skills. The skills I emphasize in the beginning include carpentry, plumbing, masonry, residential wiring, and automobile maintenance 101. I want them to revere tools and buy the proper kind for the tasks they perform. My background is electronics and electro-mechanical. I provide young men with the benefit of my knowledge and experience in those fields. I also show them how to weld and move hot iron with hammers (as a hobby). Better that young white proles serve loyal extended kin than those Chosen by Yahweh and white gentile members of the truckling Homo Economicu$ class. Better that they serve themselves before advancing the interests of Jose, DeShawn, or Nguyen. We mow our own goddamn lawns.

    There is much more, but I shall wait and see if the topic generates more than a superficial veneer of interest.

  26. closer to the bone, the questions are, “why do we cower when we hear these simple truths spoken so boldly?”, and, “is this the bleeding edge of when the time for politeness is over?”

    “politeness never defeated an existential threat”. just ask lord chamberlain how that worked out for him.

    hard to play the sage to those with so little acknowledgement of who they are. or who they can be.

  27. Think I’ll nitpick around the edges of that question you ask about what does a person say to the young’uns who support the “America First/America Forever” banner, as pic’ed. I did not go to that web site.

    And I’d say, quit wasting your young lives supporting this BS. The FUSA as an empire, is pretty much (perhaps empirically) in its decline. It won’t be revived under any circumstances that you’d want to involve yourself in. End of story, you are backing the wrong horse.

    Take a break from cheerleading. Then get Mosby’s third book and read it in order to wean yourselves off of Empire and to better direct your efforts to things more local and crucial.

  28. If this account could not be suspended…Yeah… That’d be great.

  29. Phrased alternatively, does anyone here have anything of substance to say to the young men behind the message below?

    1) Put away the hoods.
    It’s an approach that never works, unless you were going for laughs, as the butt of the joke.

    2) You write on your website “Democracy has failed this great nation.”
    You’re wrong, and you’re historical idiots.
    a) Democracy has accomplished for Leftist Progressivism exactly what it was intended to accomplish, which is why it’s anathema to the country.
    b) The United States isn’t a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic.
    If this is news to you, go back to your high school, turn in your diploma, and get a refund.

    When you don’t know the problem, the solution will never come handy.

    • Put away the beards to… Not even hunting season or winter yet.

    • The United States isn’t a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic.

      That detail, one level of indirection on top of the popular vote, appears to have made no difference to the rate at which civic virtue decayed. Direct democracies and constitutional republics behave just the same. You knew the German Wiemar republic was a deliberate copy of the US Constitution? And the US Constitution is basically a copy of Britain’s politics with the office names changed? Whee, so in the US the dynastic families take turns at being king, and even let in a newcomer to hold the steering wheel from time to time. Not turn the wheel, mind you, just hold it. The public school replaced the church, which was getting weak. Somebody has to teach the kiddies that the government is doing right.

  30. Fascism and liberty are incompatible. The website in the image is self-proclaimed to be fascist. American lives were shed to destroy that filth ideology and it belongs in the dustbin of history.

    Do not let the abyss stare back.


        CA: Mussolini actually defined it as Corporatism. In today’s Amerika, I would define it as the MIC along with its remoras.

      • A system of government that places the strength of the Nation before the rights of the People, by empowering the State. Empowering the state is always a recipe for disaster. I absolutely appreciate the substance of your post regarding the organizing and passing on of culture and methodologies to the new generation. I recognize the failure of multiculturalism and the destruction of the US through open immigration policies designed to cultivate generational party voting hegemony whilst diluting any cultural proclivity for individualism and family loyalty. I acknowledge the cultural crisis we find ourselves, coupled with the seizure of our government by a hostile global community. I agree we need drastic measures in the local setting to prevent annihilation.

        But to suggest that our institutions must be replaced by a state that holds ethnic standards for citizenship or overtly preaches antisemitism (a phrase that has been all but rendered useless by modern Jews crying wolf) is to openly embrace violations to human rights. (I’m not talking the positive “universal HR declaration” BS. I mean the rights to bear arms, free expression, and the security of persons and property. Would ethnic minorities already here be permitted to excersize the same rights and priviledges as the white man? Then define white man… (not one drop etc.)

        Our constitution has been proven feckless. but the BoR speaks to something invaluable about limits imposed on government.

        Antifa lefties can go fuck themselves, but true fascists lurk around the fringes of polity. Don’t let them gain any ground… they’re like bolshevicks.

