The Problem

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  1. Dan Morgan

    The American Taliban is hard at work.
    Are you?

    • No Matter what your opinion is or what its based on the only Real Solution to the march of Islam is Anything that stops their advance. Preferably something that will roll them back to the stonage forever. For those who insist on aiding and abetting we all know that solution.. the problem is when and for what cause. Looking at Europe and the rest of the world we are on the back end of the curve coming around to top dead center real fast. Look at our schools in CONUS where their sons are already attacking American girls in the open and getting away with it. They will depend on legal manipulation but only for as long as they progress, then it will be wide open. Wanton butchery will be the order of the day and it will be bloody.
      This will not be something people will be able to sit out and wait for it to end.. they will scour the earth for infidels 24/7/365 until they find no more..
      Better to not wait for them to become to strong and with more support.. JMO.

  2. a follower

    Seems like “They” are putting the pedal down?
    It has to be put in a small area called “The Free Speech Zone.” It is an area designated to 10 or fewer memorials, as long as they honor veterans.

    Christians Battling Satanists’ Monument in Minnesota
    Fatima? speaking of idols?Goddess worship once again?
    Perhaps we do not need any graven images?

  3. The problem is not their wants, it’s the willingness on our part to capitulate to those wants.

  4. Thank God and the founding fathers for the 2nd Amendment, or we’d already be loaded into boxcars for one-way trips to the reeducation gulag.

    • As good as the 2nd is, it too will be used against those that insist on it. Given time I fully expect that Calif will make possession of a firearm a basis for incarceration in a mental facility.

      “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”
      – Lavrentiy Beria, head of Stalin’s secret police.

      • kay_de_leon

        If war is declared on you and your people, would you rather have something like the 2A built into your society, or not? It’s really as simple as that… in your hypothetical it would be up to the people of Cali whether or not they cooperate with that kind of oppression, and if they decided not to, their arms certainly wouldn’t make them worse off…

      • Northgunner

        When that day comes, the ‘statehouse’ in ‘Excramento’ WILL be nothing more than burning ruins and it’s parasitic inhabitants will be immolated inside if not hanging on lampoats outside.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Matt, already 1/2 way thru the new book. Good stuff, congratulations.


  5. And it will all be given up without the least bit of resistance (holding placards doesn’t count). All the recent memorial removals etc are proof of that.

    • CA Warrior

      I have a novel idea. It’s really not a problem. It just requires a personal commitment

      Just Say NO. No, we will not let you do this. No, we will not back down. Just NO.

      And then be ready to back up your position with whatever force is necessary.

      • There it is. That’s not just a solution; it’s THE solution and there is no other. That’s why anything else will be, and has proven to be, futile. The yipyap is just spinning wheels, all in an attempt to avoid the (obvious already) fact that there is no other answer.

        So what’s the problem? Why isn’t it happening? You answered that too—“It just requires a PERSONAL commitment.”

        Ha, this is America. “Please, anything but that. You do it for me.”

        • Well, alrighty then.

          Every single individual proponent of individual liberty, here and anywhere, go out tomorrow and kill anyone associated with the destruction of culture and family, economic insanity, territorial dis-integrity, political chicanery, treason, sexual deviancy, race or any other enemy action you identify as “The Problem.”


          That’s the bottom line implication of nearly everything I read here and increasingly so… according to those who suggest that most of us want “someone else” to do the heavy lifting.

          Lead on, Klein, or shut the fuck up. After all, where’s your “Personal Commitment?”

          And don’t scuttle back to your personal excuses of “collectivist”!!11!1!!
          “Collectivism!” “You’re not the boss o’ Meeeeeee…….”

          You, in your glorious, self adoring, self confirming epistemological dialectical sophistry, have just confirmed that everyone else should do just as I have described… because that is the bottom line of “Just say No!” at the level of individual noncompliance.

          Say NO! to the cop, No! to the tax man, No! to the propagandist who brainwashes your children or the bureaucrat who ….

          See what happens.

          They pick us off one by one.

          But that is sooo much better than falling prey to Klein’s Ultimate Sin of


          So, Jim, stop with that useless “yipyap” and get busy.

          Lead, follow or shut the ever fuck the fucking hell up, you delusional one channel diversion. You think the universe waits upon you. You are so complacent in your arrogance that you think you can stare down the abyss.