        • kay_de_leon

          Around the fringes?

          I seem them more at the absolute forefront. Our government is full on fascist regarding a number of industries. Healthcare? Insurance? Building? MIC? Finance? All the way down to manufacturing and entertainment. Cronyism/fascism, seems to me. Fringe, not so much.

        • And, yes.

        • If the point is to suggest/prove the hopeless nature of our common plight…

          Well done.

      • Northgunner

        Slavery to the state, by the state, for the state..the individual doesn’t exist for his own benefit, he or she exists to serve the state unquestioningly in all matters and the state is the final arbiter in all matters.

        Larken Rose’s “Most Dangerous Superstition” and “The Iron Web” are required reading against all forms of collectivism/statism.

        When I first saw the emblem of the fascia with the ax at the bottom of the poster, I knew EXACTLY what it was and what the real motivations/goals of the group that created the ad. Just another ‘author/gov’ superstition pushing group bent on pushing slavery via a masquerade of ‘love for America’..no different from hitlers ‘national socialists’!

        No thanks!!, not fucking buying it!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fasces
        In essence, any time the state and private industry collude to impose tyranny. Case in point: Oregon lives under an ecofascist regime, though the fascists prefer to call it “public-private partnership.” Notice that the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, nor the Oregon Farm Bureau doesn’t have a seat at that table? But the NRDC or the ONDA? Oh hell yes, in fact the ONDA is the driver of that bus, look it up. Oh gee, shall we see how the judicial branch is fully complicit in this tyranny – check out Redoubt News – the only ones giving ANY press coverage. And no, I don’t get a dime form them.

        It is a matter of public record that Gov. KGB’s staff set the stage, weeks beforehand, for the L-type ambush that assassinated Finicum. I documented it, distributed it, and got fook all in the way of support. So yeah.

        In a more perfect world, one would be compelled to demonstrate conviction of principle – I would challenge so-called “antifa” thus: if I could demonstrate to you who the fascist is, or at least who the greater fascist is, would you be willing to work with me to eliminate them? Yeah, good luck with that. Samey-same with National Socialism, i.e. Nazi, old school or new, it’s giving your life over to the state. Read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and draw a two column chart – on one side put the header “Nazi” and on the other put “contemporary progressive leader (your choice who)” – show your work.

        So yeah, when, not if, it comes down to the wire I will identify with my race. When the color of your skin is your uniform what other choice is there? I will work with you to defeat the Bolsheviks, or any other communist “progressive” cocksucker – but at the end of the day, if the best you got to offer is more of the same collectivist bullshit I’ve suffered over the years, guess what – you got two enemies, one of whom just gained timely and invaluable insight into your tactics, personalities and vulnerabilities. Separatism and ethnic pride? Absolutely. Genocide and enslavement? Ain’t gonna happen, not here – not now, not ever. See you in Valhalla.

  31. wendystringer48088

    You can take people shooting and use that as an opportunity to talk about self defense and preparation, and that has some value but most people I encounter are too busy living their own lives (jobs, spouses, families, hobbies and related things) to really change course and make significant investments in a different world view and lifestyle. But at least you can put ‘the bug in their ear’.
    Aside form that, sometimes you just have to focus fully on getting yourself (and those who may live with you and depend on you) prepared and to a better place, and plan to be in a position to be of value to other people once reality hits them.
    As things spin down it seems to me people are concentrating on what I call their ‘safe’ or ‘happy’ places looking for support and reassurance. People who go to church go to church and church related activities a lot more. People who are Social Justice Warriors are consumed with every aspect of that every waking minute of every day. People who live perverted kinky lifestyles go to perverted kinky places, parades, parties and events a lot.
    For myself, I have made PT and preparation my new obsession. That is my new ‘safe’ or ‘happy’ place.
    I figure the opportunities to help and pass on to others will present themselves in the future as time goes on, but first you have to be prepared yourself for when that time comes.
    Just my repot on my situation.

    • a follower

      I figure the opportunities to help and pass on to others will present themselves in the future as time goes on, but first you have to be prepared yourself for when that time comes.
      Just my report on my situation.
      i believe this is on track. Be prepared when the time comes, help those you can as the need presents itself.
      Shoot arrows of Truth instead of dropping bombs. keep it simple.

  32. Early on, I taught my 20-something sons about firearms and freedom. They seek out like-minded folks of their age…and there are many…and they despise/avoid lefties. Their experiences on college campuses have only reinforced what I taught them about commies.

    My 20-something daughter is another story. Her college experience has nearly ruined her. She has swallowed the lefty Kool-Aide and is almost totally brainwashed. I love her dearly, and I sense some cracks in her lefty armor after spending six weeks in Australia…but I worry about her constantly.

    • Grey Ghost

      I have two nieces very close to your daughter. About 2 years ago I decided that at least once a year instead of money or other gift certificates for more stuff they do not need, that I would give them books. Fortunately they both like to read. Soooo, I give them books like 1984, Animal Farm, etc. you get the idea. The best I can hope to do is change their mind after they have read the books by short off-hand statements or longer discussions if they so desire. I also make/made them work for most any extra cash coming their way from me.

      The one way to failure in this plan is that you can buy and give them the books as gifts but you can’t force them to read it. Sorta the old maxim… you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

      I seem to be making small inroads with my older niece but not so much with the younger one… yet.

      All the best.

      Grey Ghost

    • Northgunner

      Pray that she doesn’t fall prey to the moslems there..either by being taken in by their taqiyya ‘about their plight’, or by being a victim of their jihad against the kaffir (especially Americans).

      Stay strong!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  33. It’s an understatement to say we live in an affluent society. Even our “poor” are affluent. This affluence breeds ignorance and apathy. Trying to explain difficult concepts of liberty, responsibility, integrity etc to a dumbed down society is difficult to say the least, and possibly a huge waste of time.

  34. wealthy farmer

    I looked at the website (american-vanguard.org) and what do I see but in very large font the word FASCISM on every page. Also the symbolism of the Italian brand of this particular ideology (Roman fasces, eagles). Paging Mr. Benito Mussolini, aka “Il Duce”….

    From Wikipedia: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_Campaign_(World_War_II)“It is estimated that between September 1943 and April 1945, some 60,000–70,000 Allied and 60,000–150,000 German soldiers died in Italy.[6][17][nb 6] Overall Allied casualties during the campaign totaled about 320,000[nb 7] and the corresponding German figure (excluding those involved in the final surrender) was well over 600,000.[6] Fascist Italy, prior to its collapse, suffered about 200,000 casualties, mostly POWs taken in the Allied invasion of Sicily, including more than 40,000 killed or missing.[19]”

    If these young men want to climb into bed with Mussolini and Hitler, well knock yourselves out. They need to remember they are shitting on the memory of their uncles who died in this grueling shitty horrific war.
    Also I would submit that everything we hate about our current system right here in the USA is, in fact, fascistic: the seamless fusion of private corporations and state, the police state, the surveillance state, the controlled media, etc. And feasting at this sumptuous buffet is a very tiny oligarchy…If these guys really love fascism, they should rejoice! They’re in it RIGHT NOW! If they are just reacting to the “bash the fash” rhetoric of ANTIFA, then I would counsel them, as an elder, that real masculine strength lies in NOT being reactive. Reactivity is weakness.
    I would go so far as to say this website, trolling for names, contacts, looks a lot like a deep state setup….

    • William Munny

      I would go so far as to say this website, trolling for names, contacts, looks a lot like a deep state setup….

      I was thinking the same… smells of “honey pot” to me

    • “They need to remember they are shitting on the memory of their uncles who died in this grueling shitty horrific war.”

      Do you honor someone’s memory by obfuscating history? Once you start sinking lives in a war, you tend to agree with the stated goals of your own ruler for a war. Sunk costs. Was fighting to save communism the right thing?

      > If they are just reacting to the “bash the fash” rhetoric of ANTIFA,
      they aren’t, they grew up in a soup of teachers and feminists and media and a government that hates them and wants them to die off.

      >then I would counsel them, as an elder, that real masculine strength lies in NOT being reactive. Reactivity is weakness.
      hahahahaha! Just lay back and take it! Masculinity is what makes me feel good about myself! When young guys start cussing about boomers, they’re talking about YOU. What has your wealth accomplished?

    • Northgunner

      ““It is estimated that between September 1943 and April 1945, some 60,000–70,000 Allied and 60,000–150,000 German soldiers died in Italy.[6][17][nb 6] Overall Allied casualties during the campaign totaled about 320,000[nb 7] and the corresponding German figure (excluding those involved in the final surrender) was well over 600,000.[6]”

      Yup, all to make the world safe for ‘Uncle Joe’!!
      All WWII was, was a barfight to see which form of collectivism/statism was going to own and run the bar.