          “Greater Love hath no man than he lay down his life for his brother.” Jesus Christ

          Just as He did so, for all “whosoever will.”

          There’s not a chance in Hell of you doing so for anyone but Your Self. No second chances in Hell, Jim.

          Now, dear commentariat, watch the formulaic “retort,” consisting of repetitive insistence on authority, the infallibility of epistemology (not to mention that of Klein, him Self), my own ( and most of your’s) ignorance and “error,” and the implied ability of one single individual human mind to comprehend and elucidate Truth, with no acknowledgement of fallible human nature, and the inevitable default of the zealot, ad hominem diminishing of the apostate’s humanity/intelligence/integrity………..

          Post Script: Epistemology, or any other ‘philosophy,’ relies upon the definitions of words, and the accuracy of their relationship to Reality.
          Can we at least agree that this is the quicksand nature of the Reality/Solution Debate?

          Words and ideas are very malleable, as is the apprehension and definition of Reality. That understood, the thin reed upon which this pompous ass leans his entire screed should be seen as the ranting of a clever but simplistic narcissist, out to rationalize… whatever he needs to.

          • pretty long winded for an old timer.

            and for what?

            you’re a cuck

            now go lick your masters boots and shine his badge

      • StBernardnot

        My generation, with a few exceptions, was probably the last to hear no on a regular basis. We learned early what it meant, with a sore ass. These flakes need to learn that lesson. No means No.

    • 2nd. History is full of empires that the natives went along as signs of decay and crumbling increased rather than resist and reset things until it was too late to reset things; the usa will be no different.
      It’s a fairly well known report that 22 vets commit suicide daily, mostly from the past 15 years of war; but I would not be surprised to find some do it coming back and finding out what kind of country they gave so much for.(and I used to think serving under Clinton was bad, now you get to fight with “he/shes” and pray towards mecca)


        Speaking of signs of decay, there is a very good article on Breitbart News about BART and how it is decaying, along with the attendant “homeless problem” in SF. This is what the cosmic white Marxist sexual deviates do when they assume power.

        • alaskapaul

          Dweezil—BART IS a disaster. About 4 years ago, my wife, son, and I took BART from Walnut Creek to SFO after Mom’s celebration of life. BART was a living petri dish. Poor or no ventilation, sounding like a tuberculosis ward, all the rubber shock absorbers worn out, so high pitch and high dB screeches coming through. Never going again. Mom died, so nothing left for me in California, 5th and last generation Californian in this family.

          My stepfather was chief electrical engineer for this Bechtel project. He was a brilliant engineer, with 150 engineers working under him. I am glad that he did not live to see this. He was an officer at Tinian base in WW2, supervising arming of aerially dropped mines by B29s on Japan’s coasts.

          California will be Venezuela North at the rate this decay is going. It is sad, but it is what it is.

      • I cant prove a bit of it but I believe there is a psycho chemical connection the world wasnt told about in all the meds and injections servicemen are given. All it has to do, with the enormous amount of combat related stress, is to create or magnify any available neurosis as a side effect.. How many drug lables have depressions, tendency to violence and suicidal thoughts on them.. “what if..” has too many possibilities but review in your mind the ones pop into your heads.

  6. Don’t forget, the “string pullers” object is to anger the
    right and further aberrate the left.
    Evil likes to recruit, therefore don’t fall into the trap.
    “Those who plan evil in their hearts go blind and
    make mistakes” You have personally witnessed
    that outcome during the last “election.” It is spiritual
    in nature, so above all:
    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    semper vivium

  7. What’s for dinner?
    Our children.

  8. The problem…in London.
    Apparently, voting for Brexit shot their entire wad.
    They’re out of gas, and about out of time.

  9. This is the near-to-end result of the participation award society. Me, I’m back to my PT program after joint replacement surgery.
    No pain, no gain.

  10. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    The problem is no gains.

    Trump in office? A good start.

    Memorials coming down? Back where we started.

    They wont stop.

  11. Oh no! Look at what they are doing to us this week! The Horror!

    And Stefan Molyneux “forgot” to include the following in his “strongly-worded” response: “They want you and your white male children gone.”

    That is because truth (otherwise known as, “putting on the hood”) is not socially (financially) acceptable (lucrative). Or, perhaps he’s looking to recruit a few more Americanized-Africans and Latinized Indios to “The Cause.”

  12. The War on Whites is Real