      Definitely recommend Aaron Russo’s, “America, Freedom to Fascism” documentary (can download it free from youtube to watch and share offline).

      Every war IS economic, Paul Warburg (one of the banksters and definitely member of the parasitic class) said that to congress back in the 1930’s.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “If these young men want to climb into bed with Mussolini and Hitler, well knock yourselves out. They need to remember they are shitting on the memory of their uncles who died in this grueling shitty horrific war.”

      They died za Stalina, and he needs to stay saved, damnit!

  35. Support you local youth shooting team, if you don’t have one, start one.

    We have quite a few people who home school where I live, they can use support too, donate books, DVD’s, etc

    Live what you preach and set an example.

  36. I don’t know that this addresses the men in the link, but here is my attempt at an answer.

    Our contribution started in our home first. Our goal is to raise strong (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually) independent, well educated kids who transition into the same type of adults.

    Our kids (1 pre-teen, one teenager) started working with me outside from about the time they could comprehend what I was doing and were able to hold tools. Now they are no strangers to anything in the garage. It’s the same thing for gardening, caring for our animals, vehicle maintenance, etc…We have them in 4H and Boy Scouts, so that they have the opportunity to learn things we can’t teach them, and to understand what it is like to have responsibilities, projects, and obligations outside the house for which they must be held accountable. It is also gives them a chance to build friendships and interact w/ others who are different from them.

    When we watch (or listen to the news) we challenge them with questions related to the story. We discuss critical thinking skills with them, and how important it is to have the ability think thru a problem or issue. We stress how important their education is (especially math and science) and how our country was founded as a Constitutional Republic and what this means. The Constitution is no stranger in our house and while far from being Constitutional scholars we do our best to educate them on it. We homeschool them so we ensure they are being well educated with useful knowledge and not societal fluff. In short, we are very involved in their lives.

    Related to the boomers part in the introduction of this thread, we talk to them. We are in a rural part of Texas and many of this generation and older are our neighbors. We offer to help them, ask their advice, and a few single ones with no immediate family around, we check in on. The cost to us has been nada, and benefits have come in the form of knowledge (cattle tips and land presevation), fresh food from their gardens, learning opportunities for our kids, and so on. A decade ago we were “those city folks who moved here”, now we are the phone call in the middle of the night asking for help with (insert need here).

    All the best.

  37. “Make constructive suggestions on how the Boomers-with-a-clue can distribute their knowledge and experience effectively to those even 40 or more years younger than themselves”
    Ok, i’ll bite.
    If I were to do something which would increase the chances of getting patriotic and not 1960s liberal boomers to share their thoughts and experiences with younger people; I would start having veteran’s day, memorial day and july 4th parades in my neighborhood. it should bring out the patriotic boomers and only the most liberal POS young people would stay away. IMO, it would increase the chances that locals could interact and maybe the old would influence the young by relating their experiences besides at family gatherings.

  38. Cross-factional meaning people like Vantards? I wouldn’t know where to find them in meatspace but it’s pretty simple to talk to them or others who would also get called ‘nazis’. Don’t talk about libertarianism, it’s been associated with a decade at least of increasingly degenerate cultural marxism. The ancaps in the far right don’t really talk about it because what’s the point right now? Don’t talk about the Consteetooshun because they don’t care; they may not have heard of Spooner but they would probably agree with his sentiment. Don’t talk about playing fair or being the better person, because they’ve seen that fail as well. Don’t get your panties in a bunch when they don’t subscribe to your narrowly bounded RoE.

    taken from an older snapshot of a-v’s site
    >We hear it every day: “Whiteness” is evil, and must be destroyed. Our religion, our traditions, and our identity are dragged through the mud by the globalist establishment while millions of nonwhites flood our nation every year. If current trends continue, White Americans will be a minority by 2044. It’s time to take a stand.

    You have to realise that for people in that general camp, stopping white genocide is their overarching goal. -“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”- You’re either on board with that or not.

  39. While growing up it was evident Boomers didn’t have a clue. Many were liberal and Left-libertarian because these were pushed in that direction by the media and higher education. Others were conservative due to the strong legacy of Christianity in their ancestral pot, not fully realizing that Christianity was de-Germanicized following WWII with the process spreading like wildfire after Vatican II. The middle group of Boomers were apolitical or confused “moderates.”

    The science of genetics was strong, but much weaker than it is today. So, too, was the study of human intelligence. Through various means (((Franz Boas))) and (((Ashley Montagu))) successfully eliminated the concept of race from anthropological discourse in the first half-century of the 20th. Facts and arguments supporting race and intelligence were suppressed. The only socially acceptable answers to raceless scientific argumentation was post WWII de-Germanicized Christianity. It proved inadequate to the task. In the 1960s (((Ayn Rand))) appeared on scene with her “rational and scientific,” but raceless, atomized hyper-individualism. She called her philosophy “Objectivism.” Boomers looking for arguments to fight the “scientific discourse” of raceless socialism glommed onto the “rational,” but raceless Objectivism and its free-market variants like flies on shit. It has taken decades to loosen the hold of raceless free-market hyper-individualism on the political right. The grip is still not broken, as is quite evident here at WRSA. Here we see much knee-jerk reaction to raceless socialism and collectivism with the parroting of raceless individualism, fweedumb, and muh constitootion.

    Politics is low-intensity warfare. Boomers never learned that raceless, hyper-individualistic free-market business propaganda is false opposition to concerted political action by Leftist groups organized around Identity. It is long past time for Left Identity to meet Right Identity. Of course the raceless white Left are hypocrites! But pointing out the hypocrisy is only a small part of the battle. It is time to expose them as the evil, traitorous bastards that they are. That would require a study of race, class, class interests, and political manipulation. Unfortunately, hyper-individualists are averse to studying race, class differences, and political manipulation because of “muh fweedumbs ‘n constitootion.” They would much rather quibble over the nature of fascism, socialism, and how “muh grandaddy fought the Nazis in WWII.”

    • What class differences matter? All the differences I can think of point to different racial groups, even among whites.

    • Excellent comment. This is exactly correct.

    • Have you ever seen a young black having problems operating a smart phone? There isn’t a “dumber race” setting on technology products, is there? Reason is, the smarts difference between races isn’t so much.

      In England, the soccer yobs live in council houses (section 8) and live on the dole (snap, welfare), and these are whites. Anglos.

      Socialism is causing the problems, not race. Take away the need to work for a living, and humans don’t grow up into normal, mature adults.

    • Atomized hyper-individualism is the biological reality for humans, who are the animal species least programmed by their genetically-transmitted instincts. Only my brain controls my arm, not the brain of my family member in the house or the brain of my cousin down the way. Unlike ants and bees, humans function fairly well alone and in pairs.

  40. Well it’s pretty simple and that is to be around those who will accept those principles and ideas that the Liberty Minded Boomer has for them…Which means living by those who need and want that instruction so they can build trust with you(Boomers) so they will receive that instruction….We are having some success with that in my area and still offering help for those who want to make a change in their life for something better…That’s my suggestion…

  41. Dick Baker

    Back there I said I didn’t have any idea how to enlist modern youth in some crusade to do something about something. I’m glad to see I’m not alone, for it appears no one else does either.

    Oh, there’s the fantasists who will organize schutzfests among the Pajama Boys and the Bundsters hankering for Rockwell’s return.
    Lots of wishee-wishee, dreamful imaginings, but no actual plan.

    Boys, has there ever been in history a revival of a failed Republic?
    I’ll save you the Google, Nope. So, if the Republic is dead, and it died 150 years ago so it is quite thoroughly kaput; what’s proposed
    to replace it? I know what ‘They’ want, I want to know what YOU want? Some Libertarian Utopia where nobody does nuthin’ they don’t wanna do? And everything they DO wanna do?
    How? Some kind of glorified HOA to keep the roads open and the water flowing? No thanks, Amigos, HOA’s tend to be run by little Himmlers or Berias. Who decides what? The Local Soviet meets
    and declares me an enemy of the State?

    Well, lemme tell you guys something . . . You’re going to need an
    Army. And an Army for a free people needs everything the Army for the Evil doers does. There must be a governing authority and
    the means to raise, pay, feed, arm and equip your Army. An Army
    needs some kind of legitimacy, some kind of Command authority.
    I’m watching Russia try to re-establish some coherent national
    authority. The Soviet’s was the last big Empire to collapse, you’ll
    note that no great revolution took place. Just a bunch of tired people saying ‘Fuck Off, Commies!!’ And the Army was with them,
    every Soldier is a Mother’s son, when it, mattered they chose
    home and hearth. Will ours? Can’t say, ours is far more mercenary than theirs.

    Please note, a bunch of AR waving Dickheads does not constitute an Army. I cannot conceive of what a mob of old farts with AR’s
    might hope to accomplish. AntiFa would take away our walkers and canes and there’d we be.

    I can hear the snivelers and handwringers out there right now, but
    I guarandamntee you, SOMEBODY’s gonna want what you got,
    and unless you’ve got an honest to god Army, he’s gonna come take it. So fantasize away and talk seriously of deep things, but
    unless you give the kids out there, a real, solid, germ of hope, and
    back it up with a genuine, thoughtful, program and plan to build
    something to replace this syphlitic, pus oozing carcass smelling
    up the Prairies right now, you ain’t got shit. I don’t care if you do have ten mill FRC’s stashed in some Bangok Bank, and have a
    private jet on standby idling on the run up stand, all you got is talk.

    Now, if somebody wants to talk secession and restoring State
    sovereignty and a practical governmental system for its orderly
    function, we’ll talk. We know what went wrong, and we think we
    know one solution that might actually work. When the collapse comes, we just don’t sign up again, in the Empire.

    CA, if you choose to delete this one, that’s OK, your house, your rules. I truly don’t want to kick off any kind of Flame War, but it’s
    time some of these people faced the reality of how far in the tank this society is. OPFOR will never allow rifle clubs on campus as
    we had back in my day.

  42. Share what you are doing in that space: I never shy away from a political discussion, and I attempt to “red pill” as many people as I can come across. It takes some time to soften them up and get them to that point, some are quicker than others. I am finding it easier than I thought it would be, much easier than just five years ago. I also have my own blog where I post about freedom based politics and survivalism, homesteading and defensive tactics. You asked me to show my work, so http://www.FreeAmericanNational.blogspot.com is where you’ll find some of that work, from how to zero an AR-15, to storing white rice long term, from how to build a 72 hour bug out bag, to a list of websites to visit daily, including WRSA. My kids are really little but I try to pass these ideas and skills to the other kids in my family, and my own when they’re old enough. For example, I do “knife checks” with my nephew. I pull my knife and he’s expected to pull his. If he’s without it, he “failed the check” and gets razzed. Funny game, but he’s learning to keep it with him all the time. Step by step. I’m working on my coworkers too. I’m 31 and I have a lot of early 20 somethings I work with. Several of them are very open to my way of thinking and my outspokenness on matters of race, gender, politics, religion, etc. are causing them to become more outspoken as well and open minded to the ideas of true liberty. Some of them have been tough nuts to crack, but there are a lot of young-uns that are STARVING for the ideas of true liberty. I’m also getting myself back into the Army Reserve to at least maintain some skills, if I get the chance. We’ll see how that works out.

    Questions regarding intergenerational skills and knowledge transfer: I’m always looking for ways to increase my blog traffic. I’m at about 50-80 unique views per day. But I’m also only 31, and I need to be RECEIVING more skills transfer than giving it out. I still have more to learn than I do to teach. So I try to seek out MEATSPACE-based learning opportunities, but when they’re all across the country and cost big money, it’s not so easy. A registered nurse isn’t rich like some people think. I would love to find more training and learning opportunities in the Southeastern US.

    Suggestions for the boomers on transferring skills to those 40 years younger: YouTube videos work great. Also, try transferring those skills to those 20 years younger, and see if THEY will transfer it to the young-uns for you. Another point, you’re not just training the end-user. Don’t think like that. Train the trainer. As a boomer, the “kids” might not gravitate to you for skill transfer, so when you do get some who are interested, transform them from an end-user (they will initially see themselves as the end-user) into a trainer. You might reach only three or four of them, but they might reach a whole bunch more each. Train the trainers.

    Words for the young men at Vanguard America: Your homepage states that “democracy has failed”. That is false. Democracy has succeeded and that is why the founders did not intend democracy. However, you are correct that the tide of foreigners is a threat to white Americans. Also, if your goal is to reach as many people as possible, please try not to use a lot of symbolism and artistry that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. There are a lot of people who will be VERY useful to the cause of Liberty that will be slow to join up if they have to wade through propaganda pages that look somewhat like something they’d see in 1939 Berlin. Take that advice or leave it.

  43. Guns are nothing.

    “Daring to shoot.” is everything